The Fading

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When was the last time you found someone as fascinating as a bad accident? And why did that someone, who looked as if they was involved in a train wreck, show you in three days more than you have seen in a lifetime? This is story about how a complete stranger can show you how to make life simple through chaos. This is the life. A life of Triage Sessions.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Stranger

Submitted: January 23, 2007

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Submitted: January 23, 2007



Dusk has arrived. The sun was getting ready to crawl over the horizon and the wind was starting to blow. The leaves below the large maple tree began to twist into a spiral vacuum. They soon floated on the wind, began skipping across the window and disappeared around the corner door of Chats, the urban coffee shop. Jara Montoya looked intently outside while she walked to her booth by the window.

She had come to the obscure coffee shop once again to hide away as she usually did. She entered and fingered the tabletops as she walked to the corner booth. She sat gently down, as if it were a seat at a carnival dunking tank. Jara stopped looking outside just long enough to lower her head into her hands. With a sigh, a tear began to fall. It missed her cupped hands, and splashed onto the table at the same time and in sync with the sudden roar of thunder. Jara's heart leaped! Instinctively she looked left. Out of the large window, she could see the leaves were still dancing on the wind. Chats customers immediately became still, and frozen as if honoring a moment of silence.

Many minutes went by, as everyone waited for sirens to sound. No sound came. Jara smelled the aroma of a carmel machiatto swiftly enter her nostrils as she inhaled. Looking down she noticed the barista had brought her favorite drink to the table and had vanished before being seen. Kara looked around as she reached for the wooden stir stick. Then the sound of Chats door broke the silence, as someone entered and the group began to become lively again.

In walked a tall and somewhat rugged, but gentle looking stranger. He walked as if he was dressed in something very elegant, and moved around the other tables with the confidence of a warrior, while walking a path approaching Jara's booth. No one seemed to notice the stealthy stranger except Jara. He then turned and sat at the table next to her booth, before patting his chest pocket gently. He paused long just enough to reach inside his jacket and then started checking the outside pockets. He appears to be looking for something, Jara thought as intensely, as she glanced curiously watching him. The stranger didn't pay her any attention. He knew she was watching him. He was accustomed to the curiosity. Watching him reach inside of a very small pocket, and trying to be helpful, Jara couldn't help but to ask him discreetly "Did you lose something?" He hesitated, then pulled his fingers out of the small pocket and softly spoke to her answering, "Nothing. I have lost nothing but have given away much." Jara looked puzzled, as her eyes squinted smaller. She then looked around to see if anyone noticed the brief conversation. It seemed the two of them were invisible for a moment. The sun had not yet disappeared over the horizon, but it seemed like an hour had passed. She looked at her cup and sipped from it with her eyes closed, trying to discern the carmel flavor.

As Jara lowered the cup and opened her eyes, she noticed the barista had returned and rewarded the stranger with an expresso in a small shot glass. "Its on the house, great to see you again" he said before leaving his table. With a nod and a slight smile, the stranger closed his eyes and began to lean towards his glass, but he didn't drink it. He seemed to emmerse himself in the vapors rising from over its rim. Jara thought to herself. Why did he sit there, of all the empty tables? What was he searching his pockets for? Did he come here to get out of the weather? What happened to the weather, where is the rain? she thought as she looked outside again. The sun was still in its place, fading on the edge of day and night. She then turned again toward the stranger, as if to ask him another question. Her mind became overwhelmed with many questions as she watched the stranger's attempt to drown himself in the coffee vapors.

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