Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3

I look in the mirror, and I struggle to recognize the girl staring back at me. No, not a girl, because I lived way passed my years should allow. I was born 15 years before the apocalypse took place, before the United States began declaring war left and right. The first nuclear bomb hit Washington D.C. when I was 17 years old, and my whole family was killed in front of me on my 18th birthday. The 20 year old girl staring back at me has had a life of disaster and devastation, and the girl staring back at me, is not really me. Long, curly brown hair, and hazel eyes, with a body built for the harsh climate around us. Scars from the hundreds of battles I have taken place in, and wounds that never quite healed, worsen my complexion.

My life was happy, I remember having a good family, a house cat, and hopes for the future, just a normal life, but everything changed after the war started. I was never normal, I always had my head in a book, or my time was spent researching and searching the world for new ideas. I was bright, I was innocent, and I had so much in store from me, people I knew back then would never think I would become a warrior.

After my family had died, I wandered the streets alone, and learned the ways of trade between travelers; I gained street smarts and trained myself for anything to come. I learned how to use weapons, and at last I met a man named Jepha. Jepha, a strong leader in charge of a new type of human, one who knew how to control their emotions and use them against the enemy, found me wandering the streets one dark night. A couple weeks after training with new faces and learning how to communicate again, they started appearing. First, people started getting sick, we thought from radiation poisoning, but their bodies started changing, and morphed into hideous beings.

On a dark morning, everything changed; the first Dark Being was created, and spoke the words of Satan, letting everyone know what was really happening on Earth. Humans were being punished for killing so many innocents. The human race was no longer wanted on Earth, and the Devil sent is darkest entities to scour the Earth, searching for the faint of hearted and the sinners.

One man, I think Earnest was his name, saved a book where God was spoken of, and all things good were worshiped. I dreamt the scenes in the book, the avenging and banishing of all things evil, and I had dreams about the world someday returning to its former glory, with a leader who could end all the hatred and the creation of the Darkness. I hoped one day, to become this leader, but days passed, then weeks, and no one seemed to care about my dreams. Everything became strict, and we started building a wall.

We built all day and all night, until our feet and hands bled, women and children would go to sleep crying with untold pains and misery, but the whole time we guarded the sacred book of God, and began calling ourselves the City of Light. Because the only thing that can defeat the Darkness is the good heartedness of Light, and the will of the people who believe someday God will send us our savior, and the world will be good again.

It never happened, and the killings continued, people being bitten would turn into Dark Beings and the world became a horrible vampire film that no one really thought could turn into reality. People started committing suicide, murders, and finally the oldest people in our group rose up and became the Elders, and laid down strict laws that we had to follow, or else severe punishments would take place. In order to be in the City of Light, you had to be one of God’s warriors, and never commit crimes of hatred or jealousy, and never commit adultery.

When I was 18, Jepha chose me to become a soldier. I learned about the ways to kill dark beings, that blessed silver was the only thing that could penetrate the monster’s decaying flesh. I was taught the ways of execution, the things needed to be said in battle, and I recited the Warrior’s Creed. I learned about the holy waters, the falls that resided near us, the Water of Giving, that gave life to anyone who was fed it. Not only that, but the person who drank it would develop extra senses, and connections to a single being, eternal life and beauty, and the ability to heal and repair anything made of matter or substance. The Waters of Giving is blessed by God himself, so it is extremely forbidden to drink or even speak of the miracles that take place there.

On my second battle, I was partnered up with Adam Tulle, a southern boy who was raised by two loving parents and lived on a farm most of his life. He spent his life hunting and fishing, living near the wild. He was 23 when he came into the City of Light with his younger brother, while running away from what he had witnessed. He had witnessed the brutal murder of his family, except for his little brother whom he saved by slaying a Dark Being, and then ran away never looking back at the little farmhouse he was born and raised in. Adam was quiet and kept to himself, never sharing his past with anyone, and on the battlefield he fought with such determination and concentration that he was made leader of our group. He won the right to do the thing he wanted to do most: kill Dark Beings. That’s all he wanted and all he signed up for, until he met me. At first I hated Adam; we would fight and be at each other’s throats, always bragging about who got the most kills in a day, or who showed the best knife throwing skills. We were always fighting and everyone expected us of most people to follow the creed of the Warrior: Never become attached romantically to another human being, in case something bad happens.

It was a cold night, and we were in combat most of the day, we were alone by a campfire sharing stories about how many Dark Beings we had killed and where we had killed them, then a sudden eerie chill ran down my spine. At first, it was his smile I noticed, how white his teeth were and perfectly straight, and he had one dimple on his right cheek, and somehow he kept clean shaven even though razors were hard to come by. He noticed me too, because he inched closer and my heart began to beat hard in my chest, and I couldn’t tell what was happening. I felt something so different from the feeling I had while killing a Dark Being, I felt something I never had felt in my entire life. I felt love.

Adam gave me a knowing look and inched closer to me, just giving me enough space to breathe, my lungs filled up, but words couldn’t come out, I couldn’t speak. Then he did,

“You’re beautiful.”

