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Heyy! My name is Kimmie Kay. I have red hair, brown eyes and indie style and this is the story of my life... well actually my diary but you know... same thing. Anyway, sorry for my writing, I'm not a writer :$.
PS: I didn't know which category to put this and I didn't choose memoir because it sounds too boring so I just choose action and adventure... eventhough it doesn't have any action nor adventures... oh wait, there is. :O! ok um... well... enjoy!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - KimmieKay's Journal

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



This new guy...

Whaattssup Diary! Remember me? Im kimmi K. Redish-orageish hair, brown eyes, tall and skinni as always. I really have to tell you whats going on. So there's this new guy that came a couple weeks ago to my school. he's on my class. Cyr got to know him a little one time she went to the coffee house and she says he is different from the othere guys, that it's really interesting and fun to talk with him but theres something mysterious about him. I wish I could know him better but I'm too shy when it comes to meeting new people. Anyway, Cyr told me that he was shy too, at first. When I first saw him a couple days ago, we were at music class with Mr.Shiffler and we had to do some "try outs" to see if the instrument we picked was best for us for a music play (I already knew I was getting the guitar part ; ) !). We were doing the "auditions", when Kurt came to the music room and Mr.Shiffler introduced him to us. He was tall, he had long blond hair but not too long, green eyes and was wearing a black V shirt with a red and blue horizontal stripped sweater, dark jean and converse. He seams nice! I thought. "Class, this is Kurt and he's gonna be our new student for the music class. Now, could you please tell us a little about yourself, Kurt?" said Shiffler. Kurt looked around kind of shy with his backpack and said "hi, Im Kurt, I come from Seattle, Washington and I... Umm... I moved here because my dad got transfered". We all said "welcome kurt" in chorus like lazy walruses :P. Then, we had to introduce ourselfs to kurt saying our name, age and something about us. Cyr said she liked soccer, Shane said he's in the volleyball team and then... It was my turn... I stood up like everyone else "My name is Kimmi, Im 16 and I love playing guitar". Kurt looked at me from his seat while I was talking. He has really nice eyes. The aduitions continued and, while the rest of the people played to Mr.Shiffler on a corner of the room, Cyr, Shane and me were talking. "He looks kinda… weird or…. Idk different" Cyr says. "Who??" Shane said. "Kurt! Who else?". "oooh! Right, right! Should we invite him over?". I looked behind me. He was sitting alone on a table. He could perfectly sit with Shane on our table in front of Cyr and me. "well... If he wanted to sit with us he would already be here, dont you think?" I said, but my words were too late. Cyr already called him. So Kurt sat with Shane and there was a really awkward silence for a moment. "Told ya not to call him!" I whispered to Cyr. "soooo... Kurt..." Cyr said. Shane and Kurt looked at us. ".... What instrument are you playing?". Kurt looked at me, then to Cyr. "Guitar" he said. "Awesome! Kimmi plays guitar too... I play the piano". "Really?" Kurt looked at me. "Yeah..." I said. "Cool : )". "have you met other people around the school?" said Shane. "yeah I met one of the girls that sing... The one with the blue jaket". "Jacqueline?!" I said. "I guess..." he said. "andd... What did you think of her?" Cyr asked. "umm… shes alright" kurt said. "wow, finally someone..." Cyr said. "dude she's so not cool, she and the little group she has. She thinks everyone likes her but actually no one does but someway she makes people follow her lead which is really sad. Still, you don’t wanna mess with them" Shane said. I was playing with my sweater on the table when Kurt asked "what songs do you play?". "huh?..." I looked directly at him. "well ugh... rock and ballads, moslty rock... or grunge, indie, ballads, country, …" I started saying a bunch of genres without me even figuring out what I was saying and not even looking at him. I’m shy when it comes to meeting new people but, I was kinda sleepy at that moment in my defense -_-. Cyr looked at me weird. “…yep” I said and finally stopped talking. "cool... Me too" said Kurt. And I looked at him and grind friendly. He smiled back. And that’s how I met him for the first time.

the next day, The bell rang and we where going to recess so we took our stuff and went to the caffeteria. "heyy, Kurt, you can sit with us if you want?" said Jacqueline. "ugh... No, thanks... Im sitting with them... If its okay" Kurt said looking at us when he said the last part. "yeah, sure!" we said. "fine" Jacqueline said with a Im-watching-you-look at me. We went to the cafeteria and talked and, its true, It really is interesting to talk with him.

