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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Chapter 5

Mostly, I had watched kidnapping scenes in movies and read them in some great novels. However, experiencing it was something different.

I woke up tied in a chair. My hands were tied in the front and my legs were free.

What surprised me was that they had not tied my hands tightly. It did not even hurt but I did not struggle with it.

 The kidnappers had blindfolded me and so I could not see anything but I knew that I was not hurt. Maybe after I had blacked out, they carried me in a bonnet or a car.

But as the realization and shock of my whereabouts hit me, I started to shiver. What had just happened?

It was just some minutes- or maybe some hours ago when I was with Jai, living a fairytale life but now, everything has been changed.

Footsteps approached me and I listened carefully, trying not to move. If I did one mistake, then they can beat me for that. Who knows how many hostages were here?
From the footsteps, I tried to deduce the number of persons that were present.

The sounds were all distinct from each other. One, two, three, or maybe more but not more than five.

The footsteps got closer and I swallowed saliva in fear. Was he or she going to beat me? I held my ground and tried not to tremble. I was terrified but I needed to act with smartness if I had to get out of here.

I could feel someone kneeling at my side, the weight of his or her heavy hands pressed on my chair.
I did not say anything nor did the person. After waiting for some seconds, I heard him saying. “Don’t you have a mouth or something? Or are you dumb?”

Now, I knew that if I did not speak, I definitely meant trouble. His voice was already full of irritation; it was better not to trigger that reaction more. I tried to gain my composure and organize my thoughts. Being able to behave rationally would increase my chances for survival.


“Why did you kidnap me?” I asked afraid. If I managed to convince them that I was scared, then maybe they would not think of beating me.


He laughed. “The most popular and stupid question in a kidnapping case. But I’ll answer it for you. It’s for ransom beautiful.”

“ Ransom?” I said dubiously. “I have no money with me and not even my family has anything. They are dead.”
I did not take the name of Rohan because I feared that they might harm him but I doubted that they did not know him.
Coming to my house and kidnapping me would not have been an easy task. There were neighbors who would have watching. I wondered how they did it.

Did they put me in a gunny bag so that my neighbors don’t get suspicious? But at least, Rohan and Jai were far away from this mess.

“Your brother does not have money but Superstar JB has.”

As he said the name of Jai, I gasped. So this had been the whole matter; they kidnapped me so that they could get a big sum of money from Jai. Another realization came with it; we had tried to hide our relationship but apparently, it was not concealed as we had thought.

The man was still kneeling near me but my thoughts were not focused on him.

In a way, I was scared but I needed to think of something so that I can escape from here. I could not sit idle and wait for them to beat me, keep me for days, and even collect the ransom-because I knew that Jai would give them. I had to admit that my chances were minimal when it came to escaping from here.

He got up and said. “Give me the phone.”
I heard something being thrown in the air and someone caught it before it fell down. Definitely, the phone was being tossed to each other.

“Hello, is this Superstar JB?”
“ Yes,” Jai said on the phone and I moved my head slightly as if that would make me hear him more clearly.
The kidnapper had put it on loudspeaker, maybe to make me hear what Jai was saying.
I held my breath and tried to concentrate on the words.
“I have kidnapped Amisha Singh.” It felt like he was smiling.
There was complete silence on the other line.
“If you joke like this next time, I will hunt you down and kill you,” Jai growled.
Another man stood up and said. “Look Superstar, we don’t have time to play games here. Your Amisha is with us right now and if you don’t pay us, then I can assure you that I am going to leave her lifeless body at your doorstep.”

“How dare you?” Jai yelled. “How can I believe that you are telling me the truth? Where is she?”
“ Right here,” he said and I heard footsteps again approaching me.
“Talk to him,” he ordered in a stern voice.
“Jai,” I said frantic.
“Amu,” He said in horror. “Oh my god, you are really there?”
“ Yes. They kidnapped me.”

There was complete silence on the other line and the man again said. “ Are the talks of the love birds over? Because now, it’s time for business.”

“How much do you want?” Jai asked. “I’ll give you anything but she should not be harmed. Do you understand that?”
“ It’s not up to you to tell me what I should do. If you don’t bring in the FBI and the media, I can assure you that she will be safe and no one will touch her.”

It was totally understandable that he would not want the FBI or media. In most cases, here in my case, speaking to the media can have some negative impact on the minds of the kidnappers. They may decide to raise the value or even prolong the negotiation process. It can also lead to hostage transfer, my transfer. I shuddered as all these thoughts passed through my mind. I needed to get a grip on myself if I had to survive this. Panicking was not going to lead me anywhere. I needed to calm down and think.