He touched my cheek and moved my knotted hair out of my face, looking me straight into my eyes,

“I don’t know how I looked you over before, but there is something, something inside of you not a lot of people have and somehow I know that I can trust you.”

He told me everything about his family and how he killed Dark Beings because he felt like life didn’t even matter anymore, that there was nothing to live for, and that even his younger brother couldn’t look at him the same after watching what he became after his first kill. He told me about how his life prepared him for this, and how it was weird because he felt like somehow this was his fate, and he was destined to run into me in his lifetime.

That it was meant to be.

He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into a long embrace, telling me that there was nothing I had to be afraid of anymore, and tears swelled up in my eyes, after holding my whole life’s worth of sorrow inside of my heart. I felt like I had finally found the thing I was searching for after my family’s death: a home. Adam’s lips brushed my cheek and a warm sensation arose within me, giving me something to live for again, and something to fight for.

Everything after that was like clockwork, our teamwork grew stronger and people started noticing the way Adam would smile at me, and give me sideward glances, how he would give up his food rations to me when I was sick, or would do stupid things just to make me smile. In battle, he would protect me and watch me like a hawk, not letting anyone near me, and if I would fall he would run to my aid. Finally, someone noticed and followed us on one of our missions, we were guarding a tower at the West gate and we heard shuffling in the bushes, two Dark Beings swarmed around us and my gun malfunctioned, Adam threw himself in front of me, but one of the Dark Beings eventually grabbed onto my leg. I shook until the skin was deteriorating off my legs, and the outline and white of my bone shone through the bloody mess. I looked over at the other Dark Being sniffing Adams body. “NO.”

I yelled so loud my lungs burned, and my throat felt like it might rip open. “No! Please, just take me! Please!” I felt the monsters large jaws pierce deep into my thigh, it ripped open and blood spewed out in large globs of dark red. I screamed, the agony was so overwhelming, but still; Adam was the only thing I cared about, he threw his body in front of me so I could run and all I did was stand there like a baby.

At first, the pain was so bad, tears couldn’t even make their way to my eyes, and I felt my life pass, I felt all the energy in my body fail and the whole meaning of my existence, I felt it disappear. I heard my heart beat in many different rhythms, but slowing. I had one last try in me, I grabbed the small serrated blade in my leg pouch and put my face close to the decaying, rotten Dark Beings face, it stared at me in wonder, and I soon began to feel the changes happening in the body and the evil poison rushing through my veins. “Fuck…You.” I spit in the Being’s face and willed my muscles the last movement they could handle, a sudden thrashing to the Dark Being’s left ear, all the way down to its jaw muscles.  Nothing went black, but at the same time everything did; there isn’t really a way to describe how it felt. First, my muscles started twitching, and I saw this dark blue hue around everyone’s body who came near me, I heard people talking but had no idea what they were saying, and the hunger; there isn’t a way to say how much the hunger hurt. The hunger for the fresh blood that was scattered around me, and the warm beating hearts from my friends and comrades near me. I could hear every heartbeat, and every single cell of blood rushing through everyone’s veins, but all I could see was a dark blue hue, and feel the compulsions happening inside of me, and the beating of my own heart stopping for its last beat.

I counted four beats until it finally gave up, I heard someone scream, and my muscles felt tense and strong, and I felt gravel and everything else in the world turn dark and less important. I knew I had been infected, usually no one can fight and their essence leaves their body, and soul is trapped forever, but I fought with all my strength to cling on. I heard Adam’s voice, Adam; he was still alive, and still human. Adam put a cloth around my throat and a gag inside my now sharp teeth, my fangs retracted and I could taste his blood from the oil pores in my body. Blue, everything was blue in hue, so dark, yet so vibrant and I felt my mind wandering and thinking or dark thoughts. “Everything will be okay, everything will be okay…” I finally realized why I understood him, Adam was speaking Latin; the Dark Being’s language. I felt my dead body tense up when his arm wrapped around it, everything was silent except the sloshing of the blood within Adam’s veins.  I needed blood, I knew I did, if I didn’t feast during the first 4 days the change wouldn’t even occur and my body would slowly shutdown on its own. I felt a drop of water on my lip, and then a stream of cold water runs down my throat and over my cheeks, I feel my shirt get soaked with water and Adams grip on my body grow tighter. Adam held me close to him with all his strength, I felt my fangs go back deep into my jaw. I scream in pain, and feel a piercing pain within my skull.

Everything burned, my heart was racing so fast, and it finally came to a halt; my heart stopped completely and I felt a choking sensation inside my lungs that completely enabled my ability to breathe. I brought air into my chest, with a power deep inside me and I heard unexplainable noises and voices. I felt a surge of energy caress my body and my skin tingled like thunderbolts. Adams touch grew more sensitive and his lips forcefully pressed against mine and reeked of blood. I felt something course through my veins and arteries like life was being forcefully injected into me, I tasted Adam’s blood on my lips.

