The Known And The Hidden

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Wulfric Graves lives in both of two worlds. The mortal one, the one everyone sees, and, the Otherworld, that many people do not,the hidden world , where magic, danger and utter chaos roam free, usually into the path of some unsuspecting innocent.
Wulfric is a member of a species of creatures that are thought to be extinct. Skinwalkers. Brought to a small group of Otherworlders he is the key to something that will protect the mortals from otherworld creatures, threatening all existence.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Known And The Hidden

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



The city streets were dark and quiet as I stumbled through in a panic, desperate to escape the monsters pursuing me.

I took a left and ducked into a run-down newsagents, hiding behind the ancient, destroyed counter. I heard a mumbling from the door and a foul, mouldy smell followed. Suddenly the newsagent door was flung and smashed into the wall in front of me, splintering, and sending shards of old wood and rusted metal in all directions. The sound of deep, guttural breathing got closer and closer to my hiding place. Then, it stopped. Next came the tapping of shoes on the cracked linoleum floor. It approaced and I was filled with relief. Someone had come to rescue me. Around the side of the desk came a tall, thin, but strongly built woman. Her hair was white as snow, however, she was quite young, looking barely eighteen. She wore a long black trench coat and a beaten grey beanie, leather boots, dark jeans and fingerless gloves. Her eyes glowed an emerald gren colour, she had a straight face and a dead-pan stare, like she was studying me. She turned her head to the doorway,

"This is the one!" She called to a man who replied, in a fed-up voice,

"Yes, give me a moment, Sori!"  She returned her dead pan stare, her eyes were boring into mine.

Another stranger came around the corner, I expected this was the man she was talking to. He had thin, black hair and wore a white tailored shirt beneath a worn tan overcoat, along with black, tailored trousers, looking as though he was a school teacher. He held his arms behind his back. 

I watched him with uneasy eyes, his age was unpinnable, he looked as though he was in his mid-to-late thirties, but spoke with a mixture of words, making his generation more difficult to define. He had stubble on his cheeks and chin.

He moved his hands from behind his back revealing a  a dog collar and a chain, in his hands. He then proceeded towards me cautiously,

"Easy boy," He mumbled, "I won't bite, so you better not, either" He made an effort to keep his arms clear in case I attacked, but I dared not resist. He put the collar on me and looped the chain through it, handed it to the woman and headed outside, "I'll be waiting for you." He said as he left. The girl, who I figured was Sori, tugged the chain gently,

"C'mon," She said quietly, looking at me, I stared back at her, feigning innocence through my deep brown eyes. "I'm not stupid, I know what you are," she grumbled, then tugged harder on the chain, "Morph. Now."

Sighing, I obeyed, taking on the form of a black-furred dog, close to appearance to a border collie.

"Good boy," she smiled condescendingly, then held out a biscuit to me. At first I refused it out of dignity, then realised I hadn't eaten since yesterda morning, and even then it was a small, extremely dry waffle. I took the biscuit and devoured it, following her out of the building to the man and the awaiting car.

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