The Last Air Bender: Water

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The King of Omashu

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




Katara, Aang, Sokka and Appa are mounting the crest of a small hill. Aang smiles and spreads his arms wide. “The Earth Kingdom city of Omashu!” A walled city rests atop a huge rock promontory and is accessible only by a narrow, switchback road. The city looks both impressive and impregnable.

“I used to always come here to visit my friend, Bumi.” Aang says.

“Wow. We don't have cities like this in the South Pole.” Katara notes.

“They have buildings here that don't melt!” Sokka yells in amazement.

“Well, let's go slow pokes! The real fun is inside the city!” Aang launches himself into the air and lands farther down the hill.

“Wait, Aang! It could be dangerous if people find out you're the Avatar.” Katara aids.

“You need a disguise.” Sokka chimes in.

“So, what am I supposed to do? Grow a mustache?”

Aang is soon wearing a huge fake head of hair and mustache made out of some of Appa's hair. He is scratching underneath the wig. “Ohh, this is so itchy!” He turns to his sky bison. “How do you live in this stuff?” Appa grunts at him in response.

“Great! Now you look just like my grandfather.” Sokka Sarcasm notes.

“Technically, Aang is 112 years old.” the water tribe girl mentions.

Aang picks up his staff and using a fake, old man voice, “Now let's get to skippin', young whippersnappers! The big city awaits.” He begins to walk hunched over, using his staff as a walking stick. Sometime later the three walk up the access road.

“You guys are gonna love Omashu. The people here are the friendliest in the world.”

A rough voice is heard from the distance. The three stop short at the sound, At the city’s gate, merchant is trying to get into the city, but the three guards are giving him trouble.

“Rotten cabbages! What kind of slum do you think this is?” one guard yells. He  is holding one of the offending cabbages. He crushes the cabbage in his hand, knocks those in the merchant's arms over the side of the access road. The guard then earth bends a lump of the ground, knocking the merchant's cabbage cart high into the air and over the side of the access road. The cart and all the merchant's cabbages plunge hundreds of feet to the valley floor below.

“No! My cabbages!” the merchant shrieks. The merchant looks over the side of the road as he laments. The group looks over as well, and turns back to the gate, looking ahead with some trepidation. “Just keep smiling...” Aang mentions nervously. He walks forward with a big smile. Katara titters uneasily, but she and Sokka follow. The guard who has just obliterated the cart walks forward to meet Aang. He earth bends a huge boulder out of the ground and holds it over Aang's head. “State your business!” He yells.

Aang rushes forward out from under the rock in a move much too sprightly for his supposed age. He points an accusing finger at the guard and using his old man voice begins to speak. “My business is my business, young man, and none of yours! I've got half a mind to bend you over my knee and paddle your backside!”


The guard drops the stone behind Aang in surprise. Katara and Sokka are both terrified at what Aang is doing. “Settle down, old timer. Just tell me who you are.” The guard says, not looking for any trouble.

“Name's Bonzu Pipinpadaloxicopolis, the Third, and these are my grandkids.” The elderly looking Avatar notes.

Katara is now smiling serenely, “Hi, June Pipinpadaloxicopolis. Nice to meet you.”

The gate guard points to Katara, “You seem like a responsible young lady. See that your grandfather stays out of trouble. Enjoy Omashu!”

“We will.”

The guard motions them to pass. The three walk forward into the city with Sokka trailing.

“Wait a minute!” The guard yells as he grabs Sokka by the shoulder just after he passes. “You're a strong young boy. Show some respect for the elderly and carry your grandfather's bag.”

“Good idea!” Aang yells, throwing his bag to Sokka. The gate  is stone and consists of three movable, interlocking stone walls. The three are shocked by the size and power of this fortification. The gates begin to close again as the three move to pass through it. Just as his vision of Aang is obscured, the guard sees Momo's ears emerge from Aang's wig. The three, now inside the gate, look over a railing at the interior of the city. Many houses have painted roofs in Earth Kingdom green. There are chutes all over the city with crates and packages sliding along them. While Aang is speaking, earth benders work the delivery system as Aang explains the mechanics of the system to Katara and Sokka. “This is the Omashu delivery system. Miles and miles of tubes and chutes. Earth bending brings the packages up and gravity brings them down.”

“Great, so they get their mail on time.” Sokka says, his usual sarcastic self.

