Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1

“Were ready, I think,” I look out into the Dark City and one of the soldiers nods his head to my comment, “tell Jepha that the leaders seem to be stalling for some reason, and that the troops are not advancing any closer.”

The young guard looks over to me and hands me a malfunctioning weapon, nodding at me to fix it. I close my eyes and a sudden rush of power raises high above my head; he sighs and looks at me in awe as I control the surge of power over the weapon, the weapon seals over and repairs. I hand the weapon back to him and stare down and the dirty boots on my feet, wishing I could be somewhere else or…maybe in a different time, where things never ended in feuds.

“Thank you, Nephi; we are ever grateful.”

“Just leave, please, you’re giving me a headache.”

The powers inside of me died down and a tremendous headache took over me, more painful than any headache I had ever had. Before, when Adam was near, the headaches where not bad at all and only lasted for a few seconds, but this time is the first time trying to use my powers away from him. A field medic notices my sudden and intense pain and runs toward me with a glass of water.

“Here.” His voice sounded familiar and a jolt of neediness rushes through my body, tempting me to make myself closer to him.

“Do I know you…?” The vibrations of my voice triggered my hand to rise up to my temple because of the increase of pain.

“My name is Randy…” he moves my hand from my temple and presses his cold hand over the pain, “I don’t think we really spoke that much. I’m Adam’s brother.”

I stare into his blue eyes and sudden warmth breaks out inside of me. The war, sudden flashbacks of Adam saving me in combat and protecting me from the Darkness that lurked outside of the protecting walls plunder my thoughts, Randy gives me a knowing look. I see the falls, the waterfalls Adam took me to when I was dying, when he let me drink the Water of Giving so I can live, the creed he broke to save my life and make it impossible for the Darkness to overwhelm me. The kisses, Adam’s soothing kisses we weren’t allowed to share, it all came back with such speed, and I had to breakdown in tears.

“I…” Tears started pouring down my cheeks and Randy wiped them off with a red cloth he keeps hidden under his belt, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

“He’s still alive,” I whisper under harsh and deep breaths, “don’t even doubt it for one fucking second.”

Struck with surprise, Randy quickly apologizes and stays quiet for a few moments, the sounds of the marauders in the background makes me squint and my headache continue. I look at Randy and grab his shoulder, studying his looks further.

“You look like him, a lot like him. I even feel…” My heart beats loudly in my chest and I grip it, with a warm smile trickling over my cheeks, a smile only Adam could have given me before he left.

“You feel the connection? I heard that drinking from the Water of Giving can do that to you. Along with living forever, and the powers; the powers to heal and manipulate emotions…” he continued talking, but a sharp pain smacked the wind out of my chest and brought me to the ground with extreme force.


Not Randy’s voice, but Adams. I feel his hands, his soft lips, his rough smile that no one could attempt to get out of him but me.  He saved me from the Darkness, I almost became one of them, I remember the bites, when the Dark Being bit me it felt like ice was taking over my body, but I wanted to fight longer, I needed to go on fighting for our people; the people of Light. Randy’s breath touched my cheeks, and I longed for it to be Adam’s, but I had to face it, the fact that Adam had disappeared into the unknown realm of Darkness.

A scream.

I awake from my fainting spell with only a small headache, and Randy looking over me with a puzzled look on his face. The scream rang out another time, bloody and gut-retching, belonging to a female. I heard the growls and snarls of the Dark Beings shuffling outside the blessed gates. A priest ran with his cross, summoning the soldiers and warning them of another attack. I grab my metal staff and rub the blue cross on the top. I feel my feet pounding against the gravel before I realize how fast I’m running towards the scream. I don’t think about becoming the savior of the screaming girl, but I imagine the dead twisted body of the Dark Being instead, and I feel a strong need for the vengeance of Adam.

The soldiers are guarding the gate as I arrive, my boots giving out from the long run they had just faced, one of the soldiers nods at me and stares at the blue cross on my staff, clearing me a path to view the Dark Being holding the girl hostage. A shrill noise pierced my ears as soon as I saw it, the hideous monster holding the young blonde girl in its dirty hands. The thing’s red eyes locked onto me, thinking I was its next victim. I push people out of the way and soldiers move back further behind the wall. I notice the deep blackened scar embezzled in its forehead, recognizing that this was the one. The one who took Adam away from me…and I finally could take out all the anger I had built up within my chest.

