Avril and the Abyss

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Children of the Abyss

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



"Avril, milady. There is company at the door." My butler Alexander walked in my office offering me a cup of tea. "Alright, bring them to my office." I said as I streatched and accepted the cup of Earl Grey tea. "As you wish." He bowed slightly and walked out. My name is Avril Zaraki Foress. I have long blonde hair and bright glowing light blue eyes. Alexander, my butler, has long black hair and slightly glowing reddish auburn eyes. There is something sinister about him sometimes. His personality is more that of a demon then human but I know he is not. He is not human either. He is a being known as a Chain. Not quite human, not quite demon. He is a strange being. The door to my office opened and my favorite jam loving psycopath waltzed in. "Hey Beyond. What's up?" Beyond smiled and waved at me. "Hey Avril." He hopped up on my desk and sat on the corner balencing with his knees to his chest in the strange position he likes to sit in. "So how are things at Wammy's?" He shrugged. "Ok I guess." He rested him chin on his knee looking sad and hurt. "Beyond whats wrong?" I reached out and took his hand. He sighed. "Well L is always gone now and since your here at the manor your never there either so I have no one to talk to anymore. Im all alone again..."  I looked at Alexander who has been silent the entire time and nodded to him to let us be alone for a bit. I leaned twords him and gave him a big hug. "Oh BB i'm sorry. I can't help having to stay at the manor but I promise you can come visit me any time you like."  He smiled. A genuin smile. Not the kind he used to have. His twisted blood loving psycotic smile that scared everyone who saw it. He is so much better now. "Well I suppose I should get going now. Roger is suck a prick when he doesnt know where I am." I laughed. "Alright Beyond, I'll see you later. Tell Matt,Mello,and Near I said hi." He nodded. "Don't worry I will. Bye Avril." I waved at him once more while Alexander escorted him to the door. He smiled and waved back once before they disapeared down the hall. A few moments later Alexander reappeared. "So milady, what would you like to do today? Perhaps a visit to town?" I nodded balencing a tea plate on one finger. "That sounds fine. Its raining but I love rain anyways. Go find Dark Storm. I think he should get out of the manor sometimes. Its not healthy for him to just sit around all day having you attend to his every need." Alexander softly laughed. "I have some matters I think you should take under consideration." I stopped playing with the plate stood setting my dishes on the side-table so Alexander could wash them later. "Whats that Alexander?" I sat on the corner of my desk. "Well I am the only servant that the Foress manor has. I think we should start looking for more help." I crossed my arms and nodded. "I think you are right. When we go to town lets start looking for suitable help. What all do you think we need?" Alexander whipped out a rolled up piece of paper from his pocket and unrolled it with a flick of his wrist. "I would like to hire a housemaid,chef,yard worker,house stewardess,house stewart,gardener,messanger,and perhaps an animal trainer to take care of your...little pets." I nodded."Sounds good to me. I will leave that to you, Alexander." He nodded and left to ready the carrige. I strolled down the halls and nearly stepped on Dark Storm's tail. "Stormy! How many times have I told you not to lay in the middle of the hall?" I picked him up and held his face right in front of mine. "Ya know that pokemon should stay in the sanctuary I have for you guys out back. Its a beutiful building with rooms for all types. How come you never stay in the electric room like my other raichu do?" He yawned and sleepily flicked his ears giveing me his famous 'what do you want now Avril?' look. I stared at him. "Dont you be giving me that look mister! We are going to town so come."  I carried him down the hall,out the door,and into the rain outside. "Are we ready to depart milady?" Alexander asked. I nodded setting Storm next to me on the seat. It was a bit chilly in the carrige but it didnt bother me much. If I got too cold I would just ask Alexander to lend me his suit jacket. I reached under the carrige seat getting one of the blankets we had stored there. You never know when you will need supplies. Expesually being a nobel. I covered up Storm with the blanket while he licked my hand a few times. I switched to sit on the other side of the carrige so I could stare out the window while we went threw town. I sat and stared and stared but didnt see anything amusing, until we past a certian ally. I yelled at Alexander to stop and Storm hopped on my shoulder to see what I was so worked up about. There was so many homeless children in this ally. I was absolutly heart broken. I stood up and ran out of the carrige, Alexander racing to follow me. "Hey you dirty thief! Get back here and i'll rip your other arm off!" A young boy with light blonde hair and only one arm ran past the ally. A bunch of men were chasing him. He seemed to be holding some bread in his hand. One of the men drew out a sword and grabbed the boys's shoulder making him drop the bread. "No please dont hurt me! I need that bread! My little sisters and brothers are starving to death! If they dont get food soon they will all die!" I ran twords the man knocking the sword from his grasp and slamming him into the wall. "Hey! What gives you the right to bully a little kid! He's trying to feed his family you horrible old pig!" The other men circled me and the young boy grabbed onto my arm closing his eyes shaking with tears falling from his eyes. "Well well well what do we have here? A pretty nobel lady. I bet you've alot of money and a nice place in your name dont you?" I glared and Storm crouched infront of me and growled at the men. "Oh dear, milady it semms you've been surrounded. Would you care for some assistance?" Alexander finally showed up out of no where. "Well its about time you got here!" I placed one hand on my hip and glared at my butler. I grabbed the young boy's hand and started running down the oppisite side of the ally. "Alexander, take care of these guys! Come on Storm!" The 3 of us ran a little ways through the maze- like ally roads before we stopped to take a rest. "Thank you for helping me miss!" The young boy, still holding on to my hand looked up to me with big green eyes. They reminded me of Matt's eyes who was back at Wammy's house right now, probibly beating Mello at video games. Again. I smiled at the boy. "Your very welcome. And whats your name?" He game me a blank look. "Name? I dont have one. No one in my family does. Hey I know! Would you like to meet them?" I nooded. "Great! Then come on!