The girl in there world (pair of kings)

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This is a crazy story well it is about what if pair of kings was a book and a tv show but have no acters and it was a made up tv show well a girl get traped in to the show and like i said it is crazy. trailer made by L?nce she rocks

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The girl in there world (pair of kings)

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Her name is Victoria and her fav color is neongreen
Loves candys
Loves pair of kings and what’s to be there twin sis
Don’t know her parents she was adopeted by a very wealthy so yah she was ritch
She is not like those snobby  rich kids.
She loves nature
And having fun
And she what brothers and she is mix part white and black and she dose not know that she is really is the kings twin sis and she was sent to a new world and she looks like the queen but in the pic when brady and boomer was looking at she looks more like her dad and a little like her mother and she dose not know that she is a princess till in the middle
She love’s dogs and animals
She love’s adventures and she knows how to fight since she was ritch her fake father teached her how to fight with only a stick and other weapons and she dose dancing and she isin the drama class so she is very good at acting
Not to girly
Not a slut
Breast size is a d cup and she is very tall for her age she gets that from her real father
Her hair is curly and stays like that even if she forgets to brush it and when she puts makeup on she only uses a little and she is naturaly pretty comes from her real mother
And that is all you need to know wait and she loves music and loves rock and pop and country
She looks like bonnie  but she is mix and she is taller or about the sameHer name is Victoria and her fav color is neongreen

ch 1

She was sitting in her class reading a book it said Pair Of Kings
it read all about a kid name brady and boomer
and how they became kings but she can’t help
 but to wish to  be in the book so she can see the
 kings and be in the book she always dreams
 about going in the book she even had a dream
 about how she had befriend boomer and brady
 and just have fun partying and she met mason lanny
 and all of them she even met a boy in her dream she just wishes
 she can be in the book. So one day she was walking from school in this and she was about
 ready to go in her living room and watch tv. she heard  that a show is being made for the book pair of kings and it is coming on in 24 min so she made herself some
 popcorn and got some soda and she sat down and then she turned on the tv and just watched after about 5 min, she was
watching the part she was on unfold and the part she was on was when they were on the hot air balloon  and heading to kingkow just like in the book and she saw the part
 were boomer was eating some cheez fingers and brady said “we are going on a island with tropical fruit and you are
eating a bag of junk food” then they started fighting and she was saying “that was not in the book”. Then  the scene changed she was now on the part were
 they had landed but they landed on the darkside instead of the light side and brady said “can we got to the less we are going to die side”
and then a wodawaka came and mason was
 fighting it and he said to brady and boomer “my kings just stay put and it will not hurt you”
and then the kings ran she was like wow they are stuped.
Then when they were out of the darkside and into the light side she wished that she can be in the show
 with them but as there twin
 and then she heard a buzzing noise
 she thought it was her phone so she took it
out and it was not the phone she said “that is not weird at all”
then the tv went blank and she was like “come on just when it was getting to the good part”
she was very mad she went to the back of the tv and found it unplugged
 so she unplugged it and the show started right up again but when she was staring
  at the tv she saw it was getting darker and darker and then a wormhole came out and sucked  her In
 before it did she said nooooooo my phone I need my phone it is my baby”
and then she was gone


here is the trailer

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