Chapter 1: 18 years older than me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1

It was the first day of seventh grade. Before school, I put on some random clothes and brushed my teeth, not even doing my hair. What's the point, I don't have anyone to impress. I'm not even interested in any of the other girls at school. They're all to mean for me.


My mom drove me to school in silence. We usually don't talk. We have nothing in common. She expected me to be interested in guys, and practically disowned me when she figured out I'm a lesbian. She said if I wanted to keep living in her house, I better at least not talk to her anymore.


I got my class schedule in the gym. All my classes were upstairs, which was good because I didn't feel like going up and down stairs for the whole year. I had music first, my least favorite class. I walked there sadly, because I'd hoped I wouldn't get this class.


I saw a lady wearing a really cute outfit sitting at the desk. It looked nothing like a teacher's outfit. For one thing, the skirt was way too short, the top way way too tight, and she had pink hair. Wait what... she looks kind of like Katy Perry.... Am I imagining things?


"Hello. I'm Katy Perry, as you probably knew. Sit wherever you'd like. What's your name?"


"I'm... um... Cleo. Nice to meet you. I'm a big fan."


"What a pretty name. Now what happened to your hair?"


"I haven't brushed it in 2 days."


"Oh. Well, I was gonna say it looks nice."


We didn't speak again until all the other students came in, but she didn't speak to them like she talked to me. She said hi to a few of them, but didn't seem to care about their names.


For the whole class I watched her, thinking about how beautiful she is. I kind of had a crush on her since last year that I never got over. Now she's my teacher. How lucky could I get? I think I'll like music class this year.


After class, when I was about to leave, Katy stopped me.


"You were staring at me through the whole class." She said, not seeming mad, just weirded out. 


"I'm sorry."


"Don't be. Maybe tomorrow I'll wear another outfit like this, if I get attention from pretty girls like you." She said,laughing. I smiled.


"You better get to your next class. I'll see you tomorrow, Cleo." She said.


chapter 2


"Can you stay a minute after class?" Katy asked as I was leaving the next day. She was wearing an even more inappropriate clothes, I'm surprised they allowed it. I turned to face her, and she was smiling. "Come here." She said.


"Yes?" I asked, stepping closer.


"You're really pretty. You know that?" She said, sitting on a desk. She touched my arm.


"How old are you, Katy?"


"Thirty. Look, I'm not pressuring you into anything, you don't have to-"


I cut her off by kissing her lightly. I pulled away, but she pulled me back, and I let her. I closed the space between us, wrapping my arms around her waist. I kissed her one last time, then stepped away from the desk.


"Katy. Do you have a class this hour?"


"No. And maybe, we could make it so neither of us do for the rest of the day." She said, standing up. I held both her hands in mine. "Let's get out of here."




Katy showed me her house. It looked like something out of a movie. A movie about a rich person. Her house had five different floors, not including the basement or attic. Her bedroom was really pretty, with a huge bed that we spent an hour laying on and talking. I didn't feel like a regular teenager around her. I felt equal to her, like an adult.


"Its 3:00. We better get back to school before your mom comes and picks you up. I'll see you tomorrow, Cleo." She said. We drove back talking and laughing, nothing was awkward at all. 


As soon as I got into my moms car, I missed her. I wanted her to hold me again, to kiss me, to make me feel important. Who knew a teacher could make me feel this way.


My mom noticed me smiling. "What're you smiling about!?!" She yelled, turning around to look at me. "Nothing." I lied.


"Better be nothing." She said as she turned back around and started driving. Katy gave me her phone number, so I knew I was going to call her later, when my mom went out like she does every day. She leaves me alone at home most of the day.


Mom left, and I dialed Katy's number. "Hello?" She answered after the first ring. I smiled. She'd been waiting for me.


"Hey Katy. My mom's out, so I decided to call you."


"Your mom left you home alone?"


"Yeah. Always does."


"That's terrible. Where do you live?"


I gave her directions to my house, knowing she'd say she's coming over.


"I'll be over in a minute."


It took her more like five minutes, her house was habit far from mine. I heard a knock on the door, ran downstairs, and jumped into Katy's arms. She kissed me again, and I kissed her back.


"Wanna go to my room?" I said.


"Yes." She replied and I lead her to my room.


Chapter 3


Things went exactly as planned. Katy laid down on my bed, talking about how comfortable it is, when I laid down on top of her. "You're comfortable too." I said, snuggling into her even further. I lifted my head and started kissing her. Right when stuff got really good, my bedroom door opened.


There stood my mom, a look of shock and anger on her face. She gasped, taking in the sight of her daughter making out with a famous celebrity WHO HAPPENED TO BE THIRTY.


"What's going on here? CLEO!!!!!!!"


"Mom, I can explain. This my friend-"




Mom continued to jabber on about age and harassment and the law.


"I love your daughter. I'm not harassing her. Why do you think she was kissing me back?"


"Just get out and we won't have any trouble. Don't come back again or I'll call the police."


Katy walked to the door, but before shutting it behind her, she turned around and mouthed "Can't wait to see you again" and waved. I smiled and waved back.


"As for you, you're spending the night in the basement." She said, leading me out of my room. She threw me down the basement steps, slamming and locking the door behind her. 


I already had a few blankets and a pillow down here from other times she'd made me spend the night down here. I laid on my "bed" and started crying. Good think I brought my phone. I quickly texted Katy.


Mom locked me in basement for the night


She texted back within minutes.


I'm outside. Never left. Waited to sneak in your window. Will go in basement window.


Then I heard a creaking sound from the window across the room, and Katy slid into the basement. I ran to her, still crying. She hugged me and lead me back to the bed.


"Will you feel better if I sleep here with you?"


