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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Chapter 4

In the morning, Rohan again went to school and I was free. We spent a lot of time the previous night, talking about our respective nights and I told him everything about JB while he told me about his crush for the sister of his new friend. I had laughed at him and teased him that he already found a girlfriend.
He looked so happy that I could almost cry to see him like that. I was so glad that he was finding life to his liking in his old country.


 I obtained my money in the afternoon and as Neil had said, it was a big sum. They had paid me 25,000 rupees for organizing a party just for one night and I went to the bank to deposit the money. But I needed to find a permanent job soon.

When I returned home, I decided to goggle Jai Mittal. All that I could know about him was that he was twenty-three years old and had been in the film industry since the last three years, he releases at least 2 to 4 films per years, and all his films were a blockbuster, which made him the superstar that he was.

I scrolled down when all his future projects shot up and also closing all those ads that kept popping up whenever I opened a new site.

Every day was a new day for me though it was similar in many ways. Both Jai and I met every day and no media followed us. I had made him promise that my name should not be linked with him in any newspaper or channels since this was going to affect my brother as well.


 The day after the party, he had called me, though at first, I was surprised that he had my number but then remembered that it was easy for him to obtain it since he had contacts.


“Yes Jai. I am free today,” I answered him.
“Then can we have lunch together?” he asked. Even though he was far from me and I could not see his face right now, I could tell that he was afraid that I might refuse him.
“Sure. But won’t the media catch on us?”
“ No. I am going to take you to a very private restaurant. It’s one of my friend and we can have lunch in peace.”

I will pick you up at eleven. Be ready.”
“ Jai.
“Yes Amu,”

As he said that nickname, it sent chills through me. Amu. Jai’s Amu.

“Don’t get out of the car please. I will get in myself. You just signal me when you come.” I said.

Almost every day, it was like that. We would have lunch or dinner together and when I asked him about the schedules of his movies, he said that he was just shooting for two movies at the moment, one that would be released two months later and the date of the other was not yet decided. Therefore, he had ample time to visit me.

 But he did not tell me more about that as he still remembered that once I had told him that I hated bollywood and this touched me tremendously. He was taking care of anything that might hurt me.

It has been days since we knew each other and something was binding us together. And before I could realize it, I was falling in love with him. I tried to reason with myself that he was a superstar but the way he makes me feel was different. He behaves so normal with me and I loved him for that.

I never liked any other guy the way I like him. Though he had said that we would just remain friends, we were meeting each other every day. Jai makes me feel alive and lively. He was a part of me now without which I would be incomplete. When I told Rohan that I love Jai, he could not believe how I could love him just after a few meetings.
But Jai came into my life at the time when I needed someone desperately and maybe that is why I fell in love with him so quickly.
In his presence, I no longer feel lonely or sad. Instead, I was happy and blissful. I was complete. I was myself; I had again become the crazy person that once I was.




 The following day, Rohan had packed his stuff to go a camp. It was definitely surprising that the teacher gave him an invitation just after a week he started high school.

When I asked him, he said that everyone had to do this project of biology. The teacher had made this plan since long and he wanted all his biology students to come.

I did not object at all to this plan; all that I wanted was Rohan to stay happy and I knew that if he stayed busy with his friends, all his sadness would vanish as mine was disappearing because of Jai.

So, Rohan went away that morning and I did not want to be like a nanny and so told him to call when he gets time instead of every day.
He did not have any mobile but I would have to buy one soon for him. At least, he promised to send me the photos and emails through the laptop of his friend Uday.

I was not alone. Jai was with me. It has been a week since we met but we were very comfortable with each other. Almost every day we would have lunch or dinner together and today was not an exception.
We were having lunch together and Jai told me that he had a surprise for me.



When I got in the car, he complimented me on my dress, something that he always does when I am with him.

“That dress looks nice on you,” he had simply said and I had blushed.

When we reached the restaurant, not even a single client was there. When I asked him about it, he simply said that he had booked the whole restaurant for me so that I do not have any difficulty or fear of being seen with him. I did not know about his feelings yet. I did not know if they were as strong as mine were but what I knew was that he does like me a lot. What I knew was that both this relationship and Jai had become one of the most important things in my life.

As much as I loved Rohan, I loved Jai the same way or maybe more.
This guy was driving me totally crazy. Jai was like a magnet that kept pulling me to him. With each tick of the clock, I found myself go deeper in this relationship. If I was being honest with myself, I did not know exactly where this relationship was heading.
He was a superstar and I hated the film industry. One day, our thinking would definitely clash and maybe that’s why Jai was not proposing me because he knew that well. Yet I could not stay away from him.
I could not fathom his reasons to stay with me but it was clear that he liked me a lot.

