Eternal Slave (Action/Vampire)

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~It’s in your blood. You came from the cursed bloodline. You were born as a vampire... Embrace or deny your fate...~ Warning: Violence, Sadistic, Psychological.

Once you got bitten, you will turn into a vampire. Sounds superficial? It is. The truth is, those are lies. Those are what the humans believe and what’s written in their folklore. No. You could not turn someone into a vampire simply by bitting them. It’s inherited. You need to be born as a vampire. Like an inherited desease... by blood. It’s from the bloodline. The cursed bloodline.

Rick Mcalister had no idea who his parents are. He only had a picture of them holding him when he was a baby. Little did he know that he came from the cursed bloodline, the vampiric ability running in his blood, and his true name; Veverick Lostsoul...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternal Slave (Action/Vampire)

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013





“Yes. Consume the blood and you shall obtain immortality”


“No. I will remain mortal.”


“Your ability will increase quickly. You will become stronger, faster. If you are mortal, your ability will only increase with your age. If you take the blood, you’ll never age. You’ll stay young forever.”


“Then I’ll be cursed with the curse of the sunlight, the blood thirst, and losing my humanity. I would not know of love and I would not be able to bear children.”


“It’s inevitable. It is your fate. You must accept it.”


“I decide my own fate. Not you. And I choose to be a mortal vampire, unlike you who coward away in your immortality by killing hundreds of innocent. I’m nothing like you, though it’s in my blood. I will not let myself be cursed!”


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