Forbidden World

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012




"Come on, you can do better than that! Or can you? Maybe I was wrong and you are weak."

He was laughing at her, mocking the fact that she can't use a sword. Her fists wound tightly over the handle and she swung, missing him by an inch. The weight of the blade had her releasing, tossing the sword into the forest before them.

Looking over at Valentine, Piper noticed how his eyes closed slowly and he pinched the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb.

"That's the tenth time you've done that."

"Well maybe if you'd listen when I tell you that I know I'm incapable of handling a sword, this wouldn't have happened!"

"Or maybe if you'd learn to handle a sword, I wouldn't have to train you."

"Would you trust me?" she asked softly. "I know my strengths and weaknesses, especially what I'm capable of."

He sighed, giving her a hard stare, finally deciding to compromise. "Fine. So if you can't battle with a sword, I'll teach you how to defend against--"

"That won't be necessary," she interrupted. "As I told you yesterday, my mom used a lot of things against me."

The subject was dropped quickly and they moved on to physical combat.


"Look at that worm, teaching her how to fight."

A light chuckle came from beside the man who had spoken.

"Don't laugh at me, Dmitri. You know how badly I want to crush his throat and make him suffer!"

He sighed. "Everyone has enemies, just like everyone has friends. Do not let revenge take over your life. Let it go and move on. You'll be happier, trust me."

"You're too good of a man, Dmitri."

"Oh, trust me, Savior, I haven't always been this way. Times were tough. I had a little revenge of my own, but once you fulfill it, nothing changes; everything is the same. You don't feel any better, the person is still dead or whatever had happened to them had happened, and you're still sad or even angry. Perhaps you even blame yourself for what happened. But that is no way to live. Just let it go."

Savior's eyes found the man he called a brother. Maybe he was right. Looking back at Valentine, he decided on a new path: forgiveness. He didn't have to befriend the guy, and he certainly didn't have to like him, but if his heart forgave him, maybe he'd stop hurting.

The wind suddenly picked up, blowing the trees with a fervent violence.

Dmitri glanced at Savior as if he knew and said, "Feels like a storm is going to hit. We should head back."

Valentine, you killed someone very dear to me, but you didn't mean to. You have to live with that burden for the rest of your life. It's heavy on your shoulders, I know. And... I forgive you.

Glancing at his comrade, feeling that his work was now done, he nodded. "Let's go."


Panting, Valentine's eyes found Piper. She was brilliant when it came to hand-to-hand combat and there was pride blooming in his chest.

Out here, in this world, it was every man for himself. Especially for most vampires. But when it came to having a partner, a teammate, it was different. Very different. You had to rely on them, along with yourself to protect each other.

Although, as he stared at Piper, he knew that there was no way in hell he could ever get close to her. If he did, it would only screw them both over in the end.

"Piper," he called out, "I feel a storm brewing, and I bet you're hungry and need some blood. Let's both call it a day."

Piper seemed to perk up at the mention of food and replied with a simple, "Yes!"

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