“I need 50 million rupees in cash.”

“Tell me where to meet you and I’ll come right now,” Jai said in a cold voice.
“No, we will meet tomorrow but I’ll tell you about the location and time later on.”

“Fine. I’ll be waiting with your cash and she should not be harmed at all. Don’t even touch her or I’ll bury you all.”
“ You give me my money and I’ll not even look at her.”
“ Fine.” He repeated in the same cold voice but then it became soft. “Can I talk to her for a minute?”

“Yes,” the kidnapper said and again approached me
“Don’t worry, Amu. They won’t touch you. Trust me; I will take you out of this tomorrow.”

“I trust you more than myself,” I replied with a slight smile. “I love you.”
But before he could reply, the phone line went dead.
The kidnapper must have hanged it up. But considering the time that he spoke, it must have more than five minutes, which would leave ample time for Jai to trace down their calls. I hope that he can.
There were all types of security at his house. He had shown and explained me their functions, taking all his time.
Later on, he had gifted me a watch and said that it was his first present to me. I can still feel the weight of the watch on my left wrist.

 But if the kidnapper had done some specific setting, then it would be difficult to trace the call.

“Make sure that she does not get any problem.” The first kidnapper ordered. It seemed like he was the leader.
“Yes.” Someone else replied. From their voice, I could clearly deduce that they were young, maybe between the age of twenty-five and thirty.

I heard footstep on a staircase. It must the first kidnapper. That gave me ideas for a plan to escape from here. The men were young, I was sure of that. I just needed to flirt with them to get what I wanted.
I moved my head a little and sighed. “Ouch.”
“ What happened?” someone asked. The question was definitely directed to me and I was satisfied that at least I got the attention of one of the captors.
“The blindfold is too tight on my eyes. It’s hurting me.”

 From the sound, I could tell that he was walking towards me. I again moved my head, feigning the right emotions as if the blindfold was really hurting me.
“Wear your masks,” he said to the others. I waited patiently and after some minutes, I could feel his hands on the blindfold. He took it off and I opened my eyes slowly. This was the second mistake that they did. The first was to tie me a bit loosely. Maybe if I tried, I could even release my hands but I had to wait for that. I did not know yet where I was. But all those mistakes made me understand that they were not professional kidnappers. Maybe, this was their first kidnap.

The in the room made my eyes water, considering that maybe I had been sleeping for long.
At last, the burning started to subside and I looked at my surroundings, again pretending that my eyes hurt a lot.
“Ouch,” I said again.
A pair of grey eyes bore into mine. The mask that he wore covered every part of his face except his eyes, nose, and mouth.
I batted my eyelashes at him, something I knew girls did for flirting with boys. But I had to take it slow. The man looked at me for another second and then tore his gaze from me.

I was still not sure that they would leave me alive after taking the ransom. Two other pairs of eyes looked at me intently. So after all, I was right.

There were three here and the leader must be upstairs or maybe went somewhere else. In all, four kidnappers were here.

Quickly, I scanned the surroundings, taking as much information as I could. It was a basement, a place where they usually kept hostages.

“Are you hungry?” he said, disturbing my focus. I nodded at him with a slight smile. He got up and headed to the small table where loads of food was kept.
I tried to gather my thoughts and looked around once again. There were just a table, some chairs, and a staircase that led upstairs.

Definitely, there must a door upstairs and I had to find the key. I looked at each man, from head to toes, but trying to make it look like I was checking them out.
I noticed the eyebrows of the man pulled together who was farthest from me and I pretended to look down in embarrassment as if I was shy.

The key must be with one of them; I just had to find it. The other man returned with my food and was about to give it to me. But he then glanced at my tied hands.

I don’t think that they would untie me and it was better that they did not do it. If they untie me, they would have to tie me again later on and then, I cannot be sure that it would be enough loose.

“Can you please feed me?” I asked with a seductive tone and I saw his lips parted slightly.
He removed the food-it was some sandwiches- from the plastic bag and put them gently to my mouth. I took a bite and everyone was looking at me.
I did not try to overdo it, in fear that they decide to rape me. I just had to become their friend. After eating, he gave me some water and I murmured. “Thank you Mr.-”
A smile turned up at his lips. “Mr. Sam,” he replied and I smiled at him.
“Thank you Mr. Sam.”
“ Call me Sam only.”
“ Sure Sam.”

