Shallow Evenings

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



I laugh at my thoughts and read Zoey's mind to see what's happening.

"So hon.. I know we haven't seen eachother for a while, but we have eternity now to catch up together." Zoey sighs. "But Bruce... I left you for what you did. Making those kids vampires was a terrible thing! They were so sweet and innocent." He laughs and says, "But they wanted that to happen." Zoey grumbles something and runs a hand through her her full of frustration. "They were barely two years old! They didn't know anything! You ruined my life trying to keep your secret! I should have known to dump you after I found out your secret as a vampire." Bruce takes Zoey by the hands. "Aw, come on babe. Dont be like that. They're locked up downstairs. If we desperatly need them, we let them loose." Zoey nods. "Okay. But I have a feeling there's more than the three you created that day." He laughs a nervous laugh. "Well..." Zoey groans "Bruce!" He looks down. "Okay, there's five now. But don't worry. We're safe." She sighs. "Fine. That all you want to say to me?" He laughs. "Well, not exactly." He hands her a beer and leads her up to his bedroom.

I pull out of her thoughts. Great. He's gonna get her drunk and sleep with her. I'm gonna be here all night with nothing to do. Ugh. Just then I see Alex. The way I feel about him now is different then what I thought before. Before, when I saw him, my heart was beating 120 MPH... Now, he seems like an old friend, the kind who you call eachother names and you dont get butthurt. Maybe it's a different kind of love. I wonder what he's thinking. Ya know, this whole chosen one thing might not be a bad thing after all. He's talking to some girl. She's tan, beautiful, in a purple dress with black leggings. I concentrate and go into his mind.

"Hey, Valerie." She seems upset at him. I can't believe I stood her up last night. He thinks.

I pull out of his thoughts. He's my friend. He needs a girl's advice. Think, Kiley. Think. Just then I get an idea. There's a dance coming up, and it's every girl's dream to go to it. I go back into his mind.

"Valerie. Come on, babe. I know your mad, but can you please forgive me?" She turns away. Take her to Dancing Fever, I tell him. "Will you go to Dancing Fever with me, Valerie?" She looks at him and smiles. "Yes! Yes, Alex! I would love to." She hugs him and I pull out of his mind.

Even though I've always wanted to go to a dance with Alex, I decided she needed it more than me. Just then he and Valerie walk by. her arm linked around his. "Oh hey, Kiley," he says. "This is Valerie. Valerie this is Kiley." I smile. "Hi," I say. She looks me over. "She's filthy, has straw in her hair, and has the weirdest style of clothing." I look at my gray T-shirt and jean shorts. I regret my favor I did for her. I stand up and look her straight in the eyes. I can feel them shift from regular hazel to a deeper hazel. Her mouth drops open. "What did you say to me?" I ask in a demanding tone. "Uh.. I.. I love the color of your hair, and your short are the coolest." I nod. "Talk to me like that again, I can snap your neck in half without even touching you. Seriously." I smile and she walks away before Alex. He looks at me and chuckles. "Same old bitchy Kiley." We smile. "Well, see you around, KK." And he goes and chases after Valerie.

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