Puzzle Piece Of A Mirror

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Time Has Shifted

Submitted: September 17, 2013

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Submitted: September 17, 2013



Chapter Two: Time Has Shift

Anne: Hi guys!!... Here’s the chapter 2 of my new story




Summary: On a bright sunny day Wayne woke up, with a strange feeling of losing all his memories, trying to gain his memories, he pretend to be okay and try to act normal to the people surround him to filled the puzzle piece in form and to get back his memories, but in one morning he meet a girl with mysterious cold red eyes, he seem to feel fear, who is this girl to him? What happen to him that he lost his memories?


Italic-time new roman- Memory/dream

Italic- ‘courier New’- thinking

Normal-“courier New”- talking-



“Your house seems so far, that we need to walk to the woods” he said as he look at the place to distract his thoughts to something

“Hmm... yes, but it’s nice to stay in places with lots of trees, it never felt warm on summer and it’s so calming”

Then someone came from the woods, it was the Scarlet-eyed girl, she wore a gothic long dress, with a black veil, this time

“You!!” Asha said it loud

“You knew her?” he Ask but he was ignored

“what, do you want?” but the lady just walked near them, before Asha could say anything a dagger came out of nowhere, and stabbed her at might,

Too shock that he couldn’t move, he wasn’t sure, why or what happened… he’s eyes just grew bigger in shock,

“It’s time to shift” the girl said before the body came to the ground and light surrounds them

“no Wayne!!” the other mysterious lady reappears and was about to grip the man’s hands, but she was too late…

He was shifted back, to the time where they were standing in front of the big house, where before he leave his eyes never averted to something else

‘I’m feeling exhausted, it seems… I did something the whole day’ he said to himself

“Brother, are you sure you’re fine, it seems you’re tired?” Aoi asked when he saw Shin’s tiredness 

“Yes I am fine but it seems I already did something whole day that I felt so tired”

“That’s funny; you just woke up this morning why would you feel like that?”

“I don’t know” he laughs together with his sister knowing that something was really off,

They continued walking while laughing and teasing until they then reached the main gate of the school

“Brother this is our school” Aoi presents their school but not to his surprise he already know the look of his school

‘I don’t get it… it seems to be the exact same thing that’s happening’ he was thinking so deeply that a luxurious car almost bumped him, thanks to Aoi who grabbed him quickly to the sides

“Woo…, gee thanks Aoi”

“Brother you have to be careful, you don’t want to stay in the hospital for months again, aren’t you” Gem said

“Sorry, but whose car is that?, if my memory serves right this isn’t a private school” after he asked the person who was in the car stepped out…

He was shocked to see the person inside, was the girl with mysterious scarlet eyes, accompanied by his butler to stand up,

“May I help you, young lady”

After she was out of the car her eyes was averted to the man standing to the sides staring at her, she could feel the fear and tension the man was giving off

“Young lady, we will be back after school to pick you up” the butler said but the lady just nods, and after with that gesture the butler rushed in and drove their way back home

Shin couldn’t grasp the puzzle; of why the mysterious girl was here standing in front of him from that car and it seems she was also a student at his school

“That girl again” Gem again draw his attention

“You knew her” he whispered to his sister

“Of course, everybody knows her, her name is Seo, daughter of the owner of the largest laboratory company”

“That makes sense with the car, but why here?”

“You did also forget, Seo’s family, the Hwa Corporation, have a big influence to our school”

I guess I forgot everything’ after a deep thought he stares back at the lady, after the lady saw his gaze she started to pace to go inside but not averting her sight until she was gone inside but Shin’s sight never left her, he continued his sight even until she was inside the campus

“Hey, bro don’t stare at her that much” Gem always draws him back


“If you stare at her blue eyes, you’ll be her slave”

“Blue eyes? But she have a red, I mean scarlet eyes” he look on Aoi that also Aoi nod for union for her sister

“Are you also colorblind?”

