Absolute Ambiance

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At the age of 14, Rylan’s aura has flared, and he has no idea what he is capable of. So he is solemnly shocked when various groups of anonymous people begin to try and kidnap him. Strange thing is it seems like they are attacking him; with the air! That he can’t see! It’s probably only a matter of time before one of them catch up with him, but London is his city, he’s lived there all his life so if anyone can possibly escape the onslaught it will be him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Absolute Ambiance

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013






The desert sand had frozen from the constant bombardment from the snow, so much that even the glaringly bright sun seemed to have no effect. Since the war began the weather in the world seemed to be always awkward to say the least.

The parched sand mixed with the ice crunched under her feet, the sound was like daggers in her ears but she kept climbing to the crest, of the tremendously large sand dune. She heard them before she reached them; two silhouettes with their backs to her, leaning against the side of a small dull building with a diminishing yellow topped sun roof, not too far away now were talking casually, but their words seemed to be filled with venom. Their voices were faint so she stopped and listened. ‘…By Nightfall will be destroyed, their petty city will be in flames, we will meet up with the army later and by the time they realise, it will be too late’. Then the one on the right said ‘You mustn’t be complacent’ His voice was much older and wiser. ‘There are still some who can oppose us, until then’. Then he disappeared erupting into a column of flames. ‘Humph, show off’, then he turned and walked straight into her. There was a short moment of shock, and then his facial expressions turned steely. Whilst looking at her he jumped backwards and crouched. Hit lit up fire in his hand, his fire was indigo blue the colour of his aura. ‘So you’re an elemental’ she smiled at least the playing field would be even. He spoke his voice different from the last time. ‘So what’s an unknown mage doing out here, all on her own’. She smiled ignoring his question. ‘So what’s your name, I like to know the name of my victims’. He laughed a full hearted one. Then he snarled ‘Darling you’re the victim, and very soon you’re going to die and find out what happens to trespassers’. Then with a wry smile he said ‘and outta curiosity what’s your name, darling’. Her smile melted, she quickly put it back up again, but he noticed. ‘Oh, another no name. This is exactly why we have to get rid of this council of yours’. She gathered her courage to speak and when she did her voice was harsh. ‘Just because I was never named doesn’t mean they don’t care about me, and secondly never call me darling. Ever’! He smiled again and the sides of her lips curled, and she began to creep to gain a better angle. You know my left hand brings death, but my right hand even I’m afraid of it! That’s when her hands blazed with silver fire, blurring with the speed at which she threw it. They slammed into his chest, putting him off balance and his indigo flames extinguished, but he switched to water before he even hit the ground letting it carry him, then curled around him, until he was shaped like a spear head and then shot towards her. She quickly called the earth towards her which would shield her from almost any normal blow, but even with the weight of that the water still forced her back crushing her back against the wall; threatening to back some of her ribs, she couldn’t think or see clearly and she let out a silent scream. Only it got worse when he skewed his angle to the side and she began to scrape against the wall sending chinks of brick showering everywhere, not long after they reached the edge of the building and he changed direction once again and the corner of the wall dug into her back with a significant amount of force, causing excruciating pain and in a burst of anger the building exploded blasting them both away from each other onto the artificial grass, that lay behind the building. She stood immediately blood dripping down the side of her face and even beneath her black trousers; yet anger replaced her pain. As the man began to stand she gathered all the small grains of brick and created a whirlpool of debris, that seethed like a group of iron fillings.


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