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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Crimmson ring ! part 2

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Submitted: February 02, 2012



chapter 3 : Crimmson ring part (2)

No matter what people say my heart will never stop beating for hunter the way he talk he act like he was born in the centuries ago and when Ms.Morgan say that we be doing romeo and juliet every girl scream for excitment because hunter was choosen to be romeo I on the other hand didn't want to do anything I could see hunter saying his line right on point he is amazing and smart he deserve great girl.

Mackenzie went to her locker to get her books for science class she sign heavy as she look at her 10th birthday picture with hunter she laugh at moment remeber what she thought of boys going to jupiter to get more stuiper the 3 third bell ring loud every body came out of there class she turn to her left see hunter talk to Amber fox she was beautiful every body thought that if she and hunter hook up they both make beautiful couple random fan girl talk loud across from mackenzie " OMG look if hunter & Amber hook up the be awesome " the are so perfect " they are winter princess & prince . Mackenzie eye was get watery think of why does he have to steal my heart and take me away

" Mackenzie I got present for you " hunter shouted every body stop looking at Hunter & Mackenzie suprise of what just say all Mackenzie knows that her bangs were cover her deep red blush of embarassment as hunter slowly walk to Mackenzie every step he make my heart will never not beat for him any min now my heart will bust out of my chest . Hunter grab Mackenzie right hand slip on Crimmson ring all of suddening everything turn back into the dream  

" Mackenzie , Mackenzie.

" I Love you hunter " soon mackenzie was back to earth she look around see every body in shock mood she look at hunter who look suprise what happening she look around see her best friend Mia Miyage smirk with Amber fox . Amber fox clap her hands every one to her 

" I told you Hunter that your bestfriend is crush on you big time and she just admit what can I say you make friend with geek and geek is falling for you " amber put her arm hunter as hunter did notthing as she heard record say " I love you hunter " replaying over again " Amber smirk as she got close to Mackenzie 


every one around as every one start to laugh an tear ran down Mackenzie cheek Mia grab Mackenzie arm ran  out of the school mia push Mackenzie in the back seat and drove off all mackenzie did was cry she felt embarass of every thing about her secret and love for hunter that will never be love back on the other hand Mia was cursing every word she think about hunter " I love him but fucking asshole!!!!" she turn on sharp part of road and then pull up grand mama joey bug barn mackenzie could her grand mama talk to Mia and hearing the shock in her voice . Mackenzie got up from the car she walk but had her head down joe call to her but no respond to her as mackenzie ran up stair to her room locking and landing in her bed she cry feeling like no understand her and that she must get over her crush on hunter because now she really know how he feel about her as she grab the pillow to her face an cry even more by looking at the crimmson ring he gave her knowing Mia would say take it off but she didn't have the strength to take it off


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