The Love of My Life is a Demon?!

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Chasen is an ordinary boy who hates his ordinary life. At detention he saw a girl he found fond of but she disappeared. Then the same day, he was walking home and then a robber was running at his way so Chasen suddenly chased after the robber. When the robber turned around a corner and when Chasen turned around the corner, he saw something that will forever change his ordinary life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rendezvous?

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



Wow. Life is so boring. Why can’t anything interesting happen? My name is Chasen Albarn.. I’m 16 years old and I’m a boy. It’s the year 2112. I live in a lawless place in the upper part of a Canada. Well it used to be a part Canada. Canada didn’t need this part so they gave up the claim of land and no other country took it. So everyone call this area called Area 103 or Lone Dystopia. So let’s get back to me. My favorite color is black, my favorite band is an old band called the Gorillaz, I also like the 1970‘s- 2000‘s music, and I don’t have a girlfriend or any friends. Usually if I was a normal popular guy I would probably be thinking , “Party, party, party, girls, girls, girls, sex, sex, and sex.” But no. I just want something interesting other than partying, girls, and sex. It’s just too boring. I don’t just want to have a normal life, I want something else. Something that can only happen to you but can’t happen to others. I don’t know. I guess I’m going through some weird hormones.

Well I’m at school right now, and of course… BORING!!!!! Ugh, just shoot me! Well, at least it’s the last period until school ends. Well that is something not so boring. Oh, the bell just ringed! Oh joy! It’s Friday and I don’t have to see these assholes called my classmates. I was about to pack up my stuff until Mrs. Shadier called out, “Chasen, you will have to stay after class for an hour of detention.” I thought, “WTF?! Why did I get a detention for?!” So I unpacked my stuff and stayed. After the class was empty I asked Mrs. Shadier, “Um why did I get a detention?” As she was about to leave the classroom, she turned around and said, “ You failed some tests. I’ll let you pass the tests with an 80 if you come to detention for an hour for two weeks.” I don’t want to flunk school. Even though I just started high school, I wanted to get good grades this year. “Ok, fine. I agree.” She smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Albarn.” She turned around and left the classroom.
“Well I guess I have nothing else to do I guess I’ll draw.” I thought to myself. “This world is so-” I looked out the window next to me. I saw a person. A girl. She is sitting on the bench doing something. Homework maybe? She is wearing a black shirt that has a rock band in it. I wonder what kind of band it is? A good band I hope. She has a pony tail. Blue jeans. Well maybe I should sneak out and talk to her? But Mrs. Shadier might come in and see me missing. Probably an extra month of detention if I sneak out. But wow. I’ve never felt this way before. Something wants me to go to her. I really can’t keep my eyes off her.
“All right it’s been an hour already. You can go.” said Mrs. Shadier. I jumped out of the classroom running. I don’t know but something is telling me to run where that girl was. I finally got to the bench where she was sitting but she wasn’t there. “Damn” I blurted out. Where did she go? The time I took my eyes off her, she disappeared. Oh well. I’ll probably forget about her tomorrow.
Dammit! I couldn’t sleep last night! I kept thinking about that girl. There is something about her though that makes me think about her. Well today is Saturday and I’m going to get more sleep. Wait no. I just realized something…. I FORGOT MY HOMEWORK!!! I had homework for every class I had! I need to go to school and get it so I wont fail school! I need to pass!! I’m going to school.
I’m running as fast as I can for no reason! It’s Saturday, and nothing is rushing me, but why do I feel like I’m being rushed? I’m almost there. There is a gas station two blocks away from my school. Then I passed by a hobo. Then I finally reached school! I went to my locker and got all of my homework I need and left off. Then I felt like I wasn’t being rushed anymore. So I chose to walk. I know that no one is here at school especially on Saturdays. So I exited the back of the school because the front is locked. The janitors always leave the back doors of the school open for some reason. I was walking past that bench where that girl was. When I turned around, there was a tree. And under the tree, it was that girl. It felt that my heart jumped out once when I saw her. She was reading some kind of book. I had to go talk to her, so I walked at her side and said, “Hello, I’m Chasen Albarn. What are you doing?” She turned her head and looked at me. I saw her eyes. They were a color of dark red. I’ve never seen any kind of eyes like those. Is it even possible to have those color of eyes? Then she said, “Why are you here? It’s Saturday and you’re here at school.” I heard her voice! It’s such a kind of unique voice. It reminds me of something melodious. Then I said in reply, “I forgot my homework, and I came to get it. Why are you here?” She closed her book and said, “Why is it your business to know?” She was going to get up and leave and then suddenly I said out, “I just wanted to know.” She stopped. Then she said, “Are you trying to be friends with me?” I gulped. It was kind of true though. I did want to know her. Then I said to her without blushing, “Y-yes.” Then she sighed and said, “Look. I bet you are a nice boy, but sorry. You don’t want to be friends with me,” and she started walking away. Then I said, “Why?” She stopped, turned, and said, “Trust me, you don’t.” Then I said, “But-”, and she interrupted, “Look, didn’t you hear me? I said no.” My heart stopped. Then I looked where she was and she was gone.
Where did she go? She disappeared again! Why does she do that? Soon then it’s already dark and I have to go home to finish my homework. I was walking past the gas station and suddenly a man ran out with beer and the owner came out and said, “Someone stop him!!!” I tried to chase him but I’m not good at running but I can still see him. I chased him for five blocks until he went into a alley. When I turned into the alley, I saw something that changed my life. That thief was on the ground with blood on the ground surrounding him with someone sucking his wrist. It was a monster I believe to be called a vampire. I thought they never existed. But the vampire had red glowing eyes. They were familiar eyes that I’ve seen before. It was that girl!


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