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the allys. "Hey, miss I almost forgot. Whats your name?" I laughed. "My name is Avril Zaraki Foress." He looked at me with and open mouth and wide eyes. "Y-your a part of the Foress family?" I nodded. "Wow! The Foress family is very high nobels!" I shrugged. "When my family stopped going to the manor and abandoned it and moved somewhere else the deed to it when in my name." He smiled. "Well here we are Avril. Hey everyone! I brought a new friend! Come and meet her!" There was a little shed that looked more broken then safe. The holes in the walls were patched with what looked to be the sides of old cardboard boxes. 7 children crawled out of the little opening that was covered with a sheet.The first was a little girl with long brown hair and blue eyes,the second was a rather large muscled boy with black fire tatoo's on his arms,the third was another girl with short black hair and green eyes,the forth and fifth were twins who were very short both with blond hair and hazel eyes,sixth was a boy with blonde and black hair and yellowish green eyes,last was a boy with longer golden brown hair. "Family, this is Avril. Avril, this is my family." I smiled at them. They all seemd pretty young at first but getting a closer look they all look to be in there early teens. "Why did you bring a nobel here?" Demamded the black haired girl. "But she's a good nobel." The young boy insisted. Then I noticed a similarity among them all. They all seemed to have some sort of physical disability. The black haired girl and the boy with blond and black hair were both missing one of there legs.The tatooed boy was massive and the twins were so small. The last boy seemed very distant and of corse the young blonde boy is missing his arm but I started to wonder about the little brown haired girl. Nothing seemed to be wrong until I noticed that her hair was covering one eye and her head was tilted in such a way that she only looks threw the uncovered eye...She has no other eye I think. The little brown haired girl walked twords me looking curious thenreached out to touch my dress. The black haired girl slapped her hand away balencing against a wall. "Dont touch her dress! It cost more money then we are all worth and if you touch it you will get it dirty since were all muddy!" The brown haired girl looked stunned for a second then took a few steps back. "Oh I didnt think of that...Im so sorry miss." She looked like she was going to cry. I shook my head and rested my hand on her head gently. "Its no problem. You can touch my dress if you like. If it gets dirty I will just have it washed. No big deal." She looked up at me and smiled. "Oh there you are milady." Alexander once again came out of nowhere. Storm mustve gone to find him. "Alexander ive made up my mind about something." He tipped his head slightly as I turned around to face the kids. "Hey, how would you all like to stay with my at my manor?You can live with me for as long as you like." They all stared at me as there mouths dropped. "Are you serious? Can we really come with you?" The little girl twin ran to stand right in front of me. "Of corse im serious.Alexander! Help them to the carrige." Once we were all in the carrige we were setting off for home. "So what do you guys use for names?" I asked. "Nothing." The black haired girl said. I thought for a bit. "Hey Avril. Since your letting us live with you we want to help you out." The blonde boy said as the others nodded. I smiled. "Well ok. What do you all know how to do? We will  choose your names that way."  The brown haired girl spoke first. "Well I dont mind cleaning." I nodded. "The you can be the house maid. Sound good?" She nodded. "Now then, your name." The blonde boy spoke. "I think I have names for all of us if you guys like them." Everyone looked curious. "You'll be Doll." He smiled and pointed at the brown haired girl. "Eh? But I dont want a girly name! It dont suit me!" He ruffeled her hair a bit. "Of corse it does! Cuz your our adorable little sister." Doll pouted but accepted. "I will be Joker,the big fella will be Jumbo,the twins will be Wendy and Peter,the quiet one will be Snake,my brother here will be Dagger and you'll be Beast alright?" Every one was happy with there names except for the black haired girl. "Wha- Beast? What kind of a name is that?" She tried to stand while balensing using the carrige walls. Joker smiled. "Cuz you love animals. And I know you wont stand for a pretty name so Beast it'll be then!" He laughed. Beast sat back down and accepted the name. When we got to the manor the first thing they children did was run into the kitchen when I told them they could eat anything and everything they could find. "Alexander. I want you to arrange an appoitment so all the kids with missing limbs can have prostetic ones placed on." He nodded and went to make the phone call. "I will take them there as soon as they get done eating Milady."  I nodded and went to my room to relax. I streatched out on my bad as Stormy curled up next to me. "Hmm...Laziest pokemon there is." I snuggled with him for a bit until he fell asleep then placed him on my pillow. "Avril?" I looked up to see Doll half way in my room. "Oh come in Doll." She smiled and walked twords me. "I sent Alexander to get you all nice clothes and to help your siblings get limbs." She smiled. "Here put this dress on." I handed her a light pink and white dress with ruffels on the skirt. It went down to a little past her knees. When she came out of my bathroom in her new dress she looked absolutly thrilled. "Its goregous Avril! Thank you so so much!" She ran and gave me a big hug. "Your very welcome. If you ever want anything all you need to do is ask and its yours. Now its getting late so you should get to sleep." She nodded and ran down the hall into her new room. I sighed, absolutly exausted. I pushed Stormy a bit to the side and went to get ready for bed. Just as I layed down I heard a knock on my door and Alexander calling that its him. "Come in." He stepped in looking strangely happy."I just got all of the children new limbs that work with there nervous system into there body. They work and feel just like real limbs. They were all so happy and the new wardrobes you got them made them even happier. It warms my heart." I nodded. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day but one im looking foreward to. I told Alexander goodnight and went to sleep myself.  

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