Chapter 3:

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Chapter 3


Orophin did not want this Tári girl. He only took her away from the boarding house for one reason alone; he could tell that she had the kicked animal look to her. He suspected she had been either isolated or beaten down. Taking Tári away from the only home she may have known was simply a kindness, nothing more.

After the ball, Orophin lead Tári to the spare room that he reserved for guests. Unfortunately, this girl was a permanent guest. He had felt a pull towards Tári, but it was strictly pity.

When they reached the guest room, Orophin opened the heavy oak doors and courteously let Tári in. She glanced at him briefly, and then walked in.

“This is where you’ll be sleeping. If you need anything, just pull the small rope in the corner. Celebriän will come to your aid, even if it’s for company,” Orophin said coolly. Tári quickly nodded. She turned her eyes to the floor, like she did at the ball. Orophin shut the doors behind him, leaving the girl alone.



Why didn’t he like her? Orophin usually was indifferent towards everyone, and let their actions sway whether or not he liked them. He just didn’t like Tári. She looked different from any elf or human/elf mix that he’d ever seen. It was clear that she was a half-elf.

But what if the other half wasn’t human? The thought baffled him. Did the other half belong to a Halfling? No, it couldn’t. She would’ve been the size of a dwarf if that were the case. Clearly not human, she’d be much taller; she’d be the height of a full elf.

Maybe…No. She can’t be half dwarf. That kind of half-breed was unheard of; the two races were at odds with each other. However, there was no other explanation. Halflings kept to themselves, and the anger between the dwarves and elves only started 19 years ago. Wait. Tári was 20, so it was possible her parents got overly friendly during happier times…

Orophin sighed. He would speak with Lúthien to find out the girl’s past, and why she had nothing. Lúthien might tell him more than others would; despite her human blood, she was a half-elf too.




Tári sighed as she slowly walked over to the bed. It was next the rope for Celebriän, and she was tempted to pull it. She wanted company. Soon, the desire for company overwhelmed her. She pulled the rope.

After a few minutes, a quiet rap on the door informed Tári that Celebriän had arrived. Tári walked over to the door and opened. When Celebriän saw Tári, she gasped. Tári looked similar to Celebriän; ears, height and structure wise anyway. The coloring and hair types were different. Tári looked more like an elf, however Celebriän looked more like a dwarf.

“I never thought I’d see another half-dwarf,” Celebriän whispered. Tári raised an eyebrow.

“How did you know…” she started, but Celebriän cut her off.

“Child, I know what dwarf and elf mixes look like. I have siblings, you know,” she said, smiling.

“Do the other elves know about you? And if they do, can they tell?” Tári asked. Celebriän shook her head.

“I am well hidden, due to the fact that I look like a dwarf. You, however look like a stunted elf,” she said. Tári smiled. She knew that Celebriän would be a great friend.

Submitted: October 16, 2013

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