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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Chapter 14

The next few days were very hectic as everyone was busy in the wedding preparations.Maybe the only person who was happier than me and Aaron was Esme.Just a minute after we both announced that we were going to get married,she started to prepare for the big day,not that we minded.
Aaron seemed to be more at peace with his family members now except Rose of course who was sulking.
And it resulted in Esme thanking me a million times though I kept telling her that Aaron really forgave them and I had put the least bit of effort. It was amazing to see how his relationship with the family members had improved.Aaron still did not talk to Rose much but at least did not insult her anymore.I think he was trying to keep Jack happy.
All his pain was gone and I was aware that he would never talk about his sad past again.

Almost all days,I would be with Esme in the hall or in her room to discuss about the way I wanted the marriage to be.Aaron does not complain at all when I do not come to office or sometimes went to my house.
He knew what I was doing.I was spending as much time with them as possible as we would be leaving soon.

Since the day we made that decision,we knew that we were going to miss everyone here and there would be very rare times when I would start to think about leaving. But we were afraid of one thing.We did not tell anyone that we would leave soon.Aaron and I decided that we would leave after the wedding but did not know how to break this news to our families yet.Yet!
They would be heartbroken definitely but we had no choice.We had to do it.But at the same time,their happiness counted for both of us and we did not want to ruin it at present by telling them about our departure.So we said that we would tell them on the wedding day.

I won’t deny that I would miss everything,this house,my bedroom,my family,Jacob,Aaron’s family,the business,office,Paul and even the servants.I had formed a bond with all of them,and so it would be diffcult to let go of these things.

Whenever I start to think about it,I get worried.So I tried to concentrate more on the time with my family instead of worrying over unnecessary things.

Then there was that one night in our bedroom when Aaron had tried to convince me that it was not necessary to leave if I was sad.But I do not regret leaving,not even a bit.I would do anything for the people that I loved and finally after arguing with him for a long time,he agreed with me.

Esme bought many clothes and jewelleries for me again.Again!
But Aaron did not.He remembered his promise well and teased me that he could not be blamed if Esme decided to buy them for me.But something told me that Aaron was the source of this,he must have himself told his mother to buy these things for me since he was bound by my promise.
I had sighed and knew that how much I refused,Aaron won’t be able to resist buying me things.It was his habit and a way of showing his love.

Aaron wanted the wedding to be as my taste and choice and this time I would really wear a white dress.He even insisted that he would go with us to buy the dress but both Esme and I forced him to go to office as the groom cannot see it till the D day.
Aaron did not believe in all these things but he did not argue with me when I told him this.He went to office without insisting once.

Was I happy?I did not know if that was the proper word to use.Because the way I was feeling was beyond happiness.A smile would played automatically on my face all the day and Aaron even teased me about it.
He touched my shoulder and said. “Wife,I am worried.”
Immediately I asked. “Why?”

Then a playful glint appeared in his eyes. “You are smiling all day long.I am afraid that you are going mad.So please while going to Caroline’s place, visit a psychiatrist.”

I crossed my arms. “Are you talking about the same psychiatrist where you get yourself treated?”
He looked at me,fighting a smile. “I don’t smile all day long without reasons.”
“But I do have reasons.”,I said,putting my hand around his shoulder.
He stared into my eyes. “Like what?”
“Like being with you.”

He did not fight the next smile but said anyway.“I still think you should visit the doctor.”
“You should come with me then.One check up free.”
And then we both had laughed.

Sometimes I realize that Aaron was still full of secrets.It’s not that he did not tell me everything about him but the more I stay with him,the more I get to see new sides of him.Sides which I never thought to see in Aaron Wright.

It was a Friday when I brought tea in our bedroom and he was with the lawyer.At first I did not know what he was doing.Probably it was some legal matters or office matters,I concluded.

But then as I put the tray on the table,I heard the name of my parents being mentioned.The lawyer was reading some papers and I stared blankly.
“10 billion dollars would go to Caroline and Billy Hall.”,the lawyer read.
On seeing me,Aaron became worried.From his facial expression,it was clear that he did not want me to hear what the lawyer was saying.
He lifted his hand up and said to the lawyer. “We’ll discuss it in my office tomorrow.”
But I’d already understand his purpose.He was writing his will.He was transferring his money to the people that he loved.