"Yes." I said as I slid under a few blankets. Katy went and closed the window, then came back to me and got in the bed with me.


"Goodnight." She said, kissing me."


"Goodnight." I said and I kissed her back. 




Katy drove me to school before my mom even got up.


"I swear, your mom will be in jail by next week. You know what? Come and live with me."


"Okay Katy." I said, leaning my head against her.


In class, we pretended we had a strict teacher-student relationship, although we did sneak a lot of glances and smiles at each other. At the end of class, after everyone left, I kissed her and walked out the door. I knew that spoke better than any words could.




"Is there anything you want to take with you?" Katy asked before we left the parking lot. I shook my head. My mom barely gives me anything. I have almost no possessions. All I need is Katy.


"Well then, let's go to my house."


We went back to Katy's house and she cooked dinner. It was really good. We both ate then watched some t.v.


There was some show about a ghost possessing a child. I got really scared and hid my face. Katy saw I was scared and pulled me into her lap. I laid against her and eventually fell asleep. Even when I was sleeping I knew Katy was holding me because I felt.... safe.


Chapter 4


next day was Saturday, so we both woke up late. Neither of us made it to the bed in time to sleep. I woke up first, so I laid there holding her hand and playing with her hair. I finally found love. Real, actual, love. Something I'd never had before.


"You're being so cute right now." Katy said, not opening her eyes. I smiled.


"You know we can't stay here, right?" Katy said all of a sudden. I knew this was coming. We did have to move so my mom couldn't track us.


"Yeah. But where would we go?"


"We could go to my other house in Los Angeles. I'm famous, remember?" Sometimes I do forget she's famous. She's so much like a normal girl once you get to know her.


"Let's go tomorrow. I already have the plane tickets." She continued.


Tomorrow sounded good. Katy probably wouldn't make me go to school anyway, but I wanted to get there by Monday. It's just a habit.


"Okay. Do you have any clothes I could wear?"


"No, but we can go shopping."


We went to some store near her house. There were lots of cool clothes. I went to the dressing room and tried on a few things. I heard a knock on the door after I finished getting dressed into my regular clothes. I opened the door and it was Katy, ready to take all the clothes I wanted and pay for them.


"You know, this dressing room stall is pretty comfortable..." Katy said, sitting in the seat.


"Wait until we're home. This is a public place." I said, motioning for her to follow me.


"Awww." She said, but followed me to the register. Katy ended up paying about $80, and I got some awesome clothes.


"We should get hair dye, you know, to help disguise us."


"Sure, what color do you want?"




"Okay. I'll dye mine black too."


We got two bottles of black hair dye and left.  When we got home, Katy went in the bathroom and dyed her hair. She came out about twenty minutes later with dark black hair. I really like it.


"You look beautiful." I told her.


"I can't believe those words just came out of the mouth of the most beautiful girl in the world."


"You're just saying that."


"No, I'm not. I love you."


"I love you too."




I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my hair for the last time before I dye it. My hair is naturally blond. I always wanted to dye it, but now that I have the chance, I'm really gonna miss it. Katy probably misses her pink hair. Well, that's what we sacrificed to be together. Our hair color. I picked up the dye bottle and squeezed out some dye onto my hair. I had a black streak. Then I put more and more streaks until all of my hair was colored in black. I rinsed my hair to get out the extra dye, then looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good with black hair. I'm glad I dyed it.


"You look cute and pretty and everything. Wow." Katy said. I smiled and kissed her. She's the nicest person I've ever met.

Chapter 5

"The plane is now landing." The flight lady said. I was so excited. What did Katy's house look like? I bet it's bigger than her house in my state. In this place, she's famous Katy.  Back there, she's teacher Katy.


"Are you ready?" Katy asked.


"Readier than ever." I replied, smiling at her.


We got out of the car and walked the rest of the way to her house. It wasn't that far from the airport, she said.


We walked less than a mile before I saw a big house that must have been a mansion. It was definitely the biggest house on the block. "That's my house!" Katy said as we walked up the steps and in the door. I stared at her.


"This must have cost 100,000 dollars!" I said, setting my bags of clothes on the kitchen table. "Pretty much. 98,000." She replied.


It was early in the day, so we didn't need to eat or anything yet. We watched some t.v. and put our stuff away in her room. She had three closets. Her clothes took up two and a half closets and mine took up the last half, although she said I can wear any clothes of hers that fit me. 


I was a bit worried about my mom, but I don't think she'd ever track us here. Or would she? I had no idea.


That night I got to sleep in her big bed and it was twice as big as the other one. That wasn't the part I liked best though. My favorite part was having Katy kiss me and cuddle me and everything. I finally felt like I mattered.

Chapter 6Me and Katy were driving around town because she wanted to show me around. She showed me all the stores, restaurants, parks... stuff like that. When all of a sudden, this car crashed into us. That was the last thing I remember before I passed out.




"Cleo... wake up... please." I heard Katy crying. Someone was yelling. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in the hospital. Katy was there... and my mom.


"Mom... get out. Katy, what happened?" I said. 


"Your MOM..." she said, giving an evil look at my mom "crashed into us. Your broke your arm."


I looked at my mom, who still happened to be in the room. "Get out mom! I want to talk to Katy alone!"


"No. I see that I have to supervise you and your girlfriend."


"I'm hurt. We aren't gonna do anything wrong this time. Go back to where you came from."


"I will. You know what, I never wanted a child anyway."


"I can tell!" I yelled as she slammed the door.


We went home and I started crying. She wanted me to never have been born. Why? What's so wrong with me? 


"Don't cry. Even if your mom doesn't, I love you."


"I love you too."


That was when we saw the dog running in the road.




Submitted: November 02, 2014

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