Indestructible: Nova

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A hero is born.


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Submitted: June 26, 2012




"As much as people might not like to admit it or try to repress it, conflict is a fundamental element of human nature. Of your nature. Even mine... Anonymity brings that element of conflict to the surface. It corrupts. Turns good people horrible and horrible people into something unspeakable."

-Jon Graham


What is it today? The month of October, where the leaves fall and the cold winter will eventually creep over the darkened hearts of the people in cities across the world. AWinter that never seemed to fade and a Spring that never seemed to warm.I remember a time when each Spring would bring hope to every man, woman, and child. A hope that the power will balance, and death will no longer be a part of everyday life. But, Winter never ended and the peoples spirits frozelike the ice on a windowsill.

But today is no ordinary day! It seems something special is born. Someone strong has opened his eyes. Someone brave has taken the challenge of life.

The doctor held the young child in his hands and looked at him as he cried. The lights were to bright for his sensitive eyes and the rubber gloves he wore were to rough for the soft skin. The doctor cleaned off the infant with a small soft towel and handed the young boy to his father who, in fact, seemed to be most uneasy and looked as though he wanted to faint. The father took the boy in his arms and held him close. The infants panic began to calm.

His mother lay tiredly in her bed with a slight amount of impatience. The father brought the boy to his mother and she held him with loving embrace. After looking into her new born sons eyes, she looked to her husband. Both looked into eachother in happiness and sorrow. They had given birth to a young healthy boy, but brought him into the worst world. They looked at their son, somehow knowing, he would be strong. And with high hopes he can make a difference. Expectationsthat no parent seemed to have over their children anymore.

A short time passed, the room was cleared and the young boy was taken to get vaccinations. A few shots with new medicines used to prevent flus and infections.

The doctor opened up a cabinet with a few vials of brand new medicines. All of which are still in experimental stages. The doctor glided his hand over each label and read carefully on each one, until he found a vial with a bright orange label and no text.

"Here we are!" The doctor said aloud to the young boy who lay on a tiny softened table crying, as if he could understand. He lifted the vial and a nearby syringe. Filled the syringe with the standard amount of vaccination for a child as young as this boy. The medicine was a new breakthrough, a medicine that completely boosts the human immune system. When a person had some form of infection or disease, his body, with the aid of this new vaccine, would stop production of the infected cells and reproduce clean cells.The infected cells will be eliminated by the bodys heat, a new defence that this medicine willproduce.This vaccine has only been tested on four infants this month, this boy will be the fifth. If this vaccination works, then this child will be very lucky to have it given to him.

"One last one, then we can let you rest, little one." The doctor said to the crying boy, then injected him with the needle and gave him a 'revolutionary breakthrough in modern day science'.


The school bell rang, signaling the everyday lunch period. All the classroom doors burst open and the students herded into the hallways, shuffling their feet like penguins. I’m always the last to leave my class; it isn’t uncommon for someone to trip in the stampede of anorexic teenagers.

I lifted my black backpack from the floor and slung it around my shoulder. I began walking towards the front of the classroom and stopped to look at the clock. It read “12:36 p.m.”; normally I would step out of the classroom to be greeted by my good friend Manny Connors. We’ve been best friends since middle school and we got each other’s back if the other was in any trouble, but, unfortunately, today Manny has lunch detention for talking back and insulting the teacher. So I need to walk to the halls and find the other members of my group alone, which makes me an easy kill for the common lowlife.

I poked my head out the door and looked into the crowd of colorfully clothed people. I seem to be one of the few people here who wear primarily black. I’m sure the largest prick in this school is on the hunt today, searching for anyone who stands out from the crowd. I pulled off my black hoodie, only to reveal my black t-shirt. The shirt had an image of the main character of one of my favored video game characters on it, that color should blend me in perfectly with the environment. I walked along, holding my head up high, as always, and with a stride much faster than the other students.

I turned a corner; two of my other trusted friends stood together, Matthew Kennedy and Joe Carter, looking back at me. I took a step toward their direction, but their facial expressions turned from calm to distress. The signaled in a direction to my left and I looked. I found a leather coated douche-bag, sitting on a table top harassing some girls with hopes of ‘scoring’.

“Fantastic…” I sighed. The leather-douche’s name is Spike, well not really, but everyone calls him that. He enjoys picking on the weak and beating me into next week, he’s been on this routine for two years now. He usually takes time out of his busy schedule of picking on freshmen to kick my ass whenever he sees me, and the only reason he sees me is because I walk in plain sight. I look to the girls he’s talking to.

“I can’t let him torture those girls.” I thought to myself. But I’ll probably get punched into a coma. I took a moment to think to myself, and, surely enough, a little idea popped into my head.

I adjusted my backpack, took a deep breath, and confidently walked forward. The distance between my enemy and I shrunk, and the closer I got, the slower time seemed to progress. As I closed in on Spike’s position I was able to make out the two girls Spike was talking to. Violet Brookestone and Katie something. I can never seem to remember Katie’s last name.

Violet had long black hair with blue highlights in them; she usually kept her long hair in a ponytail with bang that completely covers her left eye. And Katie had a fiery angled bob cut. Violet is very quiet, but the smartest person I’ve ever seen, besides myself of course. Katie seemed smart as well, and everybody knows who Katie is, she has quite the sense of fashion, and likes to talk without it getting annoying. Both are very pretty girls, I never talk to them, but if I did I’m sure I’d choke.

Neither of the two seemed happy with Spike’s presence, especially after I clearly heard the word “bitch” in his sentence. Violet’s expression turned to disgust at the sound of it, and Katie was fuming. And before I knew it, I was walking right in front of the beast. My heart skipped a few beats.

“Hey there, Spikey.” I said and continued walking off. I didn’t look back and continued my path towards Matthew and Joe. Their expressions were in shock.

“Hey, Kevin. I guess you’ve decided to end your pathetic life, huh?” Matthew greeted on my arrival.

“I thought you were going to piss yourself.” Joe continued, “What made you want to walk right in his line of sight?”

“Nice to see you, too.” I replied. “Spikey over there was hitting on two girls by calling them bitches. I obviously couldn’t let that slide.” Matthew and Joe looked in confusion.

I sighed. “Spike has some strange idea that he’s my greatest fear. In walking right in front of him and greeting him, he’ll be sitting there for a good fifteen minutes, staring off into space, wondering if that was actually me, and why would I say ‘hey’ in the face of death.”

“Oh, well now it all makes sense now!” Matthew announced sarcastically.

I laughed in response and turned back to Spike, who sat dazed and confused, just as I thought he would. I looked to Violet and Katie whose eyes were on me and smiles on their faces. Katie mouthed out the words “Thank you”, I’m guessing they understood my plan and were grateful of my suicidal intervention. I smiled back at them, and returned my attention to Matthew and Joe.

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