Shallow Evenings

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



I woke up the next morning when Zoey sat on me. I pushed her off of me and sat up. I dont even remember how I got onto the couch. "When are we leaving to Russia?" I asked. she looked at the ticket. "We have to be at the airport by 7 PM." I looked at my watch. 2PM. "Okay well should I drive or are you sober?" She nodded and patted my shoulder. "I think you should drive." I grab the keys and check Zoey's purse for my lisence. I find it and put it back in and grab the purse. "Okay, come on, Zoey. Get in the car." I get into the driver's side. Man, I haven't driven for a longass time.I buckle myself up and Zoey does too. I start the car and drive to our house. "Okay I'm gonna go pack." I head upstairs and scream. Zoey's beside me in a couple of seconds. "What? What is it?" I saw a kid, with blodshot eyes. They we're crystal blue, but they weren't one of my kind, I know that. "I saw something. Probably my imagination." She nods and goes to her room to pack. I get done packing in about an hour. We watch TV until 6PM and drive to the airport. We pass through security and board the plane. A short 30 minutes into the ride, I drift off into a deep sleep.

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