“No.I want to hear.Read it.”,I said to the lawyer and he stared at Aaron.
Aaron finally nodded and the lawyer continued.
“So,10 billion dollars to Billy and Caroline Hall,10 billion dollars to Carl and Esme Wright,10 billion dollars to Jack and Rose Wright,5 billion dollars to Paul Wilson,5 billion dollars to the orphanages and 10 billion dollars to Aaron and Alicia Wright.”

He finished reading the will and Aaron was looking at me worried.I did not say anything.I just did not want to cry.Can someone be so good for me?
At last the lawyer went and after some minutes of silence,Aaron himself took the cup of tea from the tray and teased, “Are you practising from now on wife?”

He wanted to distract me but he did not succeed much. “What do you mean?”

“When we will leave everything,then it’s you who will have to bring tea for me.”

Normally I would have tell him that it’s him who would cook when we leave.But I simply nodded,not really in the mood of joking at the moment.I got up and he caught my hand.
“I am sorry Alicia.I did not want you to hear all that.I thought that you were with Esme in her room.”

I looked at him surprised.He was feeling guilty that I heard that he was transferring a good amount of his money to my family?Really?

Should he feel guilty or should I?
He was protecting my family and also ensuring their happiness in terms of finance.Okay,he had promised at one time but that promise did not include him donating his money.
And he was feeling guilty?Guilty?
“Why?”,I simply said.
“I knew that you would not like me giving them this money.I-”
I put a finger on his lips. “You are really impossible Aaron.It’s me who should feel guilty that you are giving the money to my family.”

He frowned. “You are not mad.”

“No.I am…”,I searched for the right word but finally gave up. “I am not mad.”
“Thank you.By the way,is 10 billion dollars enough for us or should I tell the lawyer to change the wil?I mean that you can still make some changes if you want of course?”,he said worried.
I kissed him and murmured. “I don’t care how much you are taking with us because I already have the most precious thing.”
I gazed at him. “You.”
He gave me a full smile and kissed my forhead.Something which he does a lot nowadays.
“Come.”,he said,holding my hands and leading me towards the door.

It was already four in the afternoon.Where would he take me at this time?

“It’s a surprise.”,he simply said.

We talked a lot as he drove his car and I urged him to tell me about the surprise.But he just laughed and told me to have some patience and I had no choice but to obey him.
Finally after a ride of five hours,he stopped the car.I think I almost fell asleep but when Aaron touched my hand,my eyes fluttered open.
He opened the door for me and before I could even put my feet on the ground,he scooped me up in his arms and I stared at him in amazement.
It was not the first time he was holding me in his arms.He had done it on several occasions and almost all nights before putting me on the bed.But this was different.He was carrying me in his arms in public.The few people that were nearby just stared,simply out of curiosity maybe.

Both Aaron and I did not pay them much attention as he carried me inside.He had a smile on his face and again that electricity passed through us when we would touch each other.

When I looked at our surroundings or preferably the house where he was carrying me in,I could only make out that it was a bungalow.Perhaps it was a place of his friend or eventhe house of a client,I initially concluded.But this assumption was absurb.Why would Aaron drive five hours from home till here just for a client or a friend?

It was people who come to him.He does not go to them at any cost.That was Aaron Wright.And besides,he said that it was a surprise for me.So I just suppressed my curiosity and decided that I would wait till he tells me about it himself.

He managed to open the door with a hand while still holding me and I teased, “Why all these procedure?”

Procedure?”,he asked,raising an eyebrow.
I shrugged. “Tradition,custom,ritual,ceremony or whatever the correct name is.”

He laughed and led me inside and as he switched onthe light,he put me down.
I scanned the house.It was definitely big,but not as huge as ‘Aaron Mansion’.
It was so beautifully decorated and I was surprised when I saw that the walls were all painted in my favorite color(white) and it had been decorated as I would like my own house to be.
I glanced at Aaron for a clue but he was simply looking at me.At last he said,“Welcome to our new house.”

Surprise washed over me as I realized the meaning of his words.Our house.This was our house?Quickly I again glanced at the entire house and questions started to flow into my mind.When did he buy it?
He must even have ordered the interior designer to decorate it as my choice.
“Do you like it?”,he asked anxiously.

He was looking at me with a worried expression.Of course I loved it.How could he doubt that?Our house!
“I love it.”,I informed and watched the happy smile stretched on his face again.
“And this place is not far from our family.You don’t need to be sad at all now.We would visit them a lot.”
I nodded with deep satisfaction. “When did you do all these things?”
He lifted his chin and adjusted his collar in arrogance and I smiled at his act. “Nothing is impossible for Aaron Wright love.You of all people must know that.”

