The Known And The Hidden

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Trouble On Wheels

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



As I padded onto the street, I was surprised to see the type of car the man drove. Parked perfectly on the side of the pavement, was a Rolls Royce Phantom, the man leaned against it as it hummed, arms folded.

\"Come on. In\" he said, motioning with his thumb. I sped forward for the passenger seat, but was quickly halted by Sori violently yanking the chain back, the force taking me to the ground. She laughed.

\"No way. I sit in the front.\"

I bowed my head slightly and saw a massive puddle at my paws. I looked up and, without warning, splashed into the puddle, causing water to soak all three of us. The man cried out, noticing some had gone through the open window and drenched the driver's seat. He muffled his angry screams into his arm. Sori went to say something and was interrupted by the man, who had clearly not screamed into his jacket enough,

\"BAD DOG! VERY BAD DOG!\" He yelled loudly at me, my ears drooped.

\"Drifter! Shut it!\" Sori said through gritted teeth, slapping him across the back of the head.

Something stirred in a nearby alleyway.  The guttural breathing noise and the mouldy stench returned as the thing came from the shadows. The monsters had returned.

\"Nice one, dumbass\" Sori scowled, crouching and sliding a long dagger form her boot, the monster began  to approach.

As it came into the moonlight, the creature was a combination of different parts of animal skeletons in a Frankenstein-esque manner, held together by a large, pulsating purple orb behind the eye holes.

\"Oi. In the car!\" Drifter said to me quickly, then pulled a revolver from his jacket pocket, shooting at the creature's skull sending bits of bone flying, mildly halting the thing but not stopping it. Drifter then drew a dagger similar to Sori's and headed toward the monster.

The pair flanked the creature, Sori on the left and Drifter on the right, keeping it in the alley. It lunged and Sori slammed it to the ground my smacking it with the pommel of the dagger. Drifter took advantage of the creature's vulnerability and used the chance to plunge the blade into the orb in the skull which turned a bright white colour, then black, then turned to ash, along with the body.

As Sori and Drifter returned to the car, I barked at them angrily,


Both sat looking at me, confused. Then I realised they couldn't understand me.

\"Right...\" Sori said, looking around, \"We'd best take him to the Flats, Poindexter will know what to do next.\"

Drifter looked at me with a scornful expression, \"Alright, so long as the dog doesn't do anything else to my car,\" he opened a door and I was about to jump in when he stopped me, \"But if I see you lift your leg...\" he made a scissor notion with two fingers. I nodded quickly in understanding and hopped in, he closed the door behind me.

Him and Sori got in then clicked their seatbelts.

\"Aw, hell!\" Sori slammed her hands down on the dashboard, I looked over and saw several more of the monsters through the windscreen,

\"Oh for goodness' sakes!\" Drifter grumbled, put the car into gear, then slammed his foot onto the accelerator, driving straight into and smashing a number of the creatures into pieces.

As the Royce sped off, I looked through the back window to see the orbs from the destroyed monsters, grow white, then black and then turn to ash, the remaining ones skulked away to the shadows in which they dwelled...


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