“They do get their mail on time, but my friend Bumi found a better use for these chutes...” Aang says with a devilish idea in mind. He smiles mischievously, looking off into a flashback.

A young boy with spiky orange hair tied with a headband looks out over the city. Aang appears and the boy turns to face him. The boy, Bumi, has a missing tooth and a slightly insane facial expression. “Look around you, what do you see?”

“Umm... the mail system?” Aang ponders.

Bumi, conspiratorially, “Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you gotta open your brain to the possibilities.”

“A package sending system?” Aang says, still confused.

“The world's greatest super slide!”

“Bumi, you're a mad genius!”

Bumi smiles widely, laughs and snorts.

Aang and Bumi in one of the transport bins rockets down the slide. The flashback ends, with Aang, Katara and Sokka now at the same place in the city where the flashback occurred. The three are sitting one of the transport bins, teetering. Aang is excited, the other two are leery. “One ride, then we're off to the North Pole, air bender's honor.”

“This sounded like fun at first, but now that I'm here, I'm starting to have second thoughts!” Katara said worrisomely. As Katara finishes her sentence she notices the initial vertical drop. It is intimidating. As she finishes, the bin drops into the chute and they rocket away. As they accelerate down the chute, a neighboring chute becomes visible in the background. It is clearly going to merge with the chute the group is in. A rack of spears is dropping down this other chute and after the two paths merge, Sokka is soon ducking to avoid getting killed. Katara and Sokka start making distressed noises as they try and avoid the spears.

“I'm on it! I'm on it!” Aang yells. He starts rocking the bin back and forth in the chute. He soon derails them out of the chute and their bin free falls onto a rooftop below. Below, group of Earth Kingdom soldiers are being addressed by an officer. “Men, you'll be going off to combat soon. It's important that you be prepared for anything.” At this moment, the bin with our group falls into view, shocking the audience. Aang has grabbed the front of the bin and is apparently trying to pull it up, his foot in Katara's face. Sokka is panicking in the back. Aang air bends to propel the bin back into the air and out of the screen. They have managed to drop back into a chute and are rocketing down once again.

“Aang, do something! Use your air bending!” Katara shouts.

“Yeah! Good idea! That'll make us go even faster!” Aang said, misinterpreting Katara’s shriek. Aang blasts air behind them, making them speed up. City dwellers look at them in alarm as they whiz by down the chute. As they approach the drop down of the last major chute, they all scream as they see the off-load point just in front of them. The off-load has a package on it that they will hit. An earth bender next to it moves the package. The kid breathe a sigh of relief. The earth bender raises another package into the off-load point. The kids scream again. Rather than hit the package, they hit the side of the trench and run off the track again. They all fall out of the bin and are falling, but Aang air bends them each back into the bin. They bounce off a roof and into a man's work room, destroying his pottery. They bounce of his floor and out the window opposite the one they came in. “Sorry!” Aang barks at the pottery owner.

They drop into someone's living room and fly through their house. Outside they crash through the wall of the balcony and drop again, screaming. The merchant from the earlier is fondly shaking one of his cabbages. He looks up and jumps back as the bin and the kids fall onto the cabbage cart, totally destroying it, blowing cabbages all over the place. The kids land in a heap and Aang's disguise is now gone.

“My cabbages! You're gonna pay for this!” the merchant threatens.

The three are quickly surrounded by soldiers.

Aang, sheepishly looks up to the guards, “Two cabbages please.”

The aged King of the city sits on his throne in the distance, for it is a large room. It is decorated in shades of Earth Kingdom green. The King  wears the same crazy expression as in Aang's flashback, though he is now clearly ancient. The King looks upon the three, and the guards behind them force them to kneel. “Your majesty, these juveniles were arrested for vandalism, traveling under false pretenses and malicious destruction of cabbages.”


The irate cabbage dealer is standing off to the side. “Off with their heads! One for each head of cabbage!”

“Silence!” the guard demands. “Only the King can pass down judgment. What is your judgment, Sire?”

The King looks at each in turn. Sokka is nervous, Katara hopeful, and Aang tries to act like he's invisible. “Throw them... a feast!” he says, squeaking.

The guards make noises of surprise, the merchant of chagrin.

“Huh?” the Avatar puzzles.