He got up and went to sit near his friends. Again, I scanned my eyes everywhere, trying to find out about my whereabouts. There was only one window but I caught sign of something important outside. I got my location.
There was a board, which had written ‘Max Enterprise-12 kilometers away.”

That’s it. I got all the information that I needed. This was the third mistake of the kidnappers. They should not have brought me somewhere close. And even if they did, they should have covered the window with curtains or at least, threw black paint on it. Naive, stupid, and first time kidnappers.

“Max Enterprise was only one hour away from my house and I knew that once I got out from here, I could pass through the shortcut in the jungle to get to the main road. A police station was also on the main road.

I just had to be patient. When I heard the footsteps of someone else, I immediately closed my eyes. It will definitely look as if I was resting and was not causing any trouble.

Because from what I’ve figured out was that the leader-the one who was approaching me now-had to be very bossy and stern.

I kept my eyes closed even when I felt him closer to my chair. With the correct expression, I breathed in and out as if I was really sleeping.

“Who removed her blindfold?” he asked a bit angry but softly.
“Sam did that favor.”

“The blindfold was hurting her and Sir told us to keep her well,” Sam replied
Sir? Interesting. So someone else was their boss but he was as stupid as they were.
“Hush. She will hear us.”

“She won’t. She is sleeping since long,” Sam lied and I knew why. He was covering for his mistake and maybe for me too as he knew how much crabby the leader was.

“Did she eat?”

“Yes,” someone else replied. “Sam fed her with his own hands. You should have watched the two lovebirds. They were making a love nest there.”

“Shut up,” Sam said. “I am just following the orders of sir.”

“Let her sleep. Jim and Noah go to the house of Jai and keep a watch on him. If he informs the police, then we will have to kill her.”

Fear raced through me as me as he said that but I tried to keep my expression intact. A single reaction could give me away and I could not take that chance.

The two men went away and I was grateful. My escape would be easier now, considering that there were only two men. I just needed to find the keys, which would be with either Sam or the leader.

I passed the next few hours pretending to sleep but every sense of mine was focused on the talks of the two men. Listening to their point of view would definitely allow me to start a conversation and establish a rapport with them.

Sam was already out of the list because if there was someone who was the  most dangerous, then it was the leader.

After what seemed like two hours, I opened my eyes slowly and pretended to yawn. I needed to act now if I had to escape.

Two men were sitting on the chair and they shifted their gaze to me as soon as they heard me yawning.

The leader has a mask on like the others but he also had the keys. He wore it as a chain on his neck. How the hell will I remove that? Quickly, I looked around and searched for a weapon. It was a basement. Definitely, there must be something here. After scanning my eyes for some seconds, I finally caught sign of the knife and forks on the table. This is it.

I moved uncomfortably and they looked at me.

“Is there anything wrong?” Sam asked.
It was strange to hear that question from my kidnapper. I looked at him while the leader glared at us.

“I need to go to the toilet,” I said in a weak voice.

“Sam, take her and see that she does not show any smartness,” the leader commanded.
That was what I was going to do. Wait and watch.

Sam untied my hand first and then helped me to my feet.
I pretended to be weak and he caught me when I was about to fall.
“ She is weak,” he said to the leader. “Sir will kill us if something happens to her.”

That caught my attention. Was there no limit to their mistakes? One thing that I understood from this sentence was that they were not going to hurt me at all because they had to follow the orders of their boss. That gave me more courage. Even if I tried to escape, they will not hurt me. The worst thing that could happen was that they would just bring me back if I am caught.

“Give her something to eat.”

As per my plan, he toyed me towards the table and gave me some juice. I drank it and he asked. “Do you want something to eat?”

I shook my head. I had already eaten some hours ago and I was in excellent physical condition. That would help me to run.


He grabbed my hand as he walked me forward and at the nick of time, I took the knife and put it in my dress without him noticing once.

He led me upstairs carefully; definitely, he was trying his best not to let me get hurt. Even better, I thought. Taking me upstairs would allow me to have a rudimentary knowledge about the escape door.


I wondered if his boss was simply waiting for the ransom first or had something else in his mind.

He continued to pull me until we reached upstairs and I feigned the right emotions so that my intention was not given away. There were two wooden doors, one must be the toilet, and the other must be the special door, at least it was special for me. He led me to the right door and I opened it.

It did not smell as I thought. I looked around for a way of escape. The windows were sealed; at least they did something good for them but it was bad for me.

“Ouch. My hand?”
“ Are you okay, miss?” Sam called.
“I don’t know. I am having trouble with my dress.”

