Shallow Evenings

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



The chosen one? I've heard about it, but what's the difference between a normal vampire and the chosen one... Well, except the eye colors. "Excuse me? Luna?" She turns around and looks at me with a forced smile. "Yes?" I cough and think for a moment. "What does the...Chosen one... Like uh...What's so speacial about it?" Luna laughs and sits down. "You see, the chosen one comes into this world every hundred years or so. They could have hazel eyes," She stops and nods her head towards me. "or purple eyes, green eyes... Anything but crystal blue eyes." I sit down and listen. "They have powers too. You can read people's minds and send them messages, control any vampire, human, or werewolf to do whatever they like. Hah, you could send me smashing into this wall if you wanted to." She laughs and continues. "They dont get hurt, at all. Not even if you step into the sunlight. The only way you can die is if..." She trails off and looks at the ground. "If what?" She looks back up at me. "If you fall into the wrong hands, they can take your powers away." She leans forward and pokes right in the middle of my chest. "That's where your power is stored. I needle can go in, suck your power right out." I thought over this for a moment. "Are there anymore.. like me?" She nods. "There are two left. Jason and Claire. Jason has red eyes and Claire has purple eyes. They live in russia." I wonder why she is giving me all this info."Well why'd you take me away from Zoey and Damian?" She thinks for a moment. "Well, I was going to sell you to this one dude, Viktor, but after meeting you, you don't deserve to be sold. What I need you to do, is try you're best and focus on Zoey." I nod. "Okay. Try to get into her mind and tell her you are in the barn behind Casey's. Tell her to take the dirt road on the left of it, and go until she see's the barn." I focus with all my might, but I can reach her. "It's not working." I feel like I want to cry, but I don't. "Okay, empty your mind. Now just think of Zoey, and push into her mind, and say what I told you." I relax, think of Zoey, and I get into her mind. I did it! Okay. I say into her mind. I'm in the barn behind Casey's. Take that dirt road on the left of it, and go until you see the barn. In there. Hurry please! By the way, this is Kiley.

I feel proud of what I did. A couple minutes later, I hear a knock on the barn door. "Wow, that was fast." Luna answer's the door. A short man with a mustache walks in. "Viktor!" Luna said, nervously. "I-I-I'm calling off the sale." Viktor never said anything. He looked Luna in the eyes and shook his head. Then he walked toward me. "I'm gonna have to take her instead."

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