Sin of the Dark

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Carter Roland is a depressed teen who over comes his fear of socializing with others after befriending his best friend Alex.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Carter Roland

Submitted: December 09, 2013

Reads: 116

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Submitted: December 09, 2013



Chapter One: Carter Roland

The end is always hard to watch, as you know there’ll be no more. It’s almost as if you want more of what there was to come but as we all know, all good things must come to an end. My name is Carter Roland. In a nutshell, I’m a depressed pessimist who basically hates everything and everyone around me, except for a select few who I can safely assume are my friends.

It was at the end of my freshman year in high school when my life fell into the dismal hole I still have yet to completely dig myself out of. Cynthia Shepard, my best friend at the time, had moved out of town to some city down south with her parents. She never gave me a heads up or any kind of notice that she was leaving, she just straight up and left Kon-Lake without telling a soul. I eventually found out through a text that her parents decided it was best for her to attend a better school so they moved and that was it. The girl I came to love vanished before I could confess my feelings to her.

That left me broken for months, constantly texting and calling only to hear her voice mail. She must’ve changed her number somewhere down the line because I stopped hearing it. All ties were cut and I felt completely alone, secluded without any type of social life. Without her I felt like nothing more than a pile of talking flesh. This was the worst thing that happened since the death of my parents.

They passed away in a pretty bad car accident when I was five so it’s all just a big blur to me. Unfortunately, for my older brother Tracy, he remembers it all. After they passed Tracy had to drop out of high school and find a job fast. We had no other family in Kon-Lake so it was just the two of us fending for ourselves, brothers till the end. Tracy shouldered the burden and assumed the role of parenting pretty quickly. With the remainder of our parents’ money he bought a car, and from then on our new lives began.

I finished elementary and went on to middle school where I first met Cynthia. Originally she was nothing more than a bully, always calling me names and pushing me around. But as time went on we formed a friendship that continued all the way through middle school all the way up to my freshman year in high school. I don’t have much to say about freshman year, it was blatantly dull mostly because I had no friends. I was the quiet kid who came to school, did his work, and ran on home to where I played video games the rest of the day.

Sophomore year was completely different. This was the year I met Alex. You could say he’s my best friend, but out of every person I’d ever met he was the most annoying, foul-mouthed, rowdy, inconsiderate, douche bag of them all. It was during lunch when I first saw him. I thought he was one of the jocks who looked down on others and thought they were better than everyone else, all because of the stupid grin he always had on his face. Apparently, Terrance Murdock, a school known tough guy, had accidentally bumped into Alex while on his way to sit.

“Watch were you’re going punk,” Terrance said, laughing loudly to his group of jock buddies.

“Move your ass,” said Alex. “You’re in my way.”

Terrance stood there baffled by Alex’s bold response.

“Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talkin’ to shortie?”

“You! Now get the hell outta my way before I move you myself!”

The lunchroom got silent. All eyes were on them as Alex’s brave words sunk into Terrance’s thick skull. Whispers of disbelief could be heard under the rising tension. Terrance and his friends burst out laughing. I would’ve thought it was funny too to be threatened by such a tiny kid. Alex was barely over five feet tall while Terrance was well over six. The match up was hilarious by scale, but back then I didn’t know what Alex was capable of.

“I’m not gonna ask you again. Get out of my face or else,” warned Alex, his trademark grin reverting to a more serious look.

Terrance didn’t back down and instead accepted the challenge, which turned out to be a grave mistake. As Terrance lifted his bulky arm to grab Alex, Alex swatted it downward in a swift chop and seized Terrance by the throat. Alex then shoved Terrance back into his now scatter some group of friends. To be honest, it was like watching someone go bowling they way Terrance fell into his friends, knocking them over in one great big impact. The teachers immediately intervened and stopped everything before it got out of hand. Both Alex and Terrance were dismissed without punishment.

It wasn’t till after school where things tended to heat up. Instead of hurrying home like I usually did I stopped by the park where Alex and Terrance’s fight would continue where it’d left off. There was many people there shouting and screaming out of hype, yet I remained silent and merely watched.

“Kick his ass Murdock! Show him who’s boss,” said a fat kick wearing a backwards Yankee’s cap.

Alex and Terrance squared up and the bystanders exploded just as a soccer game would after their team scored.

“You ready for this,” Terrance chuckled. “You got yourself into this.”

“Yeah yeah hurry up already! I don’t have all day!”

And with Alex’s final wisecrack the fight began. Terrance charged in, swinging his mighty fists wild, only for Alex to unleash a flurry of side steps in which he avoided each and every punch.

“Wow he’s fast,’ said the girl standing beside me.

The fight remained the same for about five minutes, Terrance threw punches and Alex dodged, it quickly became very repetitive.

“Come on fight already!” Barked an over exerted Terrance, now tired and gasping for air.

“You’re tired already?” Taunted Alex. “Do you wanna take a break?”