I take out silver knives from behind my belt and charge full speed at the hideous monster. The monster retreated with super speed, leaving a trail of Dark matter behind him, and the body of the young girl. Villagers ran to her aid, to view the transformation she now was going through, since the monster had indeed left her bitten and changing. I feel my muscles contract and the wind carry my skirt up, encouraging me to charge forward again towards the salivating monster. Its sharp black teeth and gravel-like skin inch its way towards me, leaving Black muck smeared across the drying Earth.


I hold my hand out in front of me and the disgusting Dark Being stops in its tracks.

“Nephi. We have come for you; we have come to make you one of ours, to be our queen with your powers.”

Its huge dark mouth opens with extreme sharp fangs I thrash my way towards the Dark being with lighting speed and grab its open jaw. I tug and rip its jaw far from the rest of its struggling head. It whines and screams in agony and I skewer my staff throw the monster’s open mouth. It convulses and squirms on the floor, and my grip loosens on the dying creature. Onlookers stare with mouths hanging open in complete and utter awe. I stab the abomination in the heart, and black goop starts pouring out around me, eventually deflating the monster into nothing. My breaths grow heavy, and I fall to the ground, sitting in my legs, letting the sharp rocks pierce my white skin. Blood forms in heavy droplets and Randy quickly drags me away from the thing’s dark blood.

I stand up, because I had only begun, to truly be rid of the monsters soul, the words of the Warrior’s Creed had to be recited. But me, having drunk from the Water of Giving, cannot recite the creed, because most see me as an abomination myself, escaping the clutches of death, and going against the will of our God. Randy quickly grabs the book from my hip, knowing what he had to do; I look up at him through my long brown hair and nod to him, he parts his rough lips and begins to recite the only words that could kill a Dark Being’s soul:

“Awake! And arise from the dust, and hear the words of a trembling parent, whose limbs ye must soon lay down in the cold and silent grave, from whence no traveler can return; a few more days and I go the way of all the earth. But behold, the Lord hath are deemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love.”

A thick black cloud of misery rose up above the monster’s body, and swirled around us in midair, Randy grabs my hand and I jump to my feet grasping my temple as pain swells to my brain. I feel the darkness if the being enter me, and I finally realize what is happening to me and what I might become. I look at Randy with sorrow-filled eyes and grab his forearm, which was torn open from some rocks he had fallen on during the chaotic battle between the Dark Being and I. He looks at me, and removes my hand from his arm, knowing what I was going to try to do.

“Don’t risk it Nephi, I’m not worth it. We have to find Adam as soon as possible…we can’t have you go through this anymore, you’re taking a lot of pain, and the look on your face when you killed the monster it was like….like….” He stalls a moment and looks over my facial expression.

“I’m becoming one of them. Is that what you’re trying to say?” My voice rose slightly and I felt warm tears rolling down my cheek, “I will NEVER become one of those things, EVER. The world may be different than what it was before, but I promise, I promise that we will get rid of these things, and restore it to its former glory. For the next generations, for the next great human beings that will walk this Earth after us, we owe it to them; we don’t owe it to ourselves. Because we fucked up, and now everything is going to Hell right before our eyes, and we are letting it. God isn’t with us, not anymore, not when the Devil walks the Earth.”

Randy grabs my arms and takes me in an embrace and I smell the familiar scent of cigarettes swarm into my nostrils. I start whimpering and crying because I can’t hold any of the pain in anymore. I can’t hold the fact that Adam may not be alive, and I might be all alone fighting the enemy; the enemy that made it impossible for anyone to sleep at night or act normal. I look across the deserted horizon and at the scene laid out before me, the ashy skies that border the mountains that were once majestic seem to call out to me for help. The buildings that once were filled with life and promise for new technology and a better world, crumbled to the floor by nuclear warheads scream to be rebuilt. This not a world you want future generations having to face, but a world where nothing grew naturally anymore, and oxygen was slowly disappearing, making it almost impossible to live on Earth.

“I need to stop them, and I need to stop them now, I don’t care if I die trying, but I will not become one of them, and I will not let our people continue to die.”

Randy slowly backs away, hands me my staff and dusts off my leather jacket. He checks his rifle, and counts the few bullets he has left, and looks at me with a smug smile.

“What?” He asks.

“You really think you’re coming with me?” I give him a sour look and switch my attention to his almost empty rifle.

“You really think you’re going alone?”

Randy grabs my arm and we head off to his living quarters silently thinking about how our world and lives were about to change.

Submitted: September 26, 2011

© Copyright 2021 KhloeZombieBabyKetchum. All rights reserved.


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