The start of what I thought was a new begining

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Goobye is the hardest part

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



After a long night of doing nothing but trying to fall asleep, i finally just got up. Chris and Jeremiah had already told us that they were gonna spend all day with their family, and all night with us. Or atleast until they had to go back to their campsite. So, Nikki and I had to keep ourselves occupied until nighttime rolled around, which by the way, when you're waiting for soemthing, its a very slow wait.

Everyone was outside on the jetskis or tanning, or just relaxing. But No, Nikki and I were tired so we were inside the camper the whole time, either trying to sleep, or playing card games. At one point of this, we were in the big bed trying to sleep, but we had the radio on, so everytime a song we liked came on we were up dancing instead of sleeping. So maybe we got an hour of sleep.

Then, we got bored of playing \"slap jack\" and regular card games like that, so we came up with \"strip war.\" When we'd get into a war, whatever the card was that we flipped over was depending on what clothing item we had to take off. No worries, we had the windows closed, and we didnt get full blown nakey.

So Finally it was dark, and we got a text telling us to meet them down the road, where we had done the night before. But then, we got more telling us to wait, and wait, and they would never text us back. So we ended up just walking to them anyways, well because we were bored. and we ended up getting a text message like an hour later saying, \"where are you?\" from Chris. well come to find out, they wanted to suprise us at our camp grounds. so, that failed.

But Nikki's mom started acting funny, and wouldn't let us walk off alone with them, and no one wanted to go with us, and so we sat on the lake and played truth or dare. We ended up in the woods with Chris and I trading shirts. Trust me, it was a rush. As soon as Chris and I traded shirts back, Mrs. Terri was right there telling us to get out of the woods. So we went back to the dock. I'll never forget Jeremiah's dare was to prank call someone on his phone, mind you this was around midnight, no one will be awake, and try and figure out a way to tell him his penis size.

\"Hey I'm doing a survey for something and they want to know an average males penis size, how big would you say yours was?\" Jeremiah asked.

\"Uhm, idk, 6 inches?\" The dude replied, awkwardly.
\"Okay, thats nice.\"
\"Are you gonna be at football practice?\"
\"No man, I'm not gonna be in town,\" jeremiah replied.

So after about five guys, he got this one to answer. None of us could stop laughing. That was truly a memory I'll never forget. This was the same night Jeremiah did about twenty flips in a row, and got so dizzy after he landed them, he fell over. Then all of us kids tried copying him. Fail. Then Mrs. Terri decided it was time to go to bed, and we weren't ready to leave because this was our last night with them.
\"Can they stay and watch a movie? We'll be quiet. Please, please, please,\" we begged the parents. My Parents didn't care, but of course, Mrs. Terri said no. and We could only walk them to the fence in clear view. So we walked them to the fence, and we had thirty minutes to say our last goodbyes. So we hugged, and we hugged, and we hugged...and hugged, and talked for about another twenty minutes, and hugged some more, and finally we got a text threatening Nikki to be grounded, so we hugged one last time, and as Jeremiah and Chris linked arms and skipped into the darkness, no like literally, Nikki and I bawled the whole way back. I ate my weight in brownies because I was depressed. I had fallen in love and I knew it, but I also was informed Jeremiah had a girlfriend, and also would never see me again. bummer.

but before that night ended, we made sure we got to see them one last time. We got to go to their campsite before we left that morning and spend a few hours with them. So while it was raining and everything, we went to their campsite and the rain stopped. We got there and was told to stay by the RV, but did we? We sure did not. We walked trails, and Jeremiah had me climbing trees, and we were throwing tree bark at Nikki to see who could make it in her shirt first, of course, I won. We met Jeremiah's parents, his brother Aaron, and all five thousand, seven hundred, thirty five and one on the way of his nephews. They were all so cute. His parents were anciant though. His dad sat in the RV wiring his fishing pole, with his tongue sticking out, and his mom sat there in her swim suit holding a chihuahua. She was cute, the mom and the dog.

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