As much as it pained me to keep him apart, I was glad that at least I was his friend. I longed to touch him, to kiss him, to hold him in my arms.

All I knew that I was crazily in love with him. Though his feelings were unknown to me, I really did not care. Maybe that what I wanted; I did not want him fall in love with me. And, staying with him, I knew that I was endangering my reputation. Yet, I did not care much.

 I had never met someone like him. He was mysterious, handsome, charming and most of all he was a very nice human being.

We both ordered noodles and I was surprised to see him eating this type of food.
“Are you allowed to eat this type of food?” I joked. Supposedly actors must establish a food regime.
He continued to eat his noodles. “I never follow it. I always eat whatever I want and then exercise later on.”

He winked at me and I laughed. He was different from other stars. He was my personal shining star.

“There was a time when I used to order noodles but did not use to eat it,” Jai said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. What was he thinking?

“Then what did you use to do?” I asked carefully.
He smiled and put the chopsticks on the table and as I watched in horror, he grabbed a handful of noodles and put them on my hair.
He again winked at me while I stared at him with my mouth agape.

“What did you do?” I asked in horror.
“You wanted to know.” he said innocently and grinned.
I felt the smile stretched on my face as I put the whole plate of noodles on his head. His smile disappeared and said. “What did you do?”

“You wanted to mess with me.” I simply replied and grinned at him the same way he was doing some seconds ago. If he was crazy, I was crazier. He did not know me yet.
He looked at me in anger at first but then slowly a smile again appeared on his face until we both burst into laughter.
The bartender and ten waiters were looking at me and we both stopped laughing as we noticed their glares and the mess that we actually did.
“What happened to us? We are supposed to be grown up and behave like mature people.”

We both started to clean our hair and put the noodles in the nearby dustbin.
“Sometimes we can keep our maturity aside and become kids,” he grinned.
We kept cleaning each other’s hair until one waiter came to us with the bill.
“Now, it’s time for the surprise,” he said, taking my hand.

I was instantly cautious. If the lunch was so special, then what more surprises did he want to give me?
He laughed on seeing the expression on my face.
“Don’t worry,” he chuckled. “This will be a pleasant surprise.”


We left the restaurant and he looked around, wary. Surely, he did not want to encounter a fan when he was with me. But, a fan managed to see him and he rushed to him, calling JB loudly.

Two little girls were staring at Jai as if they were seeing god. He smiled on seeing them but did not try to run as he often did when he was with me. He simply held his ground and waited patiently for the girls to join him.

“Hello,” he said politely to the girls. She must be about some twelve years old.

“Can I have an autograph please?” one of them asked with a nervous smile.
“Sure sweetheart.”

He took the writing pads one by one and signed his name on it while I gazed at Jai lovingly. Then he turned to me.
“Get in the car. I’ll join you in a minute.” He tossed the key and I left him with the girls.


After getting in his car, I noticed the Compact disc that was on his dashboard. It was probably something he liked considering that it was on the dashboard. Now, as I looked at it, I remembered that I did not even see it when he picked me up. Maybe because I was looking at him at that time to notice something else.

I took the CD and and looked at the cover. In the meantime, Jai got in the car and did not pay me attention as he put his seatbelt on.

“Which songs?” I asked, pointing to the compact disc in my hand.

 He sighed. “I don’t think you will like it. It’s my favorite song “Come home” by “One Republic.”


One Republic. I think I heard that name somewhere. I again glanced at the cd and could feel the eyes of Jai on me.
“Can I hear it now?” I asked politely, locking my gaze with him.

He looked at me for a second, appraised my expression, and finally murmured. “Yes.”

He watched me warily as I put the cd in the player and closed my eyes while listening to it.
I could feel the light breeze that was flowing at my hair, which was an indication that Jai was driving. Otherwise, there was no sound, no movement. His car was one of the best and smooth vehicles.

I could have fallen asleep after hearing the beautiful song. It touched me tremendously, especially when it got to the line, “Come home. I’ve been waiting-so long.”

Being so lost in lyrics of the song, I did not even realize when I started to cry. However, I heard Jai stopping the car and he was calling my name.
My eyes fluttered open and I looked at him, confused. A trace of pain touched his perfect features as he touched the tears on my cheeks.
“Why are you crying?” he asked shocked.
I smiled but more tears fell and his black eyes were wide as he continued to stare at me.
“This song is so beautiful,” I mused.

Something changed in his expressions as I uttered those words. He looked at me in understanding but a flicker of other emotions passed over his face before settling for pain.


Unexpectedly, he removed his seat belt and as he turned to me, he hugged me. “I love you Amisha.”

A flash of hear shot through me as he hugged me. It was not because of the emotions that were fluttering inside me but it was the closeness of our bodies. My heart spluttered widely in my chest. I did not know what to say at that time; I was tongue-tied.

