The Fire Witch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

First Chapter of the Novel. It introduces the main character as demon attempts to kidnap her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fire Witch

Submitted: December 04, 2010

Reads: 312

Comments: 5

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



Chapter 1
Heavy rain pounded the trees and ground. The saturated earth left pools of water reflecting an inky night’s sky. Lightening struck tree limbs with vicious blasts of energy, sending them crashing to the ground to sizzle in the water. The sound of the thunder immediately following could drown out the sound of a train crash. Howling wind pushed trees violently side to side. Every shadow in the darkness mirrored the motion, except one.
To the average person the shadow would have been invisible in the night. The small, black cloaked, figure moved smoothly through the trees. It was as fast as any animal that dwelled within the woods. It never ventured out of the darkest places. When a flash of lightening illuminated the night, the shadow disappeared. When the light dissipated the shadow would continue moving again.
The shadow was short, thin and wispy. As the cloak moved in the wind, it appeared that the shade inside moved with it. There were no distinguishing features. It only appeared as though a shadow held the cloak up. Yet, the appearance was just a deception. The demon inside the cloak was more disturbing. Its present appearance was just an illusion cast by the creature’s master. The combination of the illusion and the storm would help insure the beast was able to carry out tonight’s assignment.
It was three in the morning, the best time for a hunt. The creature’s master had said that the storm would last until dawn. The master was never wrong about such things. And so the being was confident it had more than enough time. It was already close to its target. It could feel her energy more with every step. Still, the creature had to keep a hurried pace, because its enemies would likely be rushing to meet it.
The threat of meeting an adversary would normally thrill the beast. It loved nothing more than a bloody fight. It took pleasure in causing pain. Other’s fear made it strong. It fed off misery and lived for death. But, tonight it had a need for stealth. The shadowy illusion that had been cast upon him was sapping his strength. His master had not donated any of his own power for the spell. The act of selfishness was typical of the cruel man.
Getting near, the energy of the target began to burn the creature with its intensity. It had been no problem following the traces of energy. But now, being so close, the energy hit the demon like solar flares. The trees were thinning out. The small forest that had provided cover was giving way to long dry grass. It slowed down to a stop before coming out into a clearing. Crouched low at the last trees, it began searching for life before making its next move. It had to concentrate to feel anything besides the overwhelming power coming from its objective. It closed itself off from the visual world completely to better focus on its sixth sense.
It felt faint energies from a group of deer back the way he came. He could barely feel the presence of two humans shortly separated from the target. He felt a raccoon somewhere nearby that was possibly hiding from the storm, or more likely, from the monster under the cloak. The beast became frustrated with the lack of clarity from its sense of energy. It could usually feel thousands of insects around him. However, the raw energy from his target was making it difficult to focus. In sheer force, it rivaled the power of the storm that was punishing the surrounding landscape. Nonetheless, even with a limited sense, it seemed to the shadow that the coast was clear.
It was time to take advantage of the spell. The beast’s black cloak fell to its feet, at least where its feet would have been. Instead, all that could be seen was a thick deathly black shadow. When it moved it then looked more like a deadly black smoke gently moving upward. It moved with the wind for a moment beside the tree line before lowering down and crawling along the ground. Without the cloak the rain fell through the black smog as it would any other smoke. This was an entirely unpleasant feeling for the beast. Wind would blow wisps of it away but there always seemed to be more smoke rising to replace it. Dirt, sticks and rocks moved and crunched beneath it as though the smoke had weight. No noise stood out however, thanks to the deafening storm.
As the smoke continued on slowly and carefully through the high grass of the clearing, it began observing the house of the target. The house was large and covered with bricks. A black road ran past the house which would continue to make the black shadow nearly invisible. A flooded ditch ran on each side of the road trying in vain to keep the street from flooding.
Branching off the road, a long gravel driveway led up to the right side of the target’s home. An old red truck, a like-new blue van, and a small beat up white car were parked on the gravel as they took a beating from the weather. The creature paid little notice of the vehicles other than the white car. The Master had said the model was called a Cavalier. That was a possession of the target. The target might try to use it if she tried to escape.
After the black smoke floated over the road and through the flooded ditch, it sped up its pace to get across the large front lawn quickly. When the creature came up beside the house, it felt the surrounding energy to insure that it had not attracted attention. It couldn’t feel anything other than the slight energy of the raccoon. The coast was clear. It hugged the wall of the house as it edged away from the cars. It would glide on toward the back. The heavy rain pounded loudly on the shingled roof, which pleased the creature because of the extra concealment provided.
When the black fog turned the corner to the left side of the house, the intensity of the targets energy forced the ambiguous figure to hesitate. As the creature looked up, it saw two windows. The window closest was completely dark. Farther down the side of the house there was a faint light coming through the other window. That was the room holding the energy. After sliding along the ground close to the brick wall to the window, the smoke began to rise back off the ground. It lifted just high enough to peer through the window.
The creature was dimly aware of the light coming from two square screens in the room, both of which, its master had used before. One was a television, the other was a computer. Yet, the beast’s focus weren’t given the chance to stray from the energy for long enough to notice anything else.
The beast was attracted like a magnet to the girl lying in bed. By human standards she would have been considered pleasant. She was just older than the age of adulthood. Her hair was long, curly, and auburn with fiery red highlights. And even hidden underneath thick blankets, she was clearly athletic. Yet, the beauty of the girl went unnoticed to the deathly smoke; it only noticed the power that the girl emanated.

