Viral War-Zone: 2019 Devastations

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Australia much like the rest of the planet Earth have always and will laugh in the faces of genetic crimes. Creating a mockery of zombies, vampires, and mutational super powers. But what will happen when one of those comical lines are created? Resurrected into the modern year of 2019? Australia fumbled into a chain of events that can no longer be contained or reversed. How will society react to this phenomenon? No one believes it. Not even the special select team that will be creating it will be able to believe it. The "Zombie Apocalypse" has come to life. Has spread. The states that issued emergency procedures in jest will be forced to execute their joke. You will be following two students hired by Australia to create a virus substantial to the outbreak. Can you keep up with these acts of God? Or will you become one of the innumerable statistics?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Viral War-Zone: 2019 Devastations

Submitted: August 31, 2014

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Submitted: August 31, 2014





Every country is in a mad cluster-fuck to get advanced weapons, chemical wars, biological destruction,  nukes, even the best fucking water. Yeah, they have the scientist or biologist who gets that bug up their ass and yells from the roof tops.

'Stop, dear Jesus Christ, look at the genocide I've just created. It works, we can't control it, but I've created it."

Idiots just stand there yelling "Jump." Chanting it. Really wish the bigwigs had listened now, don't they? That scientist created the zombie virus in the West mead Millennium Institute for Medical Research of Australia. Australia just became the most valuable and deadliest country on Earth over night. No one believed it. Humanity had finally achieved its' sick desire to become a Zombie possible planet. Resurrecting and re-animating the dead. At first, all of the countries laughed and said fucking prove it. It's impossible. If zombies were real now.... Hey, what the hell, let's just create a fucking blood sucker, were-wolves, and the Easter bunny. Reshape the society of humanity. Yeah fucking right. Australia's government couldn't believe their own research. Ending their political and public pursuit of fame and power, Australia closed its' borders, stopped all trading, completely closing off from the world to continue its' horror of research.

On June nth, 2017, 7:36 a.m.., Australia declared, "Country Biological Isolation from International Interaction Wide-Spread" or "CBIIIW-S."

Everywhere, panic, riots, pure fucking chaos erupted. All the majors immediately threatened war on Australia if removal of the isolation wasn't recalled in the next three days. Missiles from China, Russia, and America were locked onto Australia, demanding what the hell was going on. Australia had an assemblage of their own Navy put around their borders. All airports were closed, shipping routes, airspace declared under military protection. All acts of violations threatened with military action. Australia stopped responding to all phone calls, emails, any kind of cyber interaction was cut. America and Russia declared Australia as enemy territory and would continue to be until America replaced the governmental positions in Australia; Russia merely wanted to go to war with Australia the second something happened. China was weary but didn't take any immediate actions remaining neutral until Australia prompted action to be called. Great Britain was in an economic shit-hole from the loss of Australia's trading. The whole world economy fell to the pits or was struggling to adjust to the major loss to the international trade market. Stocks almost leveled to the Great Depression of the 1930's. Numerous attempts to get a response from Australia went unheard or ignored; No-one knows which it is. After Australia isolated itself, the whole world was left to wonder. The Americans and Russians never nuked Australia… But they should've when they had the fucking chance. America tried to send in Spec. Ops., ex-military, tactics experts, analysts... Every one was shot on site. The U.S.. couldn't do anything because they were violating Australia's military intervention. Russians and Chinese failed too. Uneasily the leaders backed off of Australia. The whole public of the world was freaked. What the fuck was going on? Since when does Australia posses an entire army, navy, and air force? There is no way they could have built one so quick.

It was planned.

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Viral War-Zone: 2019 Devastations

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