The Spinster

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'Single by chance...'

That is what best describes Serena Michelle Kimberly Middleton. All her life, she had been waiting for the prince charming that will sweep her off her feet. But, sometimes life could be so unfair. The man that she loved all her life was treating her as his best friend only. However, one drunken night changes her life forever. Join Serena as she walks down the crazy road called life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fantasy Is Better Than Reality

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



A/N: Okay, so here's my newest novel here in Booksie. I've been writing this for three weeks already. I'll be posting the character pictures probably in the following days ahead. Enjoy reading! Thanks for stopping by. ;)

Chapter One :

'Fantasy Is Better Than Reality'

'Congratulations to my beloved daughter for having such an amazing man like Chris Donovan,' Mom said and wiped her tears dramatically.

Pft, she was such an actress. Today was my sister's wedding day. Actually, she was my younger sister. Her name was Sabrina, but she preferred to be called as Starr. She had blonde hair, lip-glossed smile, icy blue eyes, a body-to-die-for, charismatic personality and most of all- a celebrity-like popularity. Starr had always been the spoiled brat of the family since Mom's attention was focused to her. Yeah, mom was so busy taking care of her that she had forgotten my presence was still existing in this world.

Growing up, I had always found it so hard to get my mother's attention. I already did all the good things that I thought was going to catch her attention. Geez, I was a straight A+ student ever since grade school and a dutiful daughter. Seriously? Was I an adoptive child? Well, that idea had been on my mind ever since I was four years old. Yep, four years old only.

Mom didn't even call me by my name. Instead of my real name which was Serena, she decided to call me 'Spinsty' that was her short term for the word 'Spinster'. Yes, I was very aware of what that word meant.

'I'm so glad to know that you're not like Spinsty who found it so hard to look for a boyfriend,' Mom said, and the crowd laughed out loud.

Of course they knew who Spinsty was. My beloved mother told all her friends that she had a daughter who was destined to be a spinster someday. Dang, I couldn't believe she said that. Well to the you the truth, yes I had found it so hard to find a guy who wanted to commit a relationship with me. Err, I wasn't an ugly woman just for the record. I had a sand-blonde, straight hair that fell down below my shoulders. My eyes were deep-blue, and according to my dad I was the prettiest girl alive. Yeah, cheesy. Oh man, I suddenly missed my dad. He died last year due to a heart attack. My dad also served as my best friend. Yes, I was a daddy's girl. Being with him was the most important thing in the whole world. Fate could be really cruel sometimes. It took away the only man who understood everything that was about me.

When dad passed away, half of me also died with him. Mom used to have an argument with daddy. She had always questioned why dad was so caring to me. See I told you, mom never liked me. So back to me being a spinster, it was something I never planned to happen. I was already thirty years old, but still haven't had any relationships before. To be honest, I actually haven't experienced being kissed by a man. Well, I wasn't the tomboyish type nor the super girly type. Boys just didn't like to be with me, and I didn't get why. As far as I could remember, I didn't have a body odor. Geez, I always took a bath four times a day.

'I'm so happy and proud that God gave me a daughter like you, Sabrina,' Mom said and tears rolled down her cheeks, 'Words are not enough to describe how happy I am right now.'

Oh man, how I wished that someday she would tell me those exact words on my wedding day. Nah, that was probably never going to happen. Yeah right, so much for my wishful thinking. When mom finished her Oscar-like speech, the emcee called out my name and asked me to give a short but thoughtful message to the the newlywed. Err, what should I tell her? Honestly, I had no idea what to tell Sabrina and Chris. I bluntly shook my head and told him that I didn't prepare for my speech, but my mother shot a death glare at me. Oh, crap! So what happened next was that I stood up from my chair and took the microphone from the emcee.

My hands were trembling, and it felt like the words were stuck inside my throat. Sabrina had a plastic smile plastered on her face while Mom had an irritated look. Dang, what did I do to have a family like this? I mean, seriously? As far as I could remember, I didn't do anything wrong to my parents.

'C-congratulations to you, Starr,' I said and gave her a nervous smile, 'Chris, congratulations too because you got yourself a spoiled brat who doesn't know anything but to make my life miserable.'