Terrance erupted in anger and charged once more.

“You’re movements are sloppy and you let your temper get the best of you. Someone like you could never beat someone as awesome as I am!”

Alex stepped into Terrance’s rampage and punched him square in the face. Stunned and shaken, Terrance stumbled backwards.

“Now for the finale,” announced Alex, as he rushed Terrance for the final blow.

Alex dodged Terrance’s flailing arm attack and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to his abdomen.

“Ugh!” Grumbled Terrance as he dropped to his knees, slowly retracting into a miserable ball of pain.

Everyone, including myself, stared in amazement. We had all just witnessed the defeat of one our school’s toughest students by the strange short kid who always had a stupid smile stretched across his face.

“Terrance,” one of the jocks pleaded for him to get up, afraid of this making all jocks look weak.

“That’s right!” Shouted Alex. “Stay down you worthless piece of shit! I’ll take of you meat heads on, just try me!”

Terrance was lifted up by two of his accomplices and taken away where he would forever remember this loss. Instead of cheering, the crowd dispersed without word until it was just Alex and I.

“Hey,” I said to him, unsure what to say. “Nice job. That guy had it coming.”

“He was the one who bumped into me at lunch today. He’s an asshole!” Alex cursed. “Say, what’s your name?’

“Carter. Carter Roland.”

“Carter Roland hmmm.”

Alex paused for a moment.

“I think I’ll call you Skip!” He finally said.

“Skip? What? No don’t call me that.”

“Yeah you’re right Skip doesn’t flow right.”

Alex paced back and forth trying to come up with a name that would fit me. I just stood there awkwardly wishing I was somewhere else.

“I got it! I’ll call you-“

“No!” I interrupted. “My name is Carter Roland. I don’t want to be called anything else. If you don’t like it than whatever, I’m going home.”

This was the first time since Cynthia left that I’d engaged in a conversation with another person in public. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do, so I just turned around and started to retreat when he stopped me.

“Wait!” He shouted. “You can’t leave until I’ve thought of what I’ll call you!”

“Did you not hear me? I don’t want to be called anything that’s not my real name. Just leave me alone!”

Alex ran at me shouting and screaming as if he was in pain. At first I thought he was going to attack me like a ferocious lion would to a gazelle, but then he stopped, skidding before me to a halt.

“Don’t go! You can’t,” he begged. “Never have I been as stumped as I am now. You’re just impossible to figure out, I can’t think of any name that fits you.”

His once fierce voice turned into a faint whine as he pleaded me not to leave just yet.

“Just, stop. Stop moving and I’ll think of something that’ll work.”

Crazy. I thought Alex was a total nutcase when we first met. Just moments ago the Alex that sat before me had completely changed from a trash talking thug into a crybaby who couldn’t come up with a stupid nickname. At that point in time I knew for a fact that Alex would not be considered “normal” in my book. I even went to the extent of considering that he was a bit off, but he was too sharp to be considered “slow”.

“Just a little while longer I think I’ve got something!”

“That’s enough Alex,” said a boy who looked exactly like Alex.

“Stephen? Get the hell outta here! Can’t you see I’m busy making friends,” said a frustrated Alex.

“Friends? It doesn’t look that way to me.”

This was when I first met Alex’s older, more mature, brother Stephen. He too would eventually become one of the few select people I became friends with.

“Nice to meet you,” Stephen said, shaking my hand. “I apologize for my brother’s intolerable actions. He tends to act out of line from time to time.”

“Talkin’ crap blondie!” Alex shouted, now in his tough guy voice.

Alex rose from the ground and attacked Stephen from behind. I sort of flinched and missed the details, but when I came to, I found Alex lying back on the ground where he originally was.

“Sorry you had to see that,” Stephen apologized. “If you don’t mind we’ll be on our way now. And once again, sorry for my brother.”

Stephen grabbed Alex and dragged him away until they were both out of site. I than left the park as I would now be home much later than usual. Tracy would bombard me with a rally of questions, asking where I was, and if I made good decisions, just as he would whenever I was home late. I didn’t know what I was going to tell him, there was no way I could explain myself and make him believe it. He knew what kind of person I was at the time. I feared any chance of engaging in social activities with others, yet that day, at the park, I didn’t give a second thought of congratulating Alex on his victory.

After that day I began to break free from the shell I’d built. After Cynthia left my life seemed to stop, motionless in time. But after the little conversation I had with Alex life seemed to pick back up and start to roll once again. The rest of my sophomore year gradually got better and better after that encounter. I never thought it would happen, but by the end of the year I had befriended Alex and Stephen, two people whom I’m a still friends with today.

Now, after a boring freshman year, exciting sophomore year, and an enjoyable junior year, my story begins at the start of my senior year. Tomorrow marks my first day in Kon-Lake high school as a senior and let me tell you, the depressed sap I once was would never walk into school with his head held high. I’m going to make the most of my life this year. My name is Carter Roland and this is my story.

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