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Blaze Foxx is an openly gay guy and lives with a large family. When the new kid Kayden moves in he cant help but notice he has feelings for him but Kayden refuses that he feels the same way even though he Practically rapes him with his eyes at every chance he gets. Blaze knows Kayden feels the same about him but will he be able to get him to admit it?

This is a (boyxboy) relationship and i will NOT tolerate bullies. Please do not read if you have a problem with gays

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Trapped (BoyxBoy)

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



My little sister Zora poked her head in my room.

“Mommy said to stop making out with your guitar and to get your tushy down stairs” she said giggling “It’s time for dinner.”

“Alright, alright” I groaned in a deeper voice then usual “Goodbye baby” I kissed my two fingers and then lightly pressed them in the middle of the strings. “I would say I would see you soon but that’s not fast enough for me. I cant bare to let you go.” I finished off my sentence with a seductive tone knowing Zora was still watching.

“Your such a weirdo!” she yelled in a fit of giggles at my silliness.

“Oh yeah? Says the eight year old who can yodel like a fat man in Switzerland!” I chased after her letting her high pitched squeals ring through the house. I quickly caught her and threw her over my shoulder carrying her down the stair like a sack of potatoes.

“Putt me down you butt munch!” she tried to act big and tough but I could still hear her laughing.

“What are ya gonna do about it? Huh?”

“I’ll make you eat a bucket of worms!”

“EWWWW!!!” I grunted in my deep voice again.

We made it too the dinning room where everyone was already seated except for the adults still trying to set the table. So I hurried my way over to mom.

“MMMOOOOOMM! Zora’s trying to make me eat worms!” I whinned to her.

“Well maybe you deserve it. From what it looks like to me she has her reasons to want to do so.” she said helping the child off of me.

“Women these days I swear. Always tryin to get a brotha ta eat worms.” I said under my breath in a gangsta tone. Rewording a tongue sticking out at me from little Zora. I went and took my seat by Blu and Luna.

Before I go any further I just want to say that I live in a HUGE ass family. There’s thirteen (including myself) of us and my mom is seven months prego with the fourteenth. My name is Blaze Foxx. And yes the two x’s are very necessary in the spelling of my name for that is who I am. And now your probably wondering Blaze? Zora? Blu? Luna? My parents are hippies and believe big time on individuality which just so happens to be what we all strive for. I know, I know thirteen names is A LOT to remember but don’t worry. I’ll help you through this process called my life and yes I am a guy a gay guy to exact.

So let me give you the run down of how many of us attend our schools. We have 2 in collage, 1 in twelfth, 2 in eleventh, I’m in tenth, 1 in ninth, 1 in eighth, 2 more in sixth, and then 1 in fifth, fourth. and third. What can I say, my parents don’t like to use protection…Ew gross mental picture.

Dinner was like any other dinner. Revolution came to visit us since it was Christmas break (she‘s my sister. She just started attending collage. My parents thought that her eyes showed leadership hence the name and what do ya know. She‘s legitimately going to try and run for president once she gets her education). Dinner went on though and once it was done I retreated back to my room blocking out the screams of my siblings as I closed the door.

I paced around my room leaving my guitar be for the moment. My talent in the family was music if you haven’t already figure that out. I know my way around Fruity Loops or now called FL Studio like it’s the back of my hand and I can play several different instruments including guitar (of course), violin, piano, drums, and the one I’m most proud of ..the tuba. When I wanted to learn how to play it I really felt the need to blow something…kinky hehe.

I made my way over to my window and there was snow falling from the grey overcast. There’s a family moving in next door which sucks! For them I mean. Who wants to move in a new house in the cold snow. I watched as the movers hauled everything into medium sized house while the family unpacked the car with extra boxes marked fragile. I guess they didn’t trust the movers that much not to brake anything.

I watched as a boy walked out of the car. He seemed to be the only child of their family. He was wearing a black coat and he had dark brown hair that just barely touched his shoulders. It was naturally straight but the ends wisped out in different directions making it look more relaxed. He turned around and I saw that he has snake bites in but instead of the usual studs he had rings in. His eyes were a deep green which stood out from he pale complexion making him look flawless.

He looked up at me catching me gaze at him. I gave a small smirk and turned from the window picking my lovely lady back up and fiddled with her strings.

It’s a half past eleven when I came back in my room. Everyone decided as a family that we should start watching the Harry Potter movies together. The first one tonight, the second tomorrow, so on so forth you get the point.

I took off my shirt and threw it into the hamper. I wasn’t amazingly fit but I was fat either. I had my flab and if I shook real fast you could see me jiggle a little bit but I found this ok because who wants to cuddle with a rock? Talk about uncomfortable. I then took off my skinny jeans also throwing them in with the dirty clothes leaving me to just strut around in my boxers. I found my Batman pajamas pants and pulled them up.

I went to turn the table lamp off that sat beside my bed when I noticed the kid next door was staring at me through his window. I guess I should of closed the curtains when I decided to strip. He hurried and ducked under the window in embarrassment. I honestly feel no shame about my actions and It made me feel bad when he did. So instead of making a big deal about it I turned my Ipod to a random song and started dancing like an idiot hoping he would look back. I pulled out my Justin Bieber cut out and started grinding against it. (don’t ask why I have it. I bought it as a dare and NO other reason other then that.) I looked up and to my satisfaction the kid was laughing hysterically. Pleased with myself I forced JB back into the closet and turned the light off

I could feel the chill of my windows drift off them so I snuggled up under my black comforter and drifted of with the kids smile stuck in my head.

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