Soon later, a table is loaded with food. Momo eats the goodies on the right side of the table. The three are seated on one side of the table with Aang in the middle. Behind them King Bumi stands. “Heheh! The people in my city have gotten fat from too many feasts, so I hope you like your chicken with no skin.”

“Thanks, but I don't eat meat.” Aang gestures.

“How about you? I bet you like meat.” He directs his attention to Sokka, sticking the drumstick in Sokka's mouth. He groans to the glorious taste of real food along their journey.

Katara turns to Aang. “Is it just me, or is this guy's crown a little crooked? “ She makes cuckoo motions at the side of her head as she says the latter. The King moves to take his seat at the opposite end of the table. “So, tell me young bald one. Where are you from?”

“I'm from... Kangaroo Island.” Aang replies.

“Oh, Kangaroo Island, eh? I hear that place is really hoppin!” The three stay silent at the King’s pun. The silence is broken by Sokka's laughter, the other two look at him like he has grown a third head. “What? It was pretty funny.”

The King yawns, “Well, all these good jokes are making me tired. Guess it's time to the hay.” As he ends his sentence, he suddenly throws another drumstick at Aang, who air bends it to a standstill, though he is very surprised. It spins in the air in front of him. The guards draw breath in surprise.

“There's an air bender in our presence…” The King stay, leaning on the table, “…and not just any air bender, the Avatar!” Aang drops the drumstick, trying to act like he did not just reveal himself. “Now what do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Pipinpadaloxicopolis?”

Aang stands and spreads his arms wide in a gesture of defeat. “Okay! You caught me. I'm the Avatar, doing my Avatar thing, keeping the world safe. Everything checks out,” He looks under the table, “no fire benders here. So, good work everybody.” He puts his arms around Katara and Sokka and together they stand. “Love each other, respect all life and don't run with your spears. We'll see you next time!”

The three start walking backwards to the door, but the guards stop them.

“You can't keep us here. Let us leave.” Katara demands.

“Lettuce leaf?” the odd King offers. He picks up a lettuce leaf from the plate in front of him and takes a bite. Sokka leans over to speak in a low voice to the others.  “We're in serious trouble. This guy is nuts.”

The King becomes very serious. “Tomorrow the Avatar will face three deadly challenges. But for now, the guards will show you to your chamber.”

“My liege, do you mean the good chamber, or the bad chamber?” the guard asks.

“The newly refurbished chamber.”

“Wait, which one are we talking about?” the guard questions, still confused.

“The one that used to be the bad chamber, until the recent refurbishing that is. Of course, we've been calling it the new chamber, but we really should number them. Uh, take them to the refurbished chamber that was once bad!” The three are led out by guards. The King sits, looking mad and chomping on lettuce.  

~ ~ ~

A wall that is torn open by earth bending. Aang, Sokka and Katara are trusted in and the “door” is closed by earth bending. The chamber is beautiful, spacious and furnished with three comfortable beds.

“This is a prison cell? But it's so nice.” Katara ponders.

“He did say it was newly refurbished.” Aang points out.

“Nice or not, we're still prisoners.” Sokka breaks the bad news.

“I wonder what these challenges are gonna be.” Aang contemplates.

“We're not sticking around to find out. There's gotta be some way outta here.” Katara begins to concoct a plan.

Aang smiles and pointing to the other side of the room. “The air vents!”

“If you think we're gonna fit through there then you're crazier than that king.” Sokka declares to the Avatar. The air vent is a small circular hole in the wall.

“We can't, but Momo can.” Aang infers, looking at Momo who is sprawled on the bed, gorged on an apple, his tongue still licking the fruit. “Momo, I need you to find Appa and bust us outta here!” Aang stuffs Momo face first into the vent. “Go on, boy, get Appa!” He stops, only to have Momo's behind dangle from the vent. He is stuck.

“Eh, how was Appa supposed to save us anyway?” Sokka asks, doubtfully.

Momo tries to free himself, but fails.

“Appa is a ten ton flying bison; I think he could figure something out.” Aang defends his idea.

“Well, no point in arguing about it now.” Katara mentions as he gets in a bed. “Get some rest, Aang. Looks like you'll need it for tomorrow.” Aang walks dejectedly over to the last unoccupied bed.  ~ ~ ~

Aang is asleep, snoring loudly. The room shakes as an earth bender opens the “door.” Aang opens his eyes to see the other beds empty. “Sokka! Katara!” He turns to the guards. “Where are my friends?”