It happened exactly as I feared- I did not want him to fall in love with me because it will create complications. But I could not deny the immense happiness that I felt right now, as he hugged me. He already knew that I felt the same. Actually, I felt more than that. At that time, I did not want to remember that he had said that we would remain friends or he was superstar. All I knew that love is always the biggest gift and I will not lose him for those small reasons.

There were no other feelings, which can be compared to this one. He was mine and I loved him so much.

He released me and looked at me anxiously.
“ I know that it’s going to be hard, Amisha. You hate the industry and I love it. But, I cannot stay away from you. I fell for you the first time I saw you and I know that my love will keep increasing. Please,  don’t tell me to stay away. I won’t be able to live.”

He closed his eyes as if he feared that I was about to refuse him. But how can I when I also love him?

“I love you too,” I said after some seconds.
His eyes fluttered open and a slight smile broke on his lips. “We will make this work Amisha. Don’t worry. I won’t let the shadow of the industry on you.”

I nodded and we pressed our forehead together.
“We will always stay together,” I murmured happily.

Then he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me.
That kiss was something that I needed desperately. I love this guy. I loved him more than my life.

Maybe if he was not here, then I would still be the lonely and sad girl who would get drenched until late hours at strange places.

My hand twisted in his hair as I pulled closer to me and I felt a smile on his lips when I broke the kiss, breathless. But we stayed like that for some seconds.

“Do you know that this song is my life? And you are crying the way I used to when I listen to it,” he murmured around my lips.
“From today, it’s our favorite song,” I smiled and he kissed me again.


The surprise after all, turned out to be very pleasant.

Jai had taken me to his house-or rather his mansion. I did not read this on the internet. Then, I remembered that, not even a single detail was posted on his personal life. He had kept everything confidential.
As we drove through the gate, I asked nervously, “Are we meeting your parents?”


He nodded and then looked at me with a smile. “Are you scared?”

I blinked and then said. “Yes. Of course I am. I am not in the state to meet them.”
He frowned and parked the car near the other various vehicles. They were all his maybe.

“What do you mean?”
“ Look at me,” I said nervously. He flashed me a smile.
“You are beautiful like always.”
 I was flattered by his compliment but I shook my head. “Look at the hair and clothes; they are so dirty and it’s all because of you and your noodles.”

He laughed. “Every problem has a solution.”
“ What?”
“ Come,” he said and took my hand again.

He led me in the garden where the gardener was nowhere in sight and took the green garden hose in his hand and pointed it into my direction. He smiled at me mischievously while I put my hand on my face as a shield, knowing what he was about to do.

But nothing happened for a few seconds and I removed my hand slowly to look at him. At the same time, a big pressure of water made me completely wet.

“Jai, stop it,” I said, coughing and he stopped immediately and threw the hose at his side worried.
“I am sorry. Are you okay?” he asked with an edge of worry.
I coughed again and he looked at me, regretful. “I just wanted to remove those noodles from your head.”
I frowned and then took the hose in my hand. “Then it should not apply to me alone.”

A smile stretched on his face as the water wet his face. We were both enjoying ourselves.

“Amu,” he murmured.

“I am crazier than you Jai. You should know that.”

“That’s why I love you so much.”

I simply smiled to myself as he said that and continued to point the hose at his direction.


We laughed together for some minutes and I had already forgotten if we had to meet his parents.
What reminded me was the memory of my father as he had once done such a joke with Rohan and me.

Abruptly the light and happy feeling that was swirling inside me changed and turned to sadness and loneliness.
I started to cry. Jai noticed it and moved to my side.
“Amu,” he said sadly. “What happened?”

He cupped my face in his hands and looked at me with sad eyes. “Did I do something wrong?”

I shook my head and taking me in his arms, he rubbed my back in comfort.

“Then what happened?” he asked, stroking my wet hair.
“My father used to do that to me and Rohan when we would be in the garden,” I simply said and his hands tightened around me. “I miss him and mom so much. I don’t know why they left me.”

“I know,” he said sadly. “But you have me and I am never going to leave you Amu.”

My head snapped up. The honesty was apparent in his eyes and voice. He continued to stare at me with that intense look, the look that makes me feel that I was special to him.
He wiped my tears and I closed my eyes. Does it feel so wonderful when you are in love? Does it feel like you want to dance and surrender yourself to that person completely?
He wrapped his arms around me. “They are watching you Amu and won’t be happy to see you in tears. I am sure they wanted you to stay happy after they were gone.”

I wiped the next tears that followed and nodded. “You are right. I am not going to be sad.”

“That’s like my girl,” he smiled. “Come, let’s go inside.”

After some minutes, he held my hands as we entered the mansion. We were completely drenched but the servants did not look at us as we walked in with our wet shoes. They simply cleaned up.

