Stuck In Shadow

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Shadow had it all friends, Money and successful singing career. After a reckless night at a friends party she finds herself plastered all over the news and it is not good.
Upset about her behaviour, her parents send her off to live with her grandparents in London, England for three weeks. For Shadow this is horrible but it only gets worse once arriving at her grandparents. They have rules for her

1. no back talk
2. help around the house/Inn
3. no party's
4. no drinking
5. in the house by nine
6. no boys

Shadow feels like she is living in a prison until she meets Ethan, one of the more permanent livers at the Inn. He doesn't even give her a second glance.

Filled with lies, heartbreak, truth and changes, it's going to be a long three weeks.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Stuck In Shadow

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



"Shadow that was perfect." The director Tom put his hand on my shoulder. "But listen I was thinking-"

I put up my hand stopping this annoying man from talking. "Two things, One it was perfect, i'm perfect so whatever you were thinking, don't think it anymore." I flicked his hand off of my shoulder like it was a disgusting bug. "Two, never and I mean never touch me again, got it? good." I flicked my red streaked hair over my shoulder walking away. My leather knee high boots clicked against the floor.

A red and black corset hugged my every curve and pushed my chest up making my boobs look great in the process. The black skirt I was also wearing was shirt enough that it made my legs look long and sexy, it was paired with a choker that had red beads falling from it and black rose ring with a red tear drop. The outfit fit in perfectly with the music video we just finished shooting for my latest single. All of my songs were about sex, drugs and boys. All that good girl crap was gone and I was the perfect bad girl and everyone loves me.

"Shadow perfect like always" My friend Destiny, Dest for short, came up to me and we air kissed.

"Well of course it was, did you expect anything less?" I looked at my perfectly painted nails, my purple contacts made my eyes look cat like.

"Of course not." Dest said as I opened the door to my dressing room. She made herself at home on my black leather couch and put her heels on the table. "So Liam is having a party tonight, are you in" She looked at me with her cat like eyes.

"Ya, i'm in."I unzipped my boots and pulled them off. "Help me get out of this thing." I said turning around so my back was to her. She undid the laces of the corset and I managed to slip it off before going over to my closet.

I pulled on my hello kitty t-shirt and black skinny jeans before I pulled on Ankle boots that had studs on the back of them. I grabbed my black FAIL bracelet after fishing my cell out of my bag. Dest and I walked over to my Black Corvette, as soon as i started it up my own voice blasted from the speakers.

"I swear your the only person who listens to their own music" Dest said retrieving her avatars from her bag and put them on.

“No shame in that.” I pulled out of the parking lot.

It was a short drive from the studio to my house but I still managed to flick off at least six people, a new record for me. The double gates opened up to my driveway and I parked my car beside my dads.

"So will your parents let you go to the party tonight?" Dest asked as we made our way up to my room.

"They won't have to know." I flopped down on my bed.

Dest shook her head "You get away with way to much you know that." She set herself down on my bed beside me.

"So this party at Liams, when does it start?" I asked looking at her as she examined her perfectly manicured nails.

"in like an hour" Dest said flipping her phone open to check the time.

I nodded walking over to my closet and picked out my outfit for the night. I made my way to the shower and stripped before stepping under the hot water.

"We look good" Dest said as we posed in front of the mirror once we were ready for the party.

"No we look sexy, come one lets go before my parents notice we're going somewhere" I grabbed my keys from where i had left them and we snuck out to my car.

I started the car and pulled onto the street, tonight was going to be a good night.


Please tell me what you think. The links i have below are what i want the people to look like and outfits.



Shadows stage outfit-

Shadows after outfit-

Shadows party outfit-

Dest's party outfit-

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