“The King will free them if you complete your challenges.”

“And if I fail?”

“He didn't say. Your staff please?” Aang gives the staff to the guard. Aang enters the throne room flanked by two guards. The King is wearing a horrible, blue, purple and light green robe. “First, Avatar, what do you think of my new outfit? I want your honest opinion. “

Aang hold no reaction.

“I'm waiting.”

“I... guess its fine.”

“Excellent! You passed the first test.”


The King starts thinking. “Well, not one of the deadly tests. The real challenges are much more... challenging.”

Aang's expression becomes angry. He air bends his feet to run in an instant up to the King. “I don't have time for your crazy games! Give me my friends back! We're leaving!”

“Ohh, I thought you might refuse...” A wall of the chamber sits between Aang and the King. A “door' is opened by guards holding Katara and Sokka in the corridor beyond. The guards place small rings on one of their fingers which contract to fit snugly as soon as they are worn. Sokka and Katara struggle to take off the rings, but can't. “ I will give your friends some special souvenirs. Those delightful rings are made of pure genemite, also known as creeping crystal. It's crystal that grows remarkably fast. By nightfall your friends will be completely covered in it. Terrible fate, really. I can stop it, but only if you cooperate.”


On Sokka's finger, the crystal inches toward his fingertip. “Ah! It's already creeping!”

Aang turns to the King. “I'll do as you want.” The King grins evilly.

Soon they are in a small cavern. Aang is standing on a small stone parapet with a waterfall in the background. The cavern floor is covered in stalagmites. In the corner, King Bumi, the guards and the prisoners stand on a balcony. Crystal already covers the forearms of both. The King laughs. “It seems I've lost my lunch box key and I'm hungry.” A key hangs by a long chain in the middle of the waterfall. A ladder reaches up from the ground of the cavern to about where the key dangles.  “Oh, there it is. Would you mind fetching it for me?”

Aang jumps into action. Using his air bending skills he bounces from stalagmite to stalagmite. He charges into the waterfall, holding his breath, and begins to climb the ladder. The force of the water stops him from making progress, though.

“Oh, climbing the ladder. No one's thought of that before.” The King looks down the Avatar’s decision.

Aang loses his grip and is shot out of the waterfall. He is about to get impaled when he recovers and slides between two stalagmites, one foot and hand on the side of each. He breathes a sigh of relief. He looks up at his friends and regains his determination. This time he flies up to the stalactites on the ceiling and is soon looking down at the key. He concentrates, jumps into the waterfall, and is shot right back out, managing to grab onto a stalagmite. The crystal now covers Sokka and Katara up to the shoulder. “That's right. Keep diving head in, I'm sure it'll work eventually.” the King bashes Aang once again.


This gives Aang an idea. He breaks off the top of the stalagmite he is holding and throws it at the chain holding the key. Using his air bending skills he makes sure it breaks the chain and carries the bottom part of it along with the key up to the balcony. The tip of the stalagmite embeds itself like a spearhead into the top of the doorway. The key now dangles just over the surprised King's head.

“There, enjoy your lunch! I want my friends back, now!” Aang demands.

“Uh, not yet. I need help with another matter. It seems I've lost my pet Flopsy.”

Soon, Aang jump into a shallow arena in the ground of a different room. A fluffy bunny is sitting on a rock. “Okay, found him!” Aang yells up to the King. He and the prisoners are at the railing around the top of the arena. “Bring him to me! Daddy wants a kiss from Flopsy!”

Behind Aang a huge monster is lands. “Come here, Flopsy!” Aang says to the bunny. He turns around to face the monster while the bunny squeaks and runs off. The monster crushes a huge boulder in front of Aang. He flips backwards and lands as the bunny runs by him, squealing in terror. “Flopsy, wait! Flopsy! Flopsy!” Aang chases the bunny while the monster chases Aang. The  King Bumi is laughing maniacally. The bunny runs into a rabbit hole in the wall of the arena. Aang slides up next to it and sticks his hand in the hole. He rummages around, but finds nothing. Meanwhile, the monster closes in. Aang has another idea. He stands up and faces the monster just as it arrives. “Flopsy?” The monster stops instantly and wags its tail. Flopsy picks Aang up tenderly, making gentle noises. Aang is surprised and starts screaming. He stops when Flopsy gives him a huge lick. “Flopsy!”