I knew at that moment something was happening and I wasn’t turning into a Dark Being, that Adam was changing me and giving me life. The blue vision stayed, but lessened and more of my human senses returned, except my heart never started beating again, and my lungs never started breathing again. Plus, my want for blood still lingered, only lessened a few degrees. Adam touched my arm and his eyes rolled back into his head.

“NOOOOO, Stop please it hurts…” my voice rang out and echoed through the trees around us.

Small whimpers broke out of my mouth and a bolt of lightning left me and entered Adam, his body broke away from mine and his body began convulsing wildly. My body began healing and I stared in awe at Adam’s body still convulsing in front of me.

“No, please stop I’m sorry, please…” giant tears rolled down my face and grazed my chin, I shuffled over to his body and laid on top of it, and momentarily the seizing stopped.

“Adam, I love you, I’m so sorry…’re all I think about, you’re all that matters to me, and you fed me the water- I felt it, what’s happening?”

He looked up at me and his eyes grew a feverish blue, and his skin began darkening and I realized what was happening, he was changing. I put his face between my hands and I pressed my forehead against his, feeling the cold beads of sweat forming on his face. I brush his chin and my eyes fill with tears.

“You’re so stupid Adam, so fucking stupid. Why would you do something like that? Why…?”

He grunted and the convulsing continued, until I finally knew what I had to do to make the pain stop for him, I pulled out a small blade from between my breasts and cut my wrist clean in one motion. I felt no pain, but instead complete adrenaline as the blood rushed out of my wrist.  I pressed the wound to his mouth and I felt his white fangs slide into my arm like a cold razor. This time, I felt the pain and I reared back in one motion. I felt his venom enter my veins and stumbled over him, laying on top of him pressing my cheek on his, I felt my legs give out.

“Please, just wake up and tell me you love me, so we can both die knowing the truth, that warriors can’t love; we can love. I know we can, because I love you and I was meant to be with you, I know it, I know we were.”

I pressed my lips up against his and I felt a burst of energy leave my body, through my fingertips and my chest, and I felt light escape me and watched as it entered Adam’s mouth. His lips parted and spoke three words,

“I love you.”

After that, I knew that Adam and I were meant to be together and that no prophecy could change it. When we were together everything flowed perfectly like it did before we were cursed. We would fight together and win together, and we would sneak into each other’s rooms at night, so we could talk about our pasts. We would hug and that’s all we would need to know we were meant to be together. One night, while being together and talking about running away, he grabbed my neck, pressing his lips against mine. An alarm went off and I jumped up, knowing what was happening, I grabbed my knives and shoved them in my boots. Adam kissed me and pushed me onto the bed.

“Stay here,” he yelled at me.

“Anywhere you go, I go.” I stared at him and wondered why he was being so worry-filled.

“You’re too important, I can’t lose you. I’ll be back.” He leaned over and kissed my forehead, and a surge of electricity hit me again, causing my body to want him more, to force him to stay, but I couldn’t. Instead a force hit me as I heard a Dark Being screech outside; I felt my body twist and a pulse of pain ran through me. I heard a boy scream and whimper, and I felt my eyes turn blue again, a strange want to kill filled my body and my nostrils flared.

“No,” I saw Adam shake his head and his whole body flinched and rammed itself on top of me, stopping me from exiting the room, “It’s still inside of you, you’re still dark.”

Adam dead bolted the door and laid next to me, forcing my convulsing body to stay close next to his, while everything around me felt cold and black, with thin hues of blue. Adam petted my hair until the Dark Being was killed and when it was my body went into fits and emotional pain grazed me, I felt like a piece of me disappeared.

“How can you kill them like this? How can you kill when you feel their pain inside of you? It’s like they are a part of you, like you are one of them,” he kissed my cheek and looked at the door, “You’ll never kill a Dark Being again, because I won’t let you.”

I felt his body grow warm next to mine and he wrapped his body around me, I knew it was over when I felt my old mind snap back into place. My head hurt so badly, and I broke out into loud sobs while Adam cradled my head in his arms.

The next day, the Elders declared that there was to be a quest, and Adam made sure I was not on the list, I hugged and kissed him a hard goodbye. He walked off into the dark grey woods with the warrior’s pack, and he was the only one who didn’t come back.

A cold dark December night, was the night the warriors made their arrival with two Dark Being’s heads. Along with Adam’s staff, a silver stake with a blue cross at the end, symbolizing the force of life, I knew Adam was still alive though, because I felt the same warmth deep in my heart that called for him to come home to me. It wasn’t before long until everyone started noticing what I have become, many tried to kill me, but I just would escape their attempts.

Every night, for 3 years I waited, I would sit out on a rock looking out of the town’s walls, waiting for Adam to come home. People would talk about me, but I would ignore their attempts at lessening my feelings about what was to come. What scared me most though is that the Dark Beings stopped attacking, so I readied my army and started realizing what I was capable of.

Submitted: September 26, 2011

© Copyright 2021 KhloeZombieBabyKetchum. All rights reserved.


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