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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Crimmson ring !

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



chapter 2: Crimmson ring 

" My pillow.

Enveloping me in your soft folds of comfort.

Eyes closed, your gentle caress soothes my concerns
and carries my thoughts to a bed of pure contentment.

Completely satisfied, I lay in your sweet embrace,
longing to remain indefinitely.

This is love."

In the Underworld notthing safe or fun people who get in can never get out of hell games my father Role the underworld for 34 century I remember ever moment of my life time how I was alive and glee but now I am Monster that thristy for blood that stronger than mortal human no matter what I do this curse will never go away. hunter look into the window see the great life people of his kind love to live up too but from his point of view this was cold hearted jail house ever since hunter Mother Madelaine died from give birth to him thing totally change between him and his father hunter signs know no matter what happen his heart is cold ice that no one will break 

" Prince hunter your father have call you right now he say it very important " hunter gave another sign think of what his father would say to him "like your not true prince" or" you never mount to notthing with the blood line you have from your mother " 

he walk into the hall of death looking at paint of family blood line and then he saw the one paint he hate the most shadow clan he hissed looking at his father smiling with his clan never could believe this can happen he walking into the pearl room see his father pretending to read a book

" My boy hunter i haven't see you in awhile he stated give hunter cocky grinned hunter back away he one reason only to have contact with hunter is because of the crimmson ring the crimmson ring have the power of control people minds and behavior and the power to awakening the four father of superior tongkang if these father are awaken mortals will be slave for us !

" what do you want I don't have time to play barbie doll I have thing to do ! " 

Emily jump infront of hunter showing her fangs and hissing at him no matter what happen he promise not go crazy like his father wants him to because if let his father win him at that how can control himself with his friends emily look oppsite from her sister emily had blue eye that glows when she angry for something emily lead to hunter ear whispering 

" It pitty that you have great gift but you are fool just like your mother thinking you can live with mortals when you can hear there heart beating every moment ! " your father was right you never mount to notthing with bullshit plan of yours " BOOM . Hunter had emily pinned to the glass any more emily will burn into the lava bank he hissed and show her his red eye

" Listen to me I am Nothing like you or My father And the position you in I would darn make a move " emily try to bite hunter but hunter push her . she flip backwards hit her legs then she look up at hunter and hunter look at her both glare at each other emily smile " One day I will make sure of it that i will find your weakness mark my word hunter as  emliy depress her self out

" you say your nothing like me but what you ju- " I am not monster that kill people like you " king Jacob movement were sway and he stood next to hunter and put his hands on hunter shoulder and chuckled " My boy you have your mother eyes but you have my demon and one day you role the Underworld and shadow clan " hunter push his father hands away " I never become the leader of shadow clan " why not you be fam-" 

hunter left the room he could'nt believe what his father just say one reason hunter never become the leader of shadow clan because to join in you must kill what you love and King jacob had kill his beloved wife Madelaine from that day on hunter never ever become there leader . 

As hunter got into his room he had an idea the crimmson ring he had he made them mulitiple of two the real with him now he just need Mackenzie !

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