He rubs Flopsy's head. Flopsy drops Aang and scales the arena wall in response to the King’s whistling and kissing noises. He flops on back in front of the King. “Awww, that's a good boy! Yes, who has a soft belly?” He begins to rub Flopsy's belly. Flopsy's left leg paws the ground in pleasure. Aang jumps up onto the railing of the arena. Katara is in the foreground, covered from head to ankle in crystal.

“Guys, are you ok?” Aang asks.

“Other than the crystal slowly encasing my entire body, doing great.” Katara replies, trying to stay positive. Sokka is in similar straits. A new length of crystal grows on the left side of Sokka's head. He loses his balance and keels over. The King is still rubbing Flopsy's belly. “Awww, yes.” Aang looks severe. “Come on. I'm ready for the next challenge.” This request by the Avatar sparks a maniacal laugh by the King.

King Bumi is still laughing maniacally as they enter an earth bending arena. It is ill-lit and largely featureless except the dirt floor. Aang and the King stand on one balcony above the arena. The prisoners, now encased in crystal except for their faces and feet, on the other. “Your final test is a duel and as a special treat you may choose your opponent. Point and choose.” the King offers Aang.

Two enormous gladiator type characters show up to flank King Bumi. The champion on the left is a muscular man with a nasty smile and a huge axe. The champion on the right is a mammoth fighter who looks like he relies upon brute strength. Aang is terrified.


Aang starts to thing out loud,  “So, you're saying whoever I point to, that's the person I get to fight?”

“Choose wisely.”

“I... choose... you!” He is pointing at the King.

“Haha! Wrong choice!” He begins, with some effort, to correct his lumped posture. He dumps his robes to reveal a surprisingly muscular physique for such an old man. He is clearly formidable and Aang recoils, realizing his mistake. The King is also apparently a master earth bender, for he immediately stamps the ground, blowing Aang far out into the arena. He lands in the dust. The King launches himself off the balcony and lands close to Aang. He laughs evilly. “You thought I was a frail old man, but I'm the most powerful earth bender you'll ever see.”

“Can I fight the guy with the axe instead?” Aang asks.

“There are no ‘take-backs-ees' in my kingdom. You might need this!” The King motions to a guard who throws Aang his staff. The King immediately launches several boulders at him which Aang dodges. “Typical air bender tactic: avoid and evade. I'd hoped the Avatar would be less predictable.” He launches another boulder at Aang, who dodges and launches himself into the air. “Don't you have any surprises for me? Sooner or later, you'll have to strike back.” The King baits Aang. He launches another stone at Aang which misses, but explodes upon impacting the ceiling of the arena. The debris knocks Aang to the ground and he loses his staff as he falls. Aang gets back up as the King begins walking around. With each turn he makes a huge pillar of rock block Aang's path. One of them catches Aang in the gut as it rises into the air. “Oh, you'll have to be a little more creative than that!” The King yells to Aang.


Aang jumps off the pillar, riding one of his famous air scooters. He rides the wall of the arena and approaches the King from his right. He launches a huge gale at his opponent, who blocks it with a sheet of stone raised from the floor of the arena. The King emerges from behind the stone shield with a smile on his face. “Did someone leave the windows open? It feels a little drafty in here”! The King drops his smile. “Are you hoping I'll catch a cold?”

Aang drops off his air scooter. The King kicks over the stone sheet and begins to raise it on earth dug out of the arena's surface. He shoots the earth underneath the stone sheet at Aang which knocks him over. The King strikes the ground with his fist, sending a shock wave through the arena surface right at Aang. The Avatar flips backwards and avoids the shock wave, but now is close to the rear wall of the arena.

“How are you going to going to get me from way over there?” the King once again tries to lure the Avatar over to him.