“Ah… sorry”

‘Blue instead of red, why everyone does sees her eyes as blue’

“What do you mean slave?” he asked as they step to the their school campus

“Ahm… she was just exaggerating the words brother” Aoi said smiling

“I am not, it’s true, and boys who stare at her eyes became her slaves like an idiot”

“Your just jealous that guys likes her”

“hmp… for me she’s just another spoiled brat, that’s why everyone hates her”

“you mean, all girls in the school, including you”

‘Everyone hates her… blue eyes, rich kid’ then it came to him the story of the house ‘ murder case, devilish eyes, daughter killed her parents’

“So, Soe’s parent are gone” he said out of nowhere that caught both his sisters attention

“what do you mean about gone?” Aoi ask first

“does it mean dead?”

“Gem!” Aoi said as again rushed to grab his brother’s arms

“Are her parents gone?... uhm, I mean dead?” both their eyes widen out of confusion…

“brother? Are you alright?” Aoi ask

“just answer my question!!” he cracked out, he was shouting it loud that made Aoi step back a little

“No brother, her mother is perfectly fine, though his father died on an accident, but it was before she was born, why did you ask?” Gem said it so plainly and straight

“so they are not killed by someone?”

“Yes, why are you acting like this” after his sister told him like, it was then he saw that both sisters was so scared at him

“Sorry I didn’t meant to, I just thought about the story you told me since I saw her in that big house” he said it honestly

“You saw her at the house? But it was forbidden to go there; rumors say that anybody goes to that house was found dead”


“Yes,… And you’re the only—“

“Gem, stopped!!” she was cut off

“I am the only what?” he again needed the topic, and he really wants to have the answer so he holds his sister tight “Answer me”

“Brother you’re acting so… scary” this time Aoi was crying that his action came to his senses

The bell rang, and Gem takes Aoi comforting her as they pace, leaving Shin at his bewildered self, but before they were totally out of his sight Gem, left him with a sad angry face to think about

‘I cracked’ he said to himself ‘I would really, nobody is talking about what happened to me’ at the deep thought he started to pace

When he arrived home, he was again welcomed by many, but when he saw Asha looking so fine, he rushed toward and hug her with all his might

“Hey pal?” Shrion Ask

“Thank goodness you’re safe” he still hugs her tight

“Pal what are you doing?”

“Ah… Nothing, I was just missing my girlfriend” he said

“Girlfriend?” all of his friends said it in unison

“Yes, right?” he wasn’t sure about that

“That’s cruel pal, Lee is your girlfriend, not Asha”

“ah… but…” he was dumbstruck this time, as he saw Lee almost shed tears

“well, I guess… they said you have you amnesia or something but I see your memories was just shifted” it caught his mind


“well I mean, scrambled… you forgot about Lee and remembered Asha as your girlfriend… that’s all”

‘shifted’ Shrion still kept talking but again he was in his memory again


“Oni-chan, here see” the girl with mysterious scarlet eyes showed him something ‘your eyes isn’t red, this time’ he thought as he saw the eye of the girl

“onii-chan Something wrong?”

“nothing” he said

“I hope will can stay together like this”


“but everything is shifted now… mom is going to kill me” his eyes grew bigger when he heard those words, he also saw  her eyes was slowly coated with red

“kill you”

“I have to kill them first”

“why!!!” again he was drawn back but this time it was Shrion

“Hey pal you alright?”

“yeah, it seems I don’t remember anything so I am indeed sorry for my actions” he apologize

“nah its fine, right Lee” Lee nods

“so you do still remember us”

Shin nods, “yes” then he pin points everyone, bell had rang again for the first subject, and he again puzzled to see the mysterious girl was one of his classmates and she was seated at his back

Class went on so fast, that it was time for lunch, and he was planning to eat alone on the rooftop were on his way he saw the girl again, together with some other girls seems to be bullying her

“you spoiled brat” girl holding a soda pours the entire content to the scarlet-eyed girl

“hahahaha… it sure is fun having you around” other girls said it too, but the scarlet eyed seems to ignore them, without even changing her cold appearance she started to pace, but another girl blocked her way that she stumbled hard, and laughter was heard before they left her alone

Then He went near the girl, who was fixing herself, but before he could talk the girl started her pace faster than he could imagine, so he decided to go on his way too

But too shock too, to see her at the rooftop staring down at the campus, he felt the fear again but ‘ I always felt fear towards her, is it because of that incident she did to Asha, no… it never happened, but come to think I was scared of her before that’

He went close and offer some hanky “here wipe yourself up, you’ll catch a cold if you won’t” the girl accepted the offer but still on her cold self

“To be honest, I was afraid of you” he said “but I think you were just sad to be alone” he found a little smile on the tip of the lips of the girl

“I see your name was Seo right?” the boy presents his hands “I am Sh-“

“Wayne” she continued

“you know…?”