 As the creature looked, it was apparent the girl was dreaming. She was violently shaking her head from side to side. Her incomprehensible sounds came from her mouth as she seemed to struggle against some part of her imagination. The irony of the situation amused the demon; she would soon wake to something more frightening than her worst nightmare. The creature would have laughed if it was able.
Then, a wave of energy flashed over the smoke. The girl’s energy had already been pouring toward the smog already. But this wave was stronger. The blast felt electric and blinded its senses completely. The smoky figure fluttered. The fiend was forced to refocus its own energy on the illusion; it barely held onto the spell. The power that the fiend had just felt reminded the beast of its master.
The fiend stared at the girl again. Her dream had gotten even more intense. She was almost convulsing, but her hair and undertaken an impressive change. Her bright red highlights were smoldering. Moisture was being pulled from the atmosphere and steaming around her. With another wave of energy her face flushed red, and her highlights began to start glowing. Most of her highlights continued to glow red, but a few began to change colors to orange and yellow. The fiend felt dull pain that pushed its way into its mind. For a moment there was doubt.
But, as suddenly as the wave came, it was gone. The girl visibly relaxed and resettled into peaceful sleep. The monster watching now looked less like smoke and more like thick black clouds. If it is possible for smoke to look tense, this smoke did. The girl was dangerous. The creature wondered whether she had done anything like that while conscious. She had to be dealt with immediately. Its master had wanted the girl taken alive. However, after what it had just seen, its master would understand if she were killed. She was simply too great a threat.