This mansion must be years old because everything was unique inside. Strange collections of antiques and paintings decorated the walls and I could only stare. Photos of Jai and probably his parent’s line up the walls of the never-ending corridor where we were walking.
At last, he yanked to a stop at a door and knocked twice before an old voice said, “Come in.”
Jai pushed open the door and looked at the persons in the room. What I first noticed was the way his parents were standing. They were together, holding hands.

Jai did not release my hand but held them more tightly as he advanced towards them with a smile. Even in this old age, I could tell that his parents must have been beautiful when they were young. They still were.
They stopped reading the respective novel that they were holding and as their eyes fell on us, they looked at us from head to toes.

I became self-conscious and had the urge to elbow Jai. I had told him that we should change before meeting his parents but he said that they would not mind.
“Hi mom and dad, this is Amisha Singh.”
They both got up from the bed and smiled at me. I felt better at once. If their smile was so pleasant, then I was sure that they must have liked me.
“Welcome Amisha,”his mother said. “I am Sita, Jai’s mother and this is my husband Dev.”
Dev gave me a smile also and I returned it with a grin. I wondered why I was so nervous before. They made me so comfortable.
“Well, I can’t tell you both to sit as my entire room will become dirty,” Dev said, looking at our clothes while Jai chuckled.
“Go and change before you both get ill and then we will have lunch together.”

We both nodded though we already had lunch. Maybe Jai also wanted to keep them happy like me.

Jai took me to his room afterwards, which was situated at the end of the long corridor.
At first, I was confused when I entered the room. When Jai opened the door, there was a bathroom in front of me. Later, I saw the arch where we entered his bedroom.
The ground was made of white grayish marble, his curtains were American style and were white with black flower chiffon curtains
The bed was huge with two pillows and lots of white and black cushions. At the right, there were two sectional sofas and a rounded table in between. The wall was decorated with an antique clock and few of his photos.


“Your room is beautiful,” I murmured, mesmerized by the way he had decorated it.
He smiled. “Thank you.”
Before I could say something else, he opened his cupboard and gave me a bag.
“Wear this.”

I opened the bag and there was a small red dress in it.
“Where are my clothes?”

A smile turned up at his lips.
“I won’t return them to you ever, they will stay with me.”

I bit my lips at that. My clothes will remain with the superstar JB? Those simple words together with the realization of the meaning pleased me more than it should.

“Why?” I murmured.
“It’s because I still need to give them into the laundry,” he smirked.
His answer caught me totally off guard. I frowned. “What?”
 He laughed and I joined in. He did have a good sense of humor.
“It’s because this clothes make me feel that you are here with me,” he mused.

His eyes were burning with the intensity of his words and I could only stare for some seconds. We had similar habits. He kept my clothes with him because he feels that I was with him and I slept with his clothes because I missed him. Almost every night, I would take his shirt, hold it tight to me, and fall asleep.
Maybe after all, I was a hopeless case. Loving him was a need now and staying with him was necessary. Or else I would die.

 Not only was he handsome and hot but he was so romantic and caring. He raised an eyebrow at me when I did not say anything and I snapped out of my staring.
For god sake Amisha, get a grip on yourself. His hotness was going to kill me one day.

Your words are really romantic,” I said the first words that came to my mind. He looked amused with my answer. Maybe he thought that I was going to respond to his statement. He would not be disappointed if he had that thought.
He grinned. “There is a reason why people call me “Romantic king.”


 “But, I am always here with you. You don’t really need my clothes.”

“Always?” he asked dubiously. I wondered why he doubted that. I am sure he can see how much I was into him. I loved him.

“Always,” I promised.

The lunch went pretty well though Aaron and I did not eat much. His parents talked to me lovingly and it did stun me to see their simplicity.


Jai dropped me at home as usual. I left his home late that day. With a smile, I pressed the doorbell but then remembered that Rohan was not here. I took the key from my purse and opened it.

I hung the bundle of keys on the shelf and took my jacket off.

The sound shocked me. It was a sharp sound, which came from the hall.
“Who is there?” I asked, scared.
No reply.

I looked around for a weapon and saw the cricket bat of Rohan lying down. I picked it up slowly and with ice in my heart, I walked forward.

I scanned the area once I came into the hall but there was no one. The flowerpot was lying on the ground.
It must be a cat; I said to myself and put the bat down.
Silly me!

As I bend to pick it up, I noticed a pair of shoes in front of me. Swallowing, I looked up and a person wearing a mask was looking at me.
Before I had the time to react or to shout, he sprayed something on me and murmured in my ears before I lose consciousness.
“You are kidnapped.”



I could hear his evil laugh before I drowned into the great oblivion of sleep.


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