As expected, he said. “Can I help?”

“Yes, please.”
I opened the door slowly, already removing the cold metal, which had been hitting my breasts for seconds. Putting it behind my back, I was prepared to tear his flesh.

Sam cocked his head to the side, a smile spreading on his face as he studied me with intense eyes.

There was nothing wrong in that gaze; he was not looking at me in a wrong way but that did not erase my intention to hurt him.

If I had to escape at any cost, then I’d to act without caring about others.

When he was enough close to me, his hands trembled to even touch me.

 He murmured. “I can’t do this.”

“I am sorry Sam but I am helpless.”
He looked at me with confused eyes. “What?”

I took the knife and stabbed him in his leg but at the same time, I put my hands on his mouth to prevent him from screaming. He looked at me in horror and I knew that I just had a few seconds before he recovered and use his strength against me.

But I had stabbed him hard enough that he will stagger even if he decided to search me. Quickly, I took the blindfold, which was around my neck and put it on his mouth tightly. This will prevent him from screaming and not ruin my plan at the same time.

Luckily, he also had the rope, which he had taken in his hands so that he can tie me after I get down.
But it became useful to me. I tied him tightly to the commode and shut the door of the toilet slowly.

I walked very quietly and slowly down the stairs, without making a noise. The back of the leader was facing me and I took advantage of the situation.

With the knife in my hand, I pointed it in his direction. When I was enough close to him, he got a call.
“Yes,” he replied and I was still walking towards him. After a second, he murmured, shocked.

Then he turned to me and I stabbed him in his right leg. If I had to increase my chance of escaping, then I had to make sure that they don’t walk properly.

I would have an edge on them. They won’t be able to walk properly and I could run, assured with the fact that they would have minimal chances to catch me.

I was tall but slim and that gave me an advantage to him.

He looked at me furiously and tried to grab me but I slipped through his hands agilely. I was fast. It was a skill that I learnt from my father and it came useful today. He used to teach Rohan and me some martial arts skills.
Thank you Dad.


He screamed as I lunged for his other leg and stabbed him as hard as I could.
He yelled in agony and as I grabbed the chain around his neck, he tried to stop me.
He was still a strong person; I must not forget that.
I took my knife, ready to strike him one more time but he grabbed my hands hard.

The knife fell down but that did not stop me from attacking him. Releasing my right hand from him, I punched him in his jaw and he let go of my hands.
Quickly, I picked up the knife but this time, I lunged for his throat.
I was not going to kill him; I was not capable of that but I needed him to be afraid so that I can escape.

With the knife pressed against his throat, he looked at me fearfully and swallowed. Definitely, they did not think that a girl could be dangerous.
“Remove the chain and give it to me,” I said in a cold voice.

His hands trembled as he removed the chain and then flung it in the air. Maybe he expected me to catch it but I did not. That would have given him a chance to knock me down. He looked surprised when I did not pick the key up.
 I shot him a smile and with as much force as I could manage, I hit him on his head with the handle of the knife and knocked him out.

He fell on the ground with a heavy thud and I ran to pick up the key with relief. Finally, I did it. I did not smile again but lunged for the door.


After opening the door, I ran straight to the jungle.
It was maybe very late in the night and the darkness was making it a problem to see but I could not stop.

I had to escape before they come to search me.

Still being physically strong, I ran as fast as I could but I felt like I was going into circles. I won’t be able to get out of this jungle if I kept panicking. I was sure that I had run a long distance from them but still, I had to find the way.

I took a deep breath and looked around carefully. Give me courage, god.

I looked at the watch on my wrist and said sadly. “I wish that you were with me, Jai.”

There were only trees but then I caught sign of a board.
I smiled on seeing that. After all, I was on the right track. I continued to run until I dashed with someone. His weight caused me to fall on the ground but I held the knife in my hand tightly as I lunged for his arms.

But, he caught me and said. “Amisha?”

I made myself look at the person and he was staring at me with a worried expression.
“Neil,” I breathed and as I loosened my grip on the knife, he released my hand.
“Oh my god, what happened to you? Why do you have a knife with you?”

He took the knife from me and I did not protest. At least, I would find the way now.
“Take me home Neil,” I pleaded.
I was tired.
“I will,” he replied.

But then some other people came and they were the same kidnappers. They still had their masks on. How did they arrive here?
I thought that I came a safe distance from them.
“ They had kidnapped me.” I said to Neil and he looked at them furiously.
The two men hung their head in front of Neil and one said. “I am sorry sir but she tricked us and escaped.”


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