The creature resumed its trek toward the back of the house. It flowed through a wooden fence as if it were not there. The back yard had thick, recently cut grass. A rusty old tool shed sat directly behind the house to the smoke’s left. Other than that the yard was empty. Once secure in the back yard, it tried again to sweep for any energy of life, but the energy of the girl in the house was all consuming. The beast couldn’t even feel the energy of the girl’s parents anymore. The fiend decided that it would find and kill the girl’s parents quickly first. It would be quick and silent. Plus, the fiend didn’t want to be interrupted if the struggle with the girl got noisy.
At the back door, the smoky figure was pleased to discover a long thin crack at the bottom of the doorframe that would allow the inky fumes to seep in. As the smoke began to disappear into the crack to the right of the door, the storm’s wind began to whisper in the night. The creature quickly scanned for energy, but again couldn’t feel anything other than that of the girl. With half of the smoke already inside, the whisper in the wind began to get noticeably louder. The wind began resisting the black fog, pulling it back. The smoke fought the wind to get past the door. The wind continued to pick up. As the fiend fought what were near gale force winds, it heard someone howling in the wind, pleading with the wind to cooperate. The smoke began to lose ground. It was being sucked out of the house as if someone was holding a vacuum behind it. It felt as if it might be ripped in half. Although missing a visible mouth the smoke found a way to growl. It finally gave up the fight and the rest of its black hazy mass was abruptly sucked out of the house.
Angry and weakened from both the smoke spell and its struggle with the wind, the fiend turned its attention expectantly to the intruder. A tall boy with shaggy brown hair hanging into his blue eyes stood beside the old gray tool shed. The boy was physically mature, but still young. He was in simple clothing: black boots, blue jeans and a black hoodie. He was completely soaked and rain continued to batter him and his hair was ruffled from the diminishing wind. He was holding onto a long staff that was planted in the mud. He was smiling, pleased with himself.
But the fiend fed on fear. It, like any predator, had a skill to sense its next meal. It had the ability to taste fear in the air the way a shark tastes blood in water. And this young man was hiding trepidation behind the confident smile.
The smoky figure looked around the back yard. This was not the wizard that it had expected. In fact, the demon was excited to see this foe. Even in its weakened state it wouldn’t be too much trouble to crush this youth. Then it would be able to proceed to the girl. None the less, even against this week child, the demon decided to rid itself of the power consuming illusion. Dropping the vial of smoke was as easy as not thinking about it and cutting off the spells energy supply.
The black fog began to condense. The body started growing from the ground up. Inky smoke hardened into flesh, muscles, and a gleaming black shell. Six long spider-like legs formed first. Each leg was thin and bowed half way up making a kind of joint. Four of the legs were connected to the base of the torso, which resembled a large oval spider abdomen, covered in thick bristled black hairs. The hair that covered its body looked like it had been spiked up with too much hair gel.
Stretching past the thick spider abdomen, the other two grounded legs attached to a quickly appearing thorax. The thorax looked like multiple human bodybuilder chests one on top of another, only covered with a black lobster shell; it was long thick and also covered in the black spider hair. At what could be called its shoulders, two more limbs materialized. The two arms formed matched the massive chests. The human arms were the shortest of the eight limbs, only stretching just over three feet long a piece. All the other spider legs extended at least four.
The head was a freakish combination of spider and human. Like the rest of the beast, it was huge. It had six small beady black eyes forming the corners of two triangles at each side of its head. Its hair grew very long at the top of the head and beard, and then nearly faded completely on the rest of the face. Its nose was small and its mouth was disturbingly wide, literally ear to ear. Although disturbing, it would have been possible for the face to pass as human, if not for the two enormous fangs jutting out from just under the top lip. Behind fangs the size of butcher knives, the horrible spider-man was smiling.
With the true appearance of the fiend, the boy’s signs of confidence vanished. He had his staff in both hands, staring wide eyed. The demon that stood in front of him was over eight feet tall. It was completely covered in a natural black armor that could only be seen where the hair was thin, its human parts. Its shiny black arms, chest, and face reflected any trace of light. In fear, the boy started mouthing inaudible words as he attempted to draw power.
The monster lifted up each massive arm to look at its powerful hands as if ensuring they had made it through the spell intact. It then opened its mouth and licked its fangs. It then snapped its jaw hard to act out stabbing fangs into imagined prey. The young man took the opportunity and unleashed his spell. He raised his staff high into the air and shouted his request for lightning. All of the boy’s hair stood up on end. Time slowed down to a crawl for a moment. Then, suddenly, lightening cracked down. It connected with the demon engulfing its bulbous abdomen, pounding it down into the earth. The monster bellowed in pain as the thunder shook the ground until the creature lay silent.
The youth slumped, weakened. It was the most energy he had ever used in a spell. But compelled by fear, he raised his staff and began whispering again. The monster wasn’t moving as steam rose off its black body. The boy waited, but still nothing. He smiled to himself. He began a new chant, one for a holding spell, as he slowly walked toward the creature. He closed the distance to within yards. The creature wasn’t breathing. Relief spread through him. He allowed himself to relax a little.
Then as fast as the lightening that had struck it, the demon sprang. The youth had known that demons were resistant to magic. But, after having put nearly all his energy into the spell and connecting perfectly, the boy couldn’t have imagined that the beast survived unscathed. The demon covered fifteen feet in one leap. By reflex, the young man quickly repositioned his staff with a wide defensive grip with a vain hope that it would keep the beast at bay.