I chuckled, “Right.Won’t you show me the house?”


Aaron led me through many rooms.They were all beautiful especially our bedroom.But this time,it was our portrait who was on the wall near the bed.We were both smiling and holding each other in it.
It was so beautifully painted that I kept staring at it for some minutes.Aaron was truly gifted.
“It’s so beautiful.”,I murmured to him.He simply gazed at the portrait and maybe was lost in some thoughts.
After a minute,I asked. “What are you thinking?”

He hesitated but then met my eyes. “I wonder if I’ll be able to give you the same life here as in ‘Aaron’s Mansion’?”
I took his hand and kissed it. “As long as we are together,I don’t care what type of life I am living.But being with you,I know that it would be the same beautiful life.”

He nodded thoughtfully and I pulled him out of our future bedroom. “Come on,you need to show me the rest of the house.”

Finally,we were in the last room and I stared at everything in it.It was unusual and after a moment,I knew the reason.
“This will be the room of our first child.”
He hugged me from behind and I blushed of course.Since we got married,I never even thought about children.I loved them but never planned for it.But apparently Aaron did.
“Alicia,I want three kids.”,he murmured and I blushed further.Thank god,he was not seeing my face right now.He would have definitely teased me about it.
“Two girls and one boy.They should all get your good looks…”

Hah!As if he was not the most handsome and hot man on earth!But I did not say anything but simply listened and marvelled over his words.
He continued. “…but they should be arrogant and rule the world like me.”

I smiled at that. “But they should not be too arrogant.”
“No.”,he agreed. “Just a little.”

“But don’t you think that three are too much?”,I argued with a playful smile.If I had ever planned for children,I would have only wanted two.
He answered after a moment. “You should be thankful to me.”

“For what?”
“That I only asked for three children.I was planning some twelve.”,he teased and I gasped.
Twelve?Seriously?Out of fashion.
“What?”,I said.
He nodded. “But then I realize that you would be in pain and so I settled for three only.”

I grinned and hetightened his hands around me. “Haha.Very thoughtful.”

He did not acknowledge the joke but said instead, “We would give them loads of love and if possible,we would spoil them badly.”

Of course Aaron would not want his children to be deprieved of love and affection like him.His concern was totally understandable.
I nodded.

“I can’t wait for this beautiful future.”,I said affectionately with a hinge of emotions.Just one week remained and we would be here.
“Me too.”

He released me and I turned to look at him.He cupped my face in his hand and kissed me.But as the kiss became deep, we both tightened our hands around each other.His hands slid along the lengh of my arms and I shivered with his touch.He always had this effect on me.
For one moment,I thought that today we would do it but he released me after some minutes.

I wonder what was wrong with us having sex before marriage?Correction before being married traditionally.We were already a married couple.
Today I needed to ask him this. “Why can’t you-I mean why can’t we sleep together before the wedding?”

He looked at me with a serious expression. “Did I hurt you?”,he asked it.
I considered it.Would he agree to it if I lied?But I was not hurt;I was just confused and maybe desperate.
No,desperate was not the proper word.I just wanted to touch him and keep doing that.It was a necessity for me.This longing had been in me since I’d realized that I love him.I wanted to touch him,to feel him and more importantly was to make him mine forever.Sometimes I just can’t understand how he can resist all these feelings or desires.
How can he resist that burning inside us which makes us keep kissing each other?There was a lot of times when I thought that today was the day when I was going to lose my virginity but he would always control his emotions and it did irritate me.
“No.”,I replied. “I don’t just understand why you hesitate?”
He hugged me.“Because of my morals.I know that I don’t look like it but I am very traditional Alicia.Granny taught me that and we would go ahead with our relationship when we are properly married.One week is not too long.”
I smiled at the reason. “Okay then.”

We stayed like that for some seconds and then he said, “We need to go home.”

I pulled myself away from him,hating this act.I could tell that he also did not want to leave me but we had to go.We still had the night.

We kissed some more times and finally stepped out of the house.We held hands as we walked till the car and Aaron opened the door for me as usual.

Then something changed.My nighmare and biggest fear came true right there.

One moment Aaron was looking at me and the next one, he was onthe ground,lying in a pool of blood.I screamed as loud as I could as I realize that the blood was spurting from his heart.He has been shot.




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