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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Crimmson ring ! part 3

Submitted: February 02, 2012

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chapter 4 : " please don't kill her " grand mama joey try to push the man but he slap her as she fall backward mackenzie wake up from her misery day as she look up she man and women look at her she was about to use her power when emily use her cramp her eye emily walk to her young sister and grab her by her ponytail slam her to the floor mackenzie hold her hip bone for the pain to go away .

" how good my twin is the weak link of my bloodline " emily smirk Mackenzie eye turn dark purple every one felt atmosphere change around them she turn around as two big light of kilo was in her hands . " BOOM"  as mackenzie slap her hands together she stop the time as she saw grandmama joe bleeding to death with 3 stabs in her stomach " Mackenzie come here" she look at grand mama joey she felt warm tear running down her cheek as her joe wipe them away she smile  " please don't try to save me I-I-I  need to be free Mackenzie " she sound weak already " stay away from hunter he trouble " she groan as she shift her body to get the key from her pocket put into Mackenzie 

" remember me & your mother are so proud of you and i be watc- then joe was choking on her last word mackenzie cry even harder as she see the pain in her face knowing it matter of time " go to my room behind my closet i have stuff for you take it an run away from the shadow clan " as grand mama joey let go of Mackenzie shirt she smile at her and then close her eye mackenzie close her cry now she on her own as she swift her feet to grand mama room open the closet as she push the clothes away see the symbol of the family she open it and see an travel bag on it was note say " emergancy for Mackenzie " she grab it and ran out down stair . she scream as she see mia dead on the floor she ran out of the house she was in an far distance of it 

" it time mackenzie do it " last word of grand mama as she snapped her finger hearing the boom go off . her grand mama & best friend are gone now she grip her shirt it time run away where memory use to be

******** hunter*******

Hunter was walking in oakwood forest look for something to eat as he smell blood and hear an heart pumping fast he smirk as he tagret his prey but he couldn't attack because that prey was his bestfriend Mackenzie it been 5 days they haven't talk he saw blood on her clothes and she cry as she was walking . he jump up to an tree branch use his eye knowing now that not her blood he slow walk right behind her she stop ready to fight for her life 

"who is it" she angry grow in her as pain of death linger inside her demon told her to kill but she had self control of that no matter she felt her demon grew stronger than her " Me hunter " she calm down she turn saw hunter she made an run for it he chase after her shouting her name over and over she had misery day death and now heart break when can it stop was she dream or what ! what happening she fell to the dirty ground as hunter on top of her he pinned her to floor one thought came in mind why now !

" why now you asshole ! you couldn't do these to me school get off me player " she try to get free but he tighten his grip she groan in pain forget how strong he is she grab an rock an smack hunter the head she crawl back fear of what going to happening he smirk an then mackenzie was in totally dark of lose of blood !!!!

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