The Great Odyssey

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Chapter 1 of The Great Odyssey

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Great Odyssey

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



Chapter 1

Waking Up In a Jungle

I wake up on a bed made of large leaves. We must leave,  I think to myself it's past dawn. I gently nudge Kieoko,

"Get up honey," I whisper softly, "We've got to get a move on."

I slowy stroke Kieoko's long and thick black hair until she awakens. She rubs her eyes until they adjust to the light. She pushes a fluff of her cascading hair out of her eyes.

"What time is it?" she questions.

"I don't know," I reply,"but it's after dawn."

She suddenly get up, startled.

She says," After dawn? Dang! We slept in!"

Now I know, you people are probably going on and on about being dead asleep at dawn, or you are questioning if I am sane. Well, I can assure you that I am not a crazy lunatic, Kieoko and I just need to find ssomething, and fast.

"Rae," Kieoko askes,"Where are we? I don't even remember..."

She seems dazed as I explain to her where we are.

"Mort's Jungle? Oh yeah, I somewhat recall it now...."

Kieoko shows some signs of relief until she asks, " Hey Rae? Where is Luscia?"

Okay, let me explain, Luscia is our alpaca, we were FORCED to take her on our journey. You see, in our country, alpacas are wise creatures sent from Na'nica, the godess of creativity, problem-solving, and most importantly, navigation; which is why we HAD to bring that stupid animal along.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I think for a moment,"I think she is in the grove of banana trees next to the hut." I oint towards a lush area of various plants. Some of which were banana trees. Right smack in the middle of this jungle paradise was a large pair of fuzzy,white ears. Those of which belonged to Luscia, whom was carelessly munching away at some odd plant.


Luscia lowers her head and went to sulk on her leafy bed. Now, we could start to pack up. I roll up the grass mats that Kieoko has so graciously woven for our floor, and then I start to disassemble the hut-like shelter. Kieoko has been busily gathering berries and other food in case of an emergency. As for Luscia, well she is now nibbling away from Kieoko's berry stash, almost going unnoticed.


Luscia stops in her tracks to immediatly return to sulking. By now, all that is left to do is to erase any sign that we were here. We don't need anyone to find us.

Now at this point in the story, the reader might ask what on earth are you looking for, and why is it so secret. Well I guess I'll open up to you. We are hunting for Zaksuat's Treasure. According to legend, Zaksuat was an evil man, hated by all who came acroos him. Even his creators, the gods, despised him. For he made them look foolish and stupid. The thing that made Zaksuat so famous was that he was filthy rich! Now, he obviously wasn't a try-hard that earned this money, this is a legend afterall, it HAS to be interesting. Zaksuat got his riches from the people, but not legally. Zaksuat is the best known robber of all time. It is said that before he died, Zaksuat hid all his wealth in the lost city of Zoomoluge, which translates to "money" in my ancestors' language.

So, as an interested reader, you are probably wondering why I am searching hopelessly for this treasure. Well, my village, Dasfistunei, which in an ancient language literally means " dirt and rags" really lives up to its name. We are the poorest village in all the land. So every year,in order to solve that problem our village sends out a brave 12 year-old and an 8 year-old on a  quest to find it. As you probably can guess, even after 3,000 years of searching, we haave not yet suceeded in these attempts quite yet.

So anyways, we are looking for the treasure, and we feel like we are on the brink of somerthing spectacular. Last night, Kieoko found a small nugget of gold, and just last week I found some silver rings decorated with the shiniest of diamonds.

Even just one more item of value could be enough to pull our village out of shambles. Imagine, the whole thing could make us seventy-nine times richer than that one guy...who was he....OH YEAH! We could be seventy-nine time richer than the "famous" BILL GATES! By now, we ar eready to leave, we've hooked Luscia to a makeshift cart and loaded it up with supplies. AND WE'RE OFF! Except we aren't; in the short amount of time it took to load the cart, Luscia has started to munch away at some tropical flower.


She sulks as she pulls the cart slowly away into the vast jungle.....

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