But nothing was said after that until the girl was out of sight

Seo was walking down the stairs when somebody reappeared at her sight

“you!” a shocked appearance was written on her face

“Yes, I am” it was the blue-eyed girl named Misery

“Your floating!!” Seo said it in an amusing tone

“Hey, don’t make fun of me, yes I am floating” then she became serious “even though I don’t have a physical body, I’ll never let you win this time”

But Seo just had a smirked before she continued her pace, but this time it was a little away, walls and floor seems to absorb Misery

“hey, what’s happening” then she heard Seo say something

“I don’t need trash on my world, on my own world…” until she became unseen to her,

Misery used some magic to break from the walls and floor

“You have to do better than this to eliminate me from your world”

After talking to Seo, Shin was again bewildered and was again on his thought




“stop Rose” he was running to catch up with the scarlet-eyed lady that was hoping and hoping around

Again they were in the mansion except this time the mansion wasn’t on fire

although ashes was still there

“Rose stopped” the girl enters the room

But when he entered the room he found the couple lying on the ground, lots of blood was all over the place

“Rose why?” he asked the girl who was dumbstruck at the corner side of the room

“I don’t have a choice, they’ll kill me if I don’t kill them first” then the girl stood up holdinga dagger towards him…

And when the girl almost stab him

Again he was back at the rooftop, and back on were the scene he presented his hanky

“ahm…” his head roamed around then again back to his subject “I am Sh-“

But the girl replied him differently “I don’t have a choice, Wayne” before she again started her pace

“Rose” he called up and she turned her head and smiled a cold smile and again started her pace

‘what’s happening its seem I am always shifted back in time’

But the bell rang in for the next period… he ran off and started his class

Few hours later, he offered to walk Lee home, and to apologies about everything that happened in the morning

And the same thing happened they met his sister at the main gate

“brother, are you going home, we could go together” Aoi said

“no, I’ll walk Lee home today” Aoi look into the girl

“tweet-tweet” Gem said with a little tease “you sure have the appeal bro” then off leaving her brother

“I’m sorry brother to bother you, bye” Aoi ran towards her sister, and it seems on his sight they were again arguing about something, it was a little different from what happened to Asha but he knows something was really off

“I’m sorry about my sisters they just… Going off, because they maybe missed going home together” he said to her and the girl just nods and begins to pace till they were out on the street

He became a little curious “your home is not near the woods right” and this earned a chuckle

“well, I think Shrion is right, you’re memories are shifted” again she chuckled “it was Asha’s home, mine is there” she points the house on the corner “see I live just near the school” she then ran off “ you can’t go further with me until this point, remember my father will bash you again, bye!” she shouted as she ran towards her home

After he walked Lee home he also went home, and night came, he ate dinner together with his family, it was a happy meal,then after he decided to take a bath

seems nothing’s happens though, maybe it was just my imagination or something’ but then the place became different, he seems not to see but again he was trap on his memory

He was standing at the living room staring at the girl, while the girl was sipping a tea while reading some book, titled ‘ the goddess of time’

“Rose, I’m tired” he spoke, he didn’t even know what it meant, he looked on the setting of the place, it was all burnt up, but a piece of glass floats, then drop and shattered, then pieces of the other glass float and connect to the other

‘Pieces are connect differently’ he said to himself

“Your, story is still running brother” she said and put her book down

She walks near him “it was too risky for me to create this space” then she went up leaving him at the living room

‘Mirrors are like my memories, mirrors are made of glass, glass pieces are connected to other pieces’ then something was on his mind ‘these pieces are my memories’

it was then he woke up, panting

He runs fast and he changed his clothes and took some old notebook, he wrote the pieces of his memories and thinking about it so deep

‘If those are my memories, it means my memories are connected to that girl name Seo’

He thought so deep that he fell asleep… with the thought ‘his memories are shattered like those on his dream




Anne: WOOO…. It’s done, the 2nd chappie of my new series… “Puzzle piece of a mirror”

To be continued on the next chapter: The hidden pain




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