Viral War-Zone: 2019 Devastations

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The viral epidemic can not begin without the creation between the three researchers at at the Westmead Institute. First you must know how it at all begin. The motivation... The reasoning behind it. You can't fester and spread an infection without catching one first.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Stage Recruitment: Genesis 2017

Submitted: August 31, 2014

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Submitted: August 31, 2014



Stage Recruitment


:// Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research //:


WMI: Recruitment


“Transfer Student ID# : 038-RED-05


“As the top of your class of biological warfare you will be entering the historic vaults of WMI to create the next-generation weapons for the government of the United States of America. Through this consent form you will be signing two years dedicated to learning and mastering level five viruses and genetic research. These forms require top priority confidentiality. Breakage of confidence will be punished by removal of allocated degrees, and/or jail of up to life. Do hereby recognize the possibility of death, severe injuries, and physical/mental damage due to the viruses and biological chemicals present in the laboratories and application areas. After two years of the required training program you must accept the new oath terms following your initiation as researcher rather than student. Clause… In the…”




“They don’t take this lightly, do they?” I looked over to the double-d blondie. Passed out in the blue, first class cushions, of our private liner. Only five of the twenty seats were filled. She looked so innocent… I smirked knowing how she really was though. A double-decker bad ass. Nothing would be able to stop her from unleashing a mass-genocide if her Starbucks coffee wasn't’t fresh. Every student had to take multiple exams testing your mental abilities… Perception, reaction, associative processing, hell, we took so many I can’t even remember. We are the top. The soon-to-be secret researchers. Every government has one. Planning genocide. Knowing what genetic falter is in each race; prone bacterial areas in every country. No one wants to admit the horrors we’re concocting for our neighbor countries, but all of us are doing it in preparation. See who’s virus is better than the others. Better than the last. “To make history,” a voice finishes, snapping me out of thought. “What?” The hell? How did he know? My quizzical look must’ve been enough of a question. “That’s what you are here for. All of you.” The man looked up from his clipboards and papers stacked in front of him on the table attached to the airplane seat. “You’re not here to just create mass destruction. No, that’s not even close. Pulling viruses from the first signs of creation and life on our planet. Manipulating the past to create and study the future. It’s upon chance and misfortunate events that have lead to the progress WMI has made so far. Outside factors have opened so many doors to discover and re-invent what we have. It just so happens to be the death of thousands that leads us to the cure. Isn't’t it? A fact of life is death. There are those who will cower in fear, those who find the cure and nothing more. Then there is us. We find all of the contributing factors, data, genetics, uses, effects, the possibilities of the virus. We’re not mass-genocide perpetrators.” What I didn't’t realize in this moment was just how often I would be hearing this man’s voice. His reasoning… So blatant and raw. So understandable. He looked to be in his upper forties, aging quite attractively really, a strong square jaw, with well worn hands. Suddenly it dawned on me. I had been talking out loud. “Sorry for rambling. I thought I was thinking on the inside. Not out.” I could feel the heat just peeling up from the top of my chest all the way to the crown of my forehead. “Don’t be ashamed. A part of your training will be stating everything you think or observe. Even the most obvious comments will need to be reported to the team. During the experiments you will be conducting your “rambling”, as you call it, may be the last saving grace from something escaping the lab,”cold perceptive eyes made me shudder. I was only looking at the tip of the iceberg. The private jet jerked breaking my budding caution with the professor for the moment. It was going to be a long flight to Australia. I never did like flying.




“We are now stationed at the RAAF Base inside Edinburgh. You may retrieve your luggage from the baggage claim in the reception area. Watch your step on the way out.” The last intercom. The last stop before Valary Armondo and I, Rachel Gelter, are normal, low-middle class, American citizens. My stomach dropped crawling with at least fifty butterflies. “Lighten up R. We’re not the ones being tested on. Your face is paler than a cadaver.” Valary’s voice slowly grew behind me, giving me the strength to swallow my heart. I was certain the others could hear it pounding frantically. I could feel it. “Do you have everything Valary? After this our enrollment will be for two years.” I checked after her to be sure. “Yes… They better have Starbucks coffee in Australia!” An almost devilish look morphed over the addicted woman’s face. “I’m pretty sure they will have it special delivered to keep you from going nuts.” I replied mockingly. “For your sake, Rachel, I would hope so.” We both cracked up at this. These two years won’t be lonely or boring. That's for sure. The professor walked over to us from the private jet. Both hands were guarding yellow envelopes. “Take these. Learn them. Live them. These are the rules and regulations of your actions here. Break one of these and you risk murdering generations to come. You’re not in a co-shadow program in college anymore. Here, making a single mistake will kill others and your selves.” Serious and official, the Professor’s command made the world come crashing down. Valary looked over to me with shock and excitement. We both were thinking the exact same thing. Now we were for real. This is where we will create. Perfect. No longer were the “safe” environments at the college. It is the attempt to control and use viruses. Not fear them any longer. I looked back at the creator of the regeneration virus. Professor Yamaguchi Minatoro.




The WMI research facility was like a giant hotel with everything imaginable in it. Swimming pools, tracks, exercise and weight rooms, multiple libraries, cafeterias, and the rooms. There is just too much to list and describe, so I started cataloging everything with pictures. Hell! They even had a mini-Eden in the center of the institute. It’s so beautiful. It’s a massive circle enclosed in glass. Like a giant dome to protect the nature from researchers. There are animals like birds and deer inside. The birds, you can hear them singing their heart songs to each other through the massive panes of glass. I knew immediately this is where I would go to relax. The Eden of Australia so to speak. The quick strut of Professor Minatoro was unbearable. Valary and I both yearned to gawk at the beauty and vastness that we signed two years of our lives over too. Cruel as this world is he ushered us to hurry on. We passed on from what was beautiful and majestic in sheer size to horrors and spine-chilling hallways. Winding, turning, and quickly pacing through the endless floors of hallways. A massive maze. We walked silently behind the Professor. Unlike the other institutes we had previously studied under the color scheme here was dark and foreboding. Much like the damp and musty morgues in New York. Black river tile polished to a sheer shine. Rough brass doorknobs. Tall, lean, tinted windows, blocking out 75 percent of sunlight. Somehow, a hospital seemed more lively than this place. The cool crisp air sent chills down my spine. Valary had goose bumps everywhere.

“ I am taking you to your quadrant leader. He will be your assigned guide. You’ll be living under his order and instruction. He will be re-training you on how to live under the conditions placed by the institute.” Professors’ voice brought us back from the clutches of the air-conditioning.

“What do you mean how to live? We’re here to prevent genocide Prof.” I could hear the skepticism oozing from Valarys’ voice.

“If you think living like an Average is acceptable… You will CAUSE a genocide. You are being trained to live like the scientist and the test subject. You must re-learn everything to protect this facility and the people in the outside world. Once you start… there is no going back. You will be cut off from the rest of society and the world it lives in. You will become the property of the WMI research facility.” The absolute resonance from Professors’ voice shocked me.

I knew walking into this we wouldn't’t be able to visit our families. But no contact for the next four years? I am ready for this? Can do everything that has been set for me? I looked over to Valary. She and my research will be the only reality I will be living in. I better start stocking up on Starbucks coffee.

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