Chapter 1: On the Backs of Dragons

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1



Orophin paced throughout his palace.  He was waiting for the dreaded elven ball; every 100 years, by law all single males were to gather at an elder’s palace to view all the young women from either the boarding house or that were captured from other kingdoms. Orophin did not want to go. His heart still belonged to Ireth.

As he walked further down one corridor, Orophin stopped to gaze at one of the few remaining paintings left of Ireth. He sighed. Maybe the real reason why he was so depressed was simply because it would’ve been Ireth’s birthday. She would’ve been a young 210.

War is what took his beloved. Ireth took Orophin’s place in a battle against the warring Orcs and died in the process. The news of her death crushed him.

“You can’t dwell in the past forever, Orophin.” The voice of Orophin’s friend Olwë interrupted his thoughts. Orophin turned around to face his friend.

“Love doesn’t fade, my friend. She wouldn’t want me to dishonor her memory by being disloyal,” he said sadly. Olwë shook his head.

“What would she say if she saw you wallowing in grief?” he remarked.

“You’re right, my friend,” Orophin smiled.





Tári sat in a tree outside of the boarding house. The elven ball was tomorrow night, and she was nowhere near ready for it. Most of the elves spent all night preparing for this special occasion, however Tári had no idea where to start. This was her first elven ball, since she was much younger than most of the elves that surrounded her.

However, Tári was no ordinary elf; she wasn’t even full elf. She was a half elf. No one but the elven queen knew. She was the reason why Tári was in the boarding house in the first place.

The product of a forbidden tryst between an elf and a dwarf is exactly how Tári came to be in this world.  Dwarves hated elves with a passion, and elves regarded dwarves with slight contempt.

Fortunately, Tári, for the most part, took after her elf mother. The pointed ears saved her from too much grief from the elves, but she was the size of a human child, barely out of childhood. Her bone structure was thicker than most elves, but she was slender nonetheless.

Still, she was still half-elf, so she should still at least give the elven ball a shot. Tári climbed from the branches and through her bedroom window. She looked at the small vanity that she had placed near her window and walked over it.

An intricate hairpiece sat in front of the mirror. Tári placed it on top of her head and started braiding it into her hair. It would be the only extravagant item to her outfit.

Submitted: October 09, 2013

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This made for a very intriguing start. I especially liked that she was half-elf half-dwarf, and your description of her was really good. I'm left wondering how the other elves accept her, and if they question her based on her appearance. You've opened up for a possibility to study emotions and prejudices that aren't normally treated within fantasy. I hope you'll take the opportunity. Good job! Thanks for sharing:) /Amy

Wed, October 9th, 2013 3:21pm


I'm glad you like it

Wed, October 9th, 2013 1:29pm

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