"My Love" By Kenneth James

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This is a short story i wrote in January/February and turned into short film script which i later shot and edited it during a 3 day filmmaking event with talented people in manchester. The short film is finished and is currently on vimeo for the next two weeks and after that it will become private so it can be entered into festival so during these two weeks please check out the film thank you :) https://vimeo.com/105060775

Submitted: September 07, 2014

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Submitted: September 07, 2014



My Love

It's ironic how it came to be like this. I remember when we went out on our first date together, I was so nervous and it showed. I was afraid of messing up that perfect moment, trying so hard for you to like me - I couldn't believe I was on a date with a woman like you! I thought I'd messed the night up by walking you to your door and not saying a proper goodbye, but you laughed and pulled me back - and kissed me. Ever since then we've been together.

I love how you always made sure we watched films to the end, no matter how bad they were. You always loved your films. You always thought I hated watching The Notebook or some trashy chick flick film, when secretly I loved them.

Yeah we argued from time to time, about the tiniest to the most important things, but in the end we always made up and worked through it, we always made sure we never went to bed angry. You always slept so peacefully, and I would watch you and think I'd should be the one dreaming not you. For its too good to be true for me to be with you!

I love how you gave me that pocket watch for our first anniversary. I wish I hadn't dropped it after only 5 seconds... you shook your head like you always do when I'm clumsy, but it still worked. Just a shame about the cracks, but then you replied with 'That's what makes it even more perfect, it's flaws'. Right then I knew that I'd got the right gift for you.

I thought we were in heaven... until that day... you'd noticed something strange, a tender lump on your breast. You were frightened but you weren't too afraid, for we were facing this together. After seeing the doctor I thought we'd be fine. Then the letter came... I didn't have to read it, the look on your face told me that we were gonna go through a storm.

The coming months were rough on both of us, but we made it work. We argued even more, but nothing that couldn't be made up after. You were afraid and so was I, yet I didn't want to show it. I wanted you to feel less scared... but I think you knew that anyway, I hope you felt you weren't alone.

Ever since it had smashed it's way into our lives that day I'd spend every night watching you sleep, just so I'd never forget your face. I never ever wanted to lose you, I was never ready to say goodbye, instead I'd say 'I love you' and you'd reply with a smile. But soon the moment came.

I wasn't ready. Who could be for a moment like that? Now all I can do is remember the times we'd spent together - the joy, the sorrow, the laughs and the intimacy. I'm very much like my watch, cracked and broken - but still ticking away. Time heals all wounds, soon it will calm my pain and make it a little easier for me to gather the courage to say those final few words... goodbye... my love.


Kenneth James

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