The start of what I thought was a new begining

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A true story of why I'm never going to believe a guy again.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The start of what I thought was a new begining

Submitted: April 03, 2011

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Submitted: April 03, 2011



Today is just another day of missing you. I woke up and looked at my phone hoping to have that text i used to get every single morning, the one that made my day ten thousand times better.

\"good morning beautiful.\"

Yeah, that one.

I know I'll never get that text from that same guy, in my whole life. Unless some miracle comes true. hah, whats the point in wishing. Wishes never come true.

You're all probably wondering where i'm taking you with this, my thoughts too. i'm going to tell you my story of why I'm always going to assume guys are playing you from now on.

It starts off with summer of 2010, Lake Texana. 4-H camping trip. My friend of eight years, Chris Beaver, and his best friend, Jeremiah Burks, are going to come camping too.

\"Chris and Jeremiah are gonna come camping, too!\" My best friend, Nikki screamed over the phone.

I was on my way to the camp site, and she was already there.

\"What? When?\" I was just about as excited as she was. Nikki and I had talked to Jeremiah on the phone for many years, but never had met him in person.

\"There coming tonight, like, they are on there way!\" Her voice just sounded more excited with every word.

\"How? what? No way!\" I didn't know whether or not to believe her, she pranks me often.

\"Jeremiah talked his mom into coming to Lake Texana instead of going to the other place.\"

\"That's crazy! But hey, I'm almost there, text me ok?\" and with that we hung up.

I told my mom, and Nikki's mom. They were both in the car I was in. They seemed to think that Chris and Jeremiah was just pranking us. I started to believe them. They were more of a prankster than Nikki was.

I arrived at Lake Texana, and Nikki and I went walking with Her sister and my friend, Meagan.

\"I bet they're lying,\" Meagan said.

\"Call them!\" I told Nikki to call them, so she did.

\"Hey, are ya'll really coming?\"

\"Yeah, we're on our way, can't you hear the RV in the background.\"

\"Take a picture, of yourselves, and the window!\"

\"We cant. phones broken,\" they laughed.

Nikki hung up, \"I dont think they are coming,\" She said.

\"Why not?\" I asked.

\"They wouldn't take a picture of the window,\" she laughed.

A few minutes later Nikki got a text that read, \"We're just kidding we're not coming.\"

So we exchanged a few naughty words to them, and told them not to talk to us. We were pretty upset.

About an hour later, they called.

\"what camp site number are ya'll?\" Jeremiah asked, nonchalantly.

\"eight, why?\" Nikki answered.

\"oh no reason, Brackenridge or recreational?\"

\"Brackenridge. Are ya'll here?\"

\"No, we told ya'll we couldn't come there.\"

\"Then why are you asking so many questions about the camp site?\"

\"We're just wondering.\"

\"okayy,\" Nikki said not believing them.

About an hour later they called back.

\"Okay, yes we're here, we wanted to surprise you, but we cant find your camp site.\" Chris said.

\"We're are you?\"


\"Walk across the street.\"


\"Did you do that?\"

\"Yes. but we see tons of cars, coming our way.\"

\"YOU ARE GOING TOWARDS EDNA! TURN AROUND!Do you see the big stadium?\"

\"No. Do you see a green light?\"

\"No. wait yes.\"

We were walking the opposite way. So We turned around and started walking this way. Mind you, we already walked miles and miles the other way.

\" I think we see you,\" Nikki screamed.

\"Do you see three morons jumping up and down?\"

\"Wrong green light.\"

We turned back around the other way. We kept asking them if they saw different landmarks.

\"Do Ya'll see the re-creation sign?\" Nikki asked.

\"We've seen a few, yes.\"

\"Then keep coming this way.\"

\"Wait I think i see you!\"

\"Do you see three morons jumping up and down?\"

We copied them and started jumping up and down.

\"YES!\" and they started running our way, it sounded like elephants running down the road.

\"oooh, boys.\" We had decided when we saw them we weren't going to hug them because they lied and said they weren't coming.