Okay first of all, that wasn't really my intention. Those words suddenly came out from my mouth. Probably because those were exactly what I wanted to say a long... long time ago. Geez, you should have seen Sabrina's reaction when she heard what I just said. Chris, on the other hand, looked startled. Well, he didn't know that my beloved sister was a total spoiled brat. Sabrina acted so nice in front of him, but was so mean when he turned his back. Mom got up from her seat and walked towards my direction. Faster than a bolt of lightning, her hand slapped my face so hard. To be honest, it actually felt nothing anymore because I already became immune to it. She was glaring at me, and I could see how pissed she was.

'You have absolutely no right to call your sister a spoiled brat, Spinsty!' she yelled at me.

Her eyes were so big that I actually thought it was going to pop out. The people were all quite stunned and none of them even dared to stop my mother. Seriously? Thank you so much for the support guys!

'And why not mom?' I said and clenched my jaw, 'All these years I did all I could do to make you feel proud of me, but you didn't even notice it!'

She looked quite shocked, which I already expected. Sabrina walked over to us and stood beside mom. Oh great, my evil sister came as her rescue. Pft, whatevs.

'How dare you say that to mom, stupid!' she yelled and jabbed her finger on my shoulder, 'You'll be nothing without her, slob!'

Okay, I could really feel my temperature rising up now. Mom and Sabrina were a perfect team up. They were both so cruel and mean. Err, they were like villains. Yeah, and I was the hero of course. Pft, duh!

'As far as I can remember, sissy,' I said and moved closer to her, 'Among the two of us, you were the one who was a stupid, slob and spoiled brat daughter who didn't know anything but to dry her French manicured freaking nails!'

Dang, I didn't know I could make a comeback like that. Mom looked more pissed than she was earlier, and Sabrina was speechless. You know what, I should have done this before. Geez, it actually felt so good to let out all of the burdens I had in my heart. It felt like I was a free butterfly now. A beautiful one, to be exact.

'You are no longer my daughter from this day onward,' Mom said and pointed a finger at me.

I jerked it away, which shocked her a lot. Well, she probably didn't expect that a woman like me will actually have the guts to fight for her freedom someday. Pft, whatevs. The old Serena was already gone for good. The woman who was standing before them was the braver, tougher and fiercer Serena Michelle Kimberly Middleton. Dang, I didn't know I had a very long name. Anyways, let's just go back to the story.

'You need not to disown me,' I said and smiled bitterly, 'Because I never felt like you were a mother to me.' The people inside the hall gasped, and mom's face turned so pale. What a shocking moment for her huh? Well, it was their turn to get humiliated. The tables were now turned. See I told you, there was always a perfect timing for everything.

'You'll be nothing without me,' Mom said and narrowed her eyes at me. I stifled a laugh at her and gritted my teeth.

'Watch me mom,' I said and looked in her eyes, 'I can be what I want to be without you and your freaking wealth that you only have because dad was already gone.'

Mom fainted and fell on the floor. Sabrina tried to wake her up, but she fell deeply asleep. Pft, talk about karma. Well, I was glad to know that she finally got what she deserved to hear.

'Oh and Sabrina,' I said and turned to her, 'Congratulations for having the most terrible wedding in the whole world, sister. I wish you the best of luck.'

Then I walked away even before she could say anything. Geez, I couldn't believe I just did it. Dang, mom and Sabrina all in one day? This calls for a celebration. Dang, I finally had my own freedom. This was what life truly meant. To be able to live freely. Freedom was already on my hands, and I won't let it slip away.

Beep... Beep... Beep...

Hold up a second, what was that noise? Where did that come from? Holy Molly! No way, it couldn't be! Oh geez, please no.

Beep... Beep... Beep...

'Could you please turn that freaking thing off!' I heard a female voice said out loud. When I opened my eyes, I had found out that I was inside my bedroom. There was no party, and Mom wasn't inside. Oh, crap! Dang man, it was just an effin dream!

A/N: So, that's our first chapter! :) Sorry if it's kinda short. I'll make sure the next one will be longer than this. Tell me your thoughts about this one. Thank you so much!

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