The British Wesen

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Wulfric Harris has been aware of the other side of the world since he was little. The humans around him are blissfully oblivious to the truth behind the stories they tell their young, unaware that these are more than fairy tales. The creatures, they are more than real. They're everywhere.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The British Wesen

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



The morning sunlight sifted through the foggy streets of Penrith on the early Friday morning. I hurried along the streets, trying to avoid anyone's gaze. I saw something move into my path several feet away, so I turned left and crossed the road. As I reached the other side, the object returned in front of me, I now saw the clear image of a person. I looked up to see a boy slightly taller than me with slicked back hair and a strange smile,

"You're going to the new school, too?" he grinned sarcastically, clearly poking fun, "There's something you need to know about this school-" he cut himself off by woging into his trues form; a small and pitiful goatee-like crop of hair on his chin, his nose sqaushed and stubble sprouted at his cheeks. Ziegevolk. I looked up at him, he continued "I'm the boss around there, got it?"

I stared at him, "You don't frighten me," I glared woging into my form,  ears narrowed, my mouth and nose pushed outward to form a small muzzle, filled with sharp and pointed fangs, brown fur covering my face. My brown eyes swirled and turned a deep red colour.

I twisted my head up at him so he could get a good look. He retreated slightly with both surprise and fright,

"A Blutbad?" he gasped, woging back to human state.

"Almost," I growled, woging to human again, "All the ability of a hundjager, with the strength of a blutbad,"

With wide eyes, he looked me up and down then took off past me, not daring to so much as brush me as he went.

I mused at how popular this school must be. I'd lived in Penrith my whole life but never once seen that stranger, people must be coming from all over.


Walking into the form room, heads turned to me, one fat, light-haired bauerschwein boy cowered and woged, his snout snorting with surprise, before returning to his book. I walked to the  back corner of the class and stuffed my bag under the desk, thinking no one would bother me there.

The door opened again and this time a thin girl with petite features walked in, her hair was golden and flowed down past her shoulder blades. She looked around and saw me in the corner and approached.

"Is this seat taken?" She smiled, pointing to the seat beside me. I shook my head,

"Be my guest" I smiled back.

She looked around, then dead in my eyes, "I take it you' of us..."

I stared back and nodded. She bowed her head then, as she raised it again, she woged into a coyotl, her teeth sharpened, her ears grew longer, and a snout appeared where here mouth and nose were.

I also woged, my muzzle re-appearing slong with sharp fangs, the fur sprouting again.

"A cross-breed?" She remarked, her woge receeding, "You're the first I've heard about around here, especially between a blutbad and hundjager."

I raised an eyebrow, "Oh? I'm surprising, am I?"

"Sorry. I didn't mean-" She stammered. I smiled at her.

"It's alright. I'm Wulfric. Wulfric Harris."  She stared at me.

"That's an...ironic name..." She said, I nodded,

"My parents love irony, they see it as life poking fun at you,"

She chuckled slightly, and bruished a stray hair out of her icy blue eye.

"I'm Jenny Grey, nice to meet you."

I was about to return the words, when the classroom door opened and three people walked in.

One was the chief of police, a thinly-built man, but with a strong sense of authority about him, his black hair was thin and of average length, he wore a dark brown longcoat, a walkie-talkie attatched to the lapel.. Beside him was a small, stocky-bodied man, large round glasses and short grey hair. The last man in the line, was the headmaster, I guessed this as I had seen a portrait of him in the hallway on my way in. All three stood there silently. Then the headmaster spoke.

"Everyone, may I introduce the Chief of Police, Captain Roberts." Everyone looked at the police captain, clearly wondering what he was doing here.

Roberts scanned each face, then, as his gaze reached Jenny and me, his eyes widened. Both Jenny and I saw this, and turned to each other, then back at him.

The captain whispered to the headmaster who nodded, "You two. At the back, what are your names?" he pointed. Each head in the class turned to us.

"Jenny. Jenny Grey" Jenny replied from beside me, shakily.

"Wulfric Harris, sir" I said to him.

"Could you be so kind as to step outside with the Captain, please." He motioned to the door. Jenny turned a panicked face to me, and I shrugged and stood up.

The Captain opened the door and allowed us out, then followed and shut it behind him. Then spun on his heels to me,

"What are you?" He said quietly. I stared at him, and replied,

"You're a Grimm, aren't you?" He nodded and Jenny gasped, the Captain got closer.

"" He continued, staring at me.

"A cross-breed, why?"


"Blutbad and Hundjager," I replied, woging. He smiled as though christmas had come early.

"That is fantastic, how long can you stay like that?" I arched my eyebrows and woged.


He smile turned into a broad grin, "To catalogue you. I've never heard of a cross-breed before, this will be one for the books!"  He suddenly remembered that Jenny was stood behind me, staring at us both.

"Oh, beg my pardon Miss Grey. Wesen?" He said directly to her.

"Coyotl" She murmered to him, woging. His mood suddenly changed, his smile faltering.

"Coyotl? Oh, I've heard of you" He said, changing his grin for a false one, "You are trouble"

Jenny was getting visibly worried, and I took it upon myself to stop him.

"Back off, Grimm" I snarled woging and stepping in front of Jenny. The Grimm smiled again.

"Ha. It worked, I wanted to see if you'd defend her, despite her not being your species,That is interesting."

I felt myself go red and I woged and hid my face, his genuine smile returned,

"Being both hundjager and blutbad, you would be quite an addition to the force. How about you come around to the Police Headquaters with me when we're done here? I 'll make an excuse for you."

"Alright" I said, before being whacked on the back of the head by Jenny, who pulled me aside,

"This is a grimm. How do you know we can trust him?" She said, "You idiot, it could be a trap. What then?"

"He's getting us out of school, and he's a police captain, he's hardly on the wrong side of the law."

"Fine" She said reluctantly, turning back to the grimm, "But I've got my eyes on you," She growled, her eyes turning slitted and silver.

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