Forbidden World

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




Waking up was painful; the light was blinding, everything too loud for her newly formed ears, and her body felt as if she'd gotten hit by a semi. Not that she knew what that was like.

Piper ran fingers through her darkened locks of hair. Even that felt foreign. Her hair felt too soft, almost unnatural. The waves fell from her fingers, falling onto the pillow her head rested on.

The mattress had a hardness to it, making it so a person wouldn't sink, as if it were a cloud. The pillows were too comfortable, making her want to sleep when she shouldn't.

Rising into a sitting position was hard. She could barely move, the pain in her body so unbearable. Was this how everyone felt after the change?

Speaking of which... Grinding her teeth together (which also hurt like hell), her eyes narrowed on the door. I should kill him for this!


The turn of Piper's thoughts was amusing, and Valentine gave a small smirk, but lost it when he heard a gasp of pain. They were connected, an odd thing for him, so he felt a small stabbing pain in his side.

Vampires, when they sired another, became connected in many ways. They could feel the others' pain, the way they felt, hear the others' thoughts.

This whole process, it was all new to him. He'd never made anyone a vampire before. And what scared him the most was the fact that once you sire someone, they could become your soul mate. And if one dies, so does the other. In terms of pain, that is.

The one who lives might as well be dead. Every little thing reminds you of that person, spikes the pain every minute. If you don't kill yourself, you live with an eternity of regret. You blame yourself, thinking you could have protected them.


"I did it," she muttered, throwing her hands up in the air, only to gasp in pain for the millionth time. "Oh man, this change..."

The door then flew open, Valentine standing in the doorway, a blank expression on his face. "What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to walk."

A sigh left his body, and he moved forward, placing hands on her shoulders and pushed; she fell, landing on her butt on the bed, hissing in pain. "Hey, what was that--"

"You shouldn't be moving," he interrupted. "You've just gone through the change, and your body is weak, still adapting through the changes. So stay in bed. Okay?"

"No!" Throwing her hands up, she gritted her teeth in pain, noticing that he winced. Odd. "I don't want to stay put. I want to move, dammit!"

"No. If you move, you're hurting me too!"

"Wait, what?" Her hands fell to her sides, confusion lighting up her face. As Valentine moved his hands from her shoulders, he took a few steps back, noticing that her body went stiff. "What're you talking about?"

"When a vampire turns another, they become their sire, and end up being connected. They--"

"What's a sire?" she asked.

He sighed, clearly annoyed at her interruption and having to explain everything.

"Don't give me that! It's not my fault this is new and I'm curious," she snapped, interrupting once again.

"Would you quit interrupting and let me explain? Damn."

"For someone so emotionless, you sure are touchy." A growl was heard, low and threatening. "Okay, okay. I'll try not to interrupt. Happy?"

Cocking a brow, he gave a look that obviously said "no", before returning to his emotionless state. "Now, as I was saying, a sire is basically--"

"Wait!" Seeing a look flash across his face gave her pause, and she giggled. "Kidding."

"You're really trying my patience, girl."

"I have a name!"

"Your point being?" Narrowing his eyes, he gave her a sharp glare.

"Fine. Continue."

"A sire is the creator, the one causing you to exist. I turned you into a vampire, therefore I am the reason you exist right now." He paused, eyes searching her face, analyzing. "Understand?"

Without making a single noise, she nodded.

"Now, as I was saying before, the sire and his or her fledgling are connected."

"Connected how?" she asked, leaning forward an inch.

"If you would let me get to that..."

"At least I'm interested!"

"Sure. Anyway, they're connected mind, body and soul. We can hear each others' thoughts, feel each others' pain. There are other things that I don't know about, seeing as you're the first.

"My blood, though, is what connects us. It saved you from death--"

"Your fault."

"--revived you, changed your body. It feeds your hunger, makes you stronger. And hopefully it gave you some of my abilities."

Mind spinning, she glared at him. All of this information was making her sick to her stomach. Connected? Why, how? No, not how. She knew how. Just why?

"So, if we're connected that well..."

"You see, some sires found out that their fledgling is more; they find their soul mate. And so, if the person dies, the pain is worse than anything a person has ever felt. In a rare occurrence, if soul mates have connected more than others, and one dies, the other does too. But so far, that's only happened to ten out of the thousands of vampires around."

And now this newer information made her want to cry. She felt so sick, her insides felt like they were going to burst.

"Hey! Breathe."

She didn't even know. Sucking in a huge gulp of air, she released it, feeling relieved almost immediately.

"Jesus, don't do that."

"I didn't mean to! This is all too much; we could end up being soul mates, and if we are, what if one of us dies? What if--"

"Hush. We aren't soul mates."

"How do you know?" Her voice rose, on the verge of hysteria. "I'm sure there are cases where people don't realize that they are!"

"Well that's true, but--"

"No buts. Oh, gosh, this is--" Her speech abruptly stopped, eyes rolling back, showing the whites, before closing altogether. Her body fell back onto the bed, limp, unconscious.


Staring at the now quiet girl, he felt bad. He'd given her too much information way too soon. Maybe he should have waited.

Hell, at least she's breathing now and isn't causing herself any pain. Good. Maybe she'll stay out for a few days and give herself enough time to recuperate from the change.

Sighing, he moved forward, lifting her limp body into his arms and moved her into a more comfortable position on the bed.

Then, so to not disturb her sleeping form, he left the room in silence.

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