Aang looks determined and begins to run to his opponent. The King uses the side of his foot to dash the earth. The ground around Aang becomes quicksand and he falls in. The King raises two boulders and sends them to smash the struggling Aang. He escapes just in time as the rocks smash together. Aang jumps straight at his opponent, unleashing a blast of wind that knocks him and the stone sheet he stands upon back against the wall of the arena. The King raises one of the boulders from where he had just failed to crush Aang and pulled it back towards him at frightening speed. The Avatar sees it just in time and does a backflip that barely allows him to get up and over the flying boulder. The boulder of course moves on to almost crush the King, but he breaks it into many pieces as it reaches him. With tremendous effort, the King tears the entire gate area of the arena out of the ground and holds it over his head. Aang screams in terror and begins to run in circles, creating a tornado. The King throws the massive earth mound, but the tornado grabs it and throws it back at him. As it reaches the King, he bisects it neatly in two. Aang appears between the rock pieces and pins the King with his staff. The King smiles and looks up. Aang also looks up as a little piece of rock bounces off his head. Overhead hovers one of the two halves of rock, ready to crush them both.

“Hehe! Well done, Avatar. You fight with much fire in your heart.” The King throws the rock to the side of the arena. He then falls backwards into the floor, disappearing and leaving a hole. Aang is flabbergasted.

A hole opens up in the floor of the balcony which hold Katara and Sokka and the King emerges, the hole closing instantly beneath him. Aang, using his staff as a helicopter blade, lands on the balcony.

“You've passed all my tests. Now, you must answer one question.”

“That's not fair! You said you would release my friends if I finished your tests.” Aang rebuttals.

“Oh, but what's the point of tests if you don't learn anything?”

“Oh come on!” Sokka yelps.

“Answer this one question and I will set your friends free. What... is my name?” Aang does not have a ready answer. “From the looks of your friends, I'd say you only have a few minutes.” The King says as he walks away.

“How am I supposed to know his name?”

“Think about the challenges, maybe it's some kind of riddle.” Katara gives Aang to ponder.

“I got it!” Sokka yells. :He's an earth bender, right? Rocky!” The room grows silent. “You know, because of all the rocks?”

“We're gonna keep trying, but that is a good backup.” Katara says, trying to make her brother feel satisfied with his recommendation.

“Okay, so back to the challenges. I got a key from the waterfall. I saved his pet and I had a duel.”

“And what did you learn?”

“Well, everything was different than I expected.”

A piece of crystal grows into Katara’s cheek, “And...?”

“Well, they weren't straightforward. To solve each test, I had to think differently than I usually would.” Realization sweeps Aang’s face. “I know his name!”

~ ~ ~

Aang and the King stand opposite each other in his throne room. The King is once again hunched over and in his regular green robes.

“ I solved the question the same way I solved the challenges.” Aang starts. “As you said a long time ago, I had to open my brain to the possibilities.” The Kin begins to laugh and snort. “Bumi, you're a mad genius!” Aang runs and hugs the old King.

“Oh, Aang. It's good to see you. You haven't changed a bit. Literally.”

Aang's old friend rubs Aang’s head. Katara and Sokka approach from the left, still encased in crystal. Katara's face is now all that is visible. “Uh, over here!”

Sokka’s mouth is all that is visible of him. “Little help?”

Bumi makes a pulling back gesture with a fist, shattering the crystal from around both water tribe members. Crystal flies all over and King Bumi catches a piece. “Genemite is made of rock candy.” He takes a bite. “Delicious!”

“So this crazy king is your old friend, Bumi?”

King Bumi becomes annoyed, “Who you calling old?” He pause and realizes, “Okay. I'm old.”

“Why did you do all this instead of just telling Aang who you were?” Sokka asks.

“First of all, it's pretty fun messing with people, but I do have a reason.” He turns to Aang, “Aang, you have a difficult task ahead. The world has changed in the hundred years you've been gone. It's the duty of the Avatar to restore balance to the world by defeating Fire Lord Ozai. You have much to learn. You must master the four elements and confront the Fire Lord, and when you do, I hope you will think like a mad genius!” Aang smiles, clasps his hands together in thanks, and bows. “And it looks like you're in good hands. You'll need your friends to help defeat the Fire Nation.” Momo jumps onto Aang's shoulder. “And you'll need Momo too.”

“Thank you for your wisdom. But before we leave, I have a challenge for you!” Aang baits his old friend.

In the city, the delivery chute system is quiet and unused. A moment later a delivery bin flies by, King Bumi at the front, Aang in the back. Both are having a blast as the air rushes by them. In the front of the city, a plume of dust and smoke rises after an impact sound is heard.

A voice yells in anguish, “My cabbages!”

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