Later That Day...

After school, Cyr, Shane and me went to a coffee house near our school where everyone went if they could and, of course, everyone had their own table there, like in the cafeteria. We were on our table, next to a window where there was a huge abstract painting. Jacqueline and her group where on a round table at the corner of the coffee house. We wanted that table but she took it from us! Then, Kurt enters and Jacqueline waves at him, he waves back and sits with us. Jacqueline's face turned mad. So we ordered some hot chocolate with marshmallows like we always do (except Kurt obviously... Because he is new :P) and talked and laughed... "ok ok! Here's a good one... If you had the chance pick a person from this room, and throw this hot chocolate at, who would it be?" Shane asked. "Jacqueline!" Cyr whispered. HAHAHA we all laughed. It's mean but, you know... its just a joke : P. "soo um... Kurt!" I said trying to break the ice. "yes?" Kurt said. "are you doing something after?". "No, nothing... Well I was gonna buy some things but I can buy them latter" said Kurt. "oh! No no, go buy them its ok! : )" I said. "...Unless..." said Cyr. "unless what" said Kurt. "unless nothing." I tried to shut her, I already knew what she was gonna say and I didn't wanna drag Kurt into that. "Cyr.... Don't" said Shane. "fine! I thought it would be fun...". "Unless what??" said Kurt. "I gotta go" I said. "see you guys tomorrow! Byee". "Hey wait!" said Kurt just when I was about to open the door. "wait for me". He said goodbye and went to were I was and opened the door for me, eventhought I already was going to open it. We walked really slow on the sidewalk talking about random stuff. After a long time walking, he looked at me but I was looking at the sidewalk with my hands on my sweater's pockets, it was cold. "what was it that Cyr was gonna say at the coffee house?" he asked. "oh umm... Nothing important". He stared at the sidewalk and said "I don't think it wasn't important if you didn't want me to know..." he said and I didn’t say anything."ok it is..." we stopped. "... Shane, Cyr and I Smoke... And she wanted you to come with us but I didn't wanna drag you into this... And I didn't want you to know because I wanted to make a good impression... Sorry". "oh... It isn’t big deal, I used to do that where I lived before but I started feeling sick so I stopped like some months ago... Maybe we could go next time". He looked at me with those green eyes and I looked at him back and smiled a little. He has a long time without smoking and he has done really good, I wasn't sure if I wanted to bring him back to that again "well... I don't know... You've done a really good job all this time. I wish I could stop like you." I said. "well its true but... I kinda miss enjoying a good cig with my friends and it would be nice to do that again... Just one time". He's green eyes are more than beautiful, convincing and real. "sure : )" I said. "great!" he replied. "you know.." I said after a long silence. "... Shane plays guitar too. Maybe we could jam together someday, you dig?". "Sounds great : )". We stopped at a two floor, white house. "This is my stop..." I said. It was almost noon. "my house is right there" he said, pointing to a house next to mine. "well its a small town :P" I said. "bye Kurt, see ya tomorrow" I said, preventing an awkward moment. "bye Kim". he smiled and went away to his house. Whoa, where did that "Kim" came from? I hate it when people call me KIM :Z but I guess he didn't know anyway. I got to my room and, dude I could see him from my window just like in movies! just that this time, better. Thank god I saw him before 'cause I was about to take my clothes off and change to pajamas and he was there. He didn't see me because he was on his laptop. I stared at him for a moment until he noticed me. I felled stupidly when he saw me, but I prefer to fall than to look like a stalker : P. I got myself together again. I looked again and he smiled and closed the curtains like if he was trying to give me privacy. Lol, I could've have closed MY curtains. I changed to PJs, took my iPod and layer on bed until I fell asleep.

I woke up. It was 11pm and Kurt's lights were still on. The light shined through my window and into my eyes, not letting me sleep, even with the curtains closed, but I found my way through sleep at the end.

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