So when they tried to hug us we just turned around and started walking back to the campsite.

\"HEY! Hug us, we walked all this way, started walking towards edna, and still came and found you. Ya'll told us the wrong directions, its because ya'll are girls, ya'll don't know direction.\" Jeremiah said.

So Chris side hugged me, and i looked at him like he was stupid. Jeremiah tackle-hugged me. Mind you this is our first time meeting in person. and Side hugged Nikki, and Chris Tackle-hugged Nikki.

\"Excuse me, chris? I want a better hug then that,\" I said.

So he tackled me too!

We walked, talked, and skipped all the way to campsite number eight.

\"My God, Jeremiah's beautiful,\" My first thoughts when I laid eyes on him.

We walked up to Nikki's older sister, Lacey. she eye bawled the three boys, the third being Jeremiah's younger brother, Kaleb.

\"Who are They?\" Lacey asked.

\"This is Chris, Jeremiah, and Kaleb,\" Nikki pointed them all out.

Everybody who was at the 4-H campsites were looking at us like we were crazy for walking up with three random boys, and there being three girls.

We went and found Nikki's and my Moms.

\"CHRIS!\" My mom exclaimed! She loves him.

\"Mrs. Tracy!\" He hugged her, and hugged Mrs. Terri, Nikki's mom, and shook my dad's hand.

\"I'm Jeremiah,\" Jeremiah shook all the parents' hands, and Kaleb did the same.

We wanted to go to the cemetery, but Mrs. Terri, Nikki's mom, wouldn't let us unless an adult went with us. So We asked Lacey to go with us. She agree'd.

\"I've got to pee,\" Lacey said.

So while she went into the bathroom, the boys decided they were going to go into the boys bathroom and find some water.

Lacey came out just as the boys went in. We were going to act like we left them, and we went and hid behind some trees to see how they'd react.

They came out of the bathroom, and they stood in a line, and just stared at the girls restroom waiting for us to come out.

\"Guys!\" we screamed from behind the trees, well after about five minutes of course. They came running over. We got a good laugh out of that one.

Chris and I had a few feelings for each other. We came camping knowing this wasn't a secret. So when we got to the cemetery, I got freaked out and so he held my hand. Nikki Kept telling me that the people burried in the cemetery was the people who came up with lake texana, and also there was a well, and I don't do wells after watching \"The ring.\" Chris got me on the wall of the cemetery, yes the wall is to keep people out, but of course, I hang out with the dumb people, so they all got in the cemetery, and Chris held my hand and walked around with me on the wall. Jeremiah came up and grabbed my feet and acted like he was gonna pull me in the cemetery, I got scared, and I jumped off of the wall. Chris followed me, and we started walking down the path. Later finding out he wanted to kiss me, until Jeremiah and Nikki came running up, followed by everybody else. So we started walking back.

We walked by the lake, \"Let's get naked and jump in!\" Jeremiah Exclaimed.

Nikki and I agreed. \"Ya'll wont do it,\" Chris and Jeremiah said.

\"NEVER tell Kaitlyn and Nikki they aren't gonna do something, BECAUSE that makes them do it,\" Lacey said. Lacey kept telling us to stop, and put our clothes we had removed back on. We only got down to our undershirts.

Finally she had talked us out of it, and we put our shirts back on, and started walking again.

Midnight came around, and Jeremiah's parents called and said they needed to go back to their campsite. My mom offered to drive them, so we all got in the back of the truck and drove them to the campsite.

On the way there, we were talking about the experience of trying to find them, that morning.

\"Yeah, We went to campsite eight. and guess what? NOBODY WAS THERE!\" Jeremiah said, Gosh. he's so cute. He has Brown curly hair, green eyes, the most perfect smile. He actually looks like Ashton Kutcher. He wore a tshirt and basketball shorts, all three of them did. Chris has brown curly hair too. but his is long, not just shaggy. and Kaleb has blonde buzz cut hair. Kaleb and Jeremiah look nothing alike for being brothers.

They got out of the truck, and we got in the back seats, and we drove back to our side of the camp site.

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