Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 2

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” My voice cracks and Randy looks up from packing his bags with supplies for our trip.

“Honestly, I think this is one of the stupidest ideas ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.” Randy licks his lips and stuffs more necessities into a large green duffle bag.

I look out the window to see a couple Elders passing by, talking in a small group. I look at Randy and he becomes aware and stuffs more in the bag, this time in a rushing manner. He holds his breath for a few seconds while one of the Elders knocks on Randy’s old wooden door. He puts his right index finger to his lips and silently Shhh’s me. I duck behind Randy’s cot and slowly slide my staff underneath it, making sure the blue cross is fully hidden. He opens the door and one of the well-known Elders enters, old and wrinkled from years of wisdom.

“Randy Tulle. I was wondering if you have come across the young Nephi, we are here to congratulate her for her kill of the Dark Being.”

“She’s not here, I’m sorry.” Randy says in a deep tone.

“Well, this is the only place we thought she could be, and I swear I heard her voice coming from your quarters. Randy, I warn you, if you are thinking about leaving the grounds, there are serious consequences.”

‘I assure you Elder Johnson, we are not thinking about leaving the grounds and we will not do such a thing and go against God’s will for the people of Light.”

“We? Who is ‘we’, young Randy?

“I meant me sir, just me. Nephi has nothing to do with this.”

“It seems like you have been packing a bag Randy, what for, may I ask?”

“I’m going on a hunting trip with my uncle, sir.”

“Ahh, okay. Well, we both know what happens to traitors young Randy, and you- a well-trained medic, merely of 16 years. What a waste that would be, am I right?”

“Yes sir, like I said…”

“You assure me? Yes, I heard you, but that does not mean I believe you.”

My hand slips and my staff falls on the dirt floor, exposing the blue cross from underneath the cot. I close my eyes and quickly slap my hand over my mouth, my breathing quickens and my heart beat races. I hear Randy take a gasp of air and start coughing, the Elder quickly leans over to where I am hiding and my heartbeat grows even more wildly. I drag the staff and press it tightly against my chest, feeling the cold silver between my breasts and I begin to pray for safety from being caught, then I slowly halt the praying when I hear another Elder enter the room.

“Elder Johnson, we have a priest that acquires your immediate attention. It’s about the young Wilson girl, the one who was attacked by the Dark Being, the changes are happening and we need to talk about means of execution.”

Elder Johnson grabs Randy’s collar and brings his face to his own.

“I warn you Randy, if you and that girl go searching for your dead brother, I will be the one to kill both of you, in the most embarrassing way possible, in front of the whole entire City of Light. I will not repent the sins of traitors. Not against our God, in the most impossible time of war.”

I heard the door slam and I shimmy myself out from underneath Randy’s cot and grab my staff and throw it on his bed. I look at him with saddened eyes and wonder what if pulling Randy into this was the best idea. I rub some dirt off of my staff and tie the lace of my right boot. Randy begins packing quicker and I notice the doubtful look on his face.

“Don’t come with me. I can’t…I can’t risk this.”

My voice sounds desperate, and needy.

Randy stops packing the bag for a moment and looks up at me.

“This isn’t just for you Nephi. I need to know what happened to Adam, I need to know what they did to him.”

I nod and sit on the corner of his cot, admiring the strength in Randy’s eyes, which something else familiar gleamed through, the need of revenge. My skirt rides up and reveals bruises, and I quickly hide them, knowing what they mean. The connection is starting to fail, and something wrong has happened to Adam. Soon, if we don’t save him, all I would be was a stone buried deep inside the Earth, or worse…one of them.

“We need to leave after the sun sets; it’s our only chance to make it through the gates with our heads intact.”

I look at Randy’s face and look down at my legs, all these thoughts rush through my mind and Randy asks me what is wrong. I’m not sure what’s wrong though, my heart feels like it might explode, and I know for a fact that everything is bound to change and not for the better. Randy sits next to me on the cot, and interlaces his fingers in mine.

“You’re scared.” His breath touches my cheek and I nod, “You’re scared, and you aren’t used to the feeling, after all those years being the one person depended on to be strong, you aren’t sure if feeling this is right.”

“What if he’s lost? What if he’s gone? I can’t live without him, after all we went through, and the connection. Not only that, but now, I’m a traitor, I’m a traitor to God and I’m a traitor to the City of Light.” I shake my head wildly and look into Randy’s eyes.

“After what we accomplish, the only thing people will think of when they remember you, is how you were heroic and did everything it took to save our people. How you took it into your own hands and risked your own life to save billions.” Randy’s grip on my hand strengthened.

“I hope, deep in my heart, that that is true. Sometimes I pray, but I stop because after what the Elder’s say, I feel like God is not on my side anymore, that maybe they are right and I am an abomination like they say. I’m different than the others, what if I’m not even on the right side anymore?”

“The Darkness will never take you to their side, I assure you, I will die before letting that happen to you. You are the brightest person I know, and you do not receive pleasure from the suffering of others.”

“Randy, please promise me something. If I ever become one of them, promise me…”

“I will not kill you! You must be out of your mind!” Randy’s hand drops from mine and balls up into a fist.

“You have to! I’d rather die than become one of those fucking things. They aren’t human, they aren’t animal, they are the scum of the Earth, and if you do not kill me, I assure you I will not hesitate to kill you. Take a silver bullet, and place it right between my red eyes. If I become one of them, my soul will never rest, and I will be lost forever.”

“I don’t think I can do that Nephi, I really don’t have the strength.”

I look outside to see the sun setting underneath the blackened clouds, I point out to the horizon and Randy nods his head. He throws a box of silver bullets and knives into the green duffle bags, and grabs my hand. I grab my staff off of the cot and rub the blue cross clean. I hold it close to my chest and kiss the cross, praying for all the luck that God can bestow on us.

“I need to know, please promise me.”

“I promise Nephi, I promise with all my heart, that I will do anything to make sure you do not cross sides. If you do, I promise I will aide in your execution, but I will not be your murderer.”

“If it happens, there will not be any more Elders to commit to executions, neither Elders nor priests.”


“Because where we are going, there is no God; there is only the Devil, and all his demons that play with the heart strings of the City of Light. We will be alone, amongst the damned and the rebels of God’s way.”


Submitted: September 26, 2011

© Copyright 2021 KhloeZombieBabyKetchum. All rights reserved.


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