You Fell In Love With Me, I Fell In Love With You

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They were both broken. They both needed comfort and protection. Will they tear each other's walls down?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - You Fell In Love With Me, I Fell In Love With You

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



Love is pointless and stupid. People think that love is what they need. No. You don't need love. It only breaks you, and you end up hurt in the end. I'm going to stay single forever, I'm thinking. Why should I get hurt again, multiple times? I've been suffering this heartbreak for four days now. And it's hell. I know what you're thinking, harming yourself and having multiple break downs over a boy. Pathetic, right? Wrong. If you are thinking that, then you have never gone through this pain. When you love one person with everything you have inside of you. They mean more than the world to you. Only for them to tear you down and tell you they no longer love you anymore. Or that they've been seeing someone else behind your back. It hurts. It really does. And i don't think i can ever fall like that again. That's why i've wrapped my wall around my heart. You know in that song, Fall by Justin Bieber? -"I know you've got your wall, wrapped all the way around your heart" Well, yeah. But i'm not going to let Justin Bieber tear it down, thank you. "Hanna, wake up!" My mother called from the other side of the door. I scrunched my face up and pulled my pillow over my face to block out her ear piercing moan of words that i can barely understand, as it is too early in the morning. I heard thuds across my room as she stomped her feet, heavily on the floorboards. Her sharp nails clawing at my pillow to tear it away from my disgusting morning face. "Hanna. I said get up!" She yelled, inpatiently. "But mom, it's summer vacation. Which means no school, which also means no early mornings" I groaned, sitting up. Well i'm awake now. No point in going back to sleep. My mom sighed, "You're coming with me to Melissa's house. You can finally meet Ryan!" She cheered, wow, bit too happy there mom. See, my mom had been wanting me and Ryan to hook up for at least five months now. I have never met him in my life and I couldn't care less if i ever do. She thought Matt, (my ex, the one im drowning myself in depression for) was a bad influence. When i told her the news about the break up she nearly collapsed from happiness. She's such a bitch at times, but i love her. She's my best friend, when she wants to be. I dragged myself out of bed and pushed my mom out the room. I walked over to my closet and picked out an outfit that i guess would be ok. It's not like im planning on marrying ths guy. I slip out of my pj's and into the clothes i picket out.
I'm not even bothering to shower or apply make-up today, I feel worthless. I rake my brush through my bird's nest and shove on an ugly hoodie that I am ashamed to own and some scuffed up uggs, before heading outside to the car where my mother was waiting.
"You could've put a little effort into your outfit" She smiled a sarcastic grin as I inwardly cursed at her a thousand times. I rolled my eyes and pulled the seatbelt across my body before my mom pulled out of the drive and headed to Ryan and Melissa's house.

Finally, we got there. That twenty minute car drive was probably the worst. It was filled with an uncomfortable silence and I really hate awkward silences, so much that I could rip the roots of my hair out of my head!
Me and mom walked down the rest of the drive and pushed the doorbell before being welcomed by, who I'm guessing is Melissa. "Hey, guys. Come in." She grinned, showing off her pearly whites.
I stood in Melissa's hallway, picking my nails while the oldies caught up on pointless news. My mom nudged my arm, freeing me from depressing thoughts which I inwardly thanked her for. She gave me a warned look as if to say "Say hello then you idiot". I meakly nodded and turned to face Melissa. "Hi, I'm Hanna." I shrugged.
"Nice to meet you, Hanna. Ryan's upstairs. Third door on your right." She said before grabbing my mother's arm and tugging her into the kitchen.
I sighed and trudged up the stairs and walked past two doors until stopping at the third one. I don't know what happened, but in that moment, butterfly's iruppted into my stomach. I was never good with new people.
I shakily reached for the door knob and turned it slowly. I peaked my head round the corner, to find a beautiful boy sat with his back against the wall, eyes tightly shut and a few beer bottle's down by his side. "Hello, I'm Hanna."
Ryan slowly opened his eyes and scanned me up and down. Oh now I wish I made an effort. Ryan smiled and stood up. He walked closer to me and extended his and out for me to shake. "Hey, I'm Ryan" 

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