As the fiend landed, the two front human limbs latched onto the staff while the other six spider legs hit the young man slamming him into the ground. The beast laid its heavy abdomen on top of the boy crushing the breath out of him. The boy didn’t even have enough breath left to scream. The demon’s long barbed hairs stuck into the entire torso of the young wizard. He could feel some of the thorn like hairs breaking off into his skin.
Using its unholy strength the demon slowly pressed the staff down on the man throat despite the young man fighting with all his strength. As the man suffered he looked at the freakish face and knew the demon was dragging out the punishment for its own enjoyment. Even though the beast knew he had another job to do, he couldn’t resist milking the boy’s fear for all it was worth. The storm raged on as the demon leaned its head down slowly, venom collecting at the tips of its long hollowed fangs.
Just as the spider began to put enough weight onto the staff to crush the man’s windpipe, there was a crack. The monster reared up. Just enough weight released the man’s neck and chest for him to breathe. He looked up just in time to see a powerful gust of wind carrying dirt, leaves, rocks and branches. From that direction a rock the size of a bowling ball connected with the left side of the demon’s head. The wind shifted and the monster took another shot from an even larger rock from behind. The wind intensified, swirling, becoming like a small tornado as debris hammered the monster.
The beast leaped completely away from man on the ground and confusedly tried to look in all directions at once. It closed off its senses as it searched for energy, already knowing what it would find. The young man got up quickly, using the distraction to get away. He raced backward toward the tool shed that was now being shaken by the wind.
In an unthinking rage, the monster gave chase, while avoiding stray objects being thrown by intense storm. The boy ran past the tool shed and out of sight. The beast covered ground with incredible speed; its six running legs were a blur. The monster turned the corner, saw the boy and leapt. Just before the boy was in its arms, the beast slammed into an invisible wall. The demon crumpled under its own weight.
As it looked back up, the beast came to a realization; it had been careless. The constant flow of energy coming from its target had hidden the arrival of another wizard. Now an older man stood beside the young man. He had a long black cloak and his own old bent staff. He had short graying black hair and groomed beard. This was the wizard the creature had expected to see when it was sucked out of the house. The beast let out a deep rumbling hiss. The old wizard’s only reaction was to point his wand and fire a jet of flames that enveloped the demon. The monster let out a deep scream of pain as it twisted and leaped back away from the shed. It headed toward the back door of the house in a last ditch effort to get to the girl.
As the creature neared the door, flames rose before it. The beast hesitated for just a moment before the enchanted fire. But a moment was all the old man needed as he summoned a gigantic bolt of lightning, many times larger than the one the beast had been struck with before. The creature was hammered to the ground again, but this time didn’t waste time feigning death. Being resistant to magic wasn’t enough protection against this wizard. The old man was skilled enough to trap demons and strong enough to kill one if given time. The gigantic spider got back up quickly. It rounded the corner to the side of the house, lowering its shoulder as it smashed through the fence. It paused at the girl’s window. The lightening had nearly woke her up. Footsteps were close behind. There was no time. The demon left the window behind and raced back toward its cloak in the tree line, no longer concerned with stealth.
The two wizards tried to follow but they were no match for the fiend’s speed. They got to the side of the house in time to see the demon across the street near the tree line. It shook something out of a cloak. In a flash of light that lit up the sky the demon was gone. It was the last trick the master had prepared so that the beast would be able to grab the girl and get out quickly. The demon’s master would be very disappointed that the girl hadn’t been captured. The beast’s night had turned out badly but there would be much more severe punishment before the night was over.
The two men stared after the monster for a moment before walking over to the girl’s window. They both glanced in for a moment to insure she was still okay. She was rolling uncomfortably in her sleep, but was fine otherwise. They turned away. The old man muttered something about the fence. The young man raised his wand, turning it slowly and speaking softly. The pieces of the fence shook on the ground before rising slowly. They floated into place fitting together like a puzzle. The youth smiled and turned to look at the older man, and fence fell back into pieces. The old man glanced back at the window. The girl was waking up. He spoke a few words, quickly waived his wand and the all the pieces flew back in place. They mended perfectly, as if nothing had happened, and stuck for good.
Inside the house, the girl with auburn hair woke up startled. Her dream had seemed so real. She thought she had heard yelling, loud crashing sounds, and the sound of voices outside her window. She got out of bed wearing her white pajamas that had red hearts all over them, a gift from her parents. She slipped on her matching slippers. She looked at herself in the mirror on her wall. She thought she looked like a dork, but she was comfortable. At least the red hearts matched her hair. She went and stood by the window to look at the storm. The wind was still howling. She decided it must have been the storm that made the dream so real.
As she turned to go back to bed, two shadows flew past her window. She jumped back, staring again out the window. A flash lit up the sky. She used the lightning to look for the cause of the shadows. The view outside looked the same as always. She didn’t see anything interesting as the light faded. She felt stupid for getting all worked up by the storm. She gave up. She was sure there wasn’t anything outside. But, she went and locked her bedroom door, just to make herself feel better. She got back in bed. She pulled the covers up tight and started to fall back asleep. She never stopped to wonder why thunder never followed the last flash of light.

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