The Love of My Life is a Demon?!

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Mission... completed?

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



The woman gets up and leaves and you see the mind monsters starting to leave. I ran up to the roof and looked where Marie will fight the mind monsters. The woman walks by herself and you see a shadow behind creeping on her and grabs her. The woman was about to scream but a mind monster covered her mouth. “Mmm! She looks more yummy than we thought!” says one of the mind monsters. The mind monster covering the woman’s mouth opened his mouth so wide to eat her. Then a powerful force hit the side of the monster and flies into piles of full trash bags! Then you see a shadow coming from the dark. It’s Marie. 

“ Huir ahora!” (Run away now!) Marie said to the woman. The woman nodded, turned around and left. The monster said, “Get her!” The five monsters ran towards her with their long bladed fingers coming out to kill her. One went and tried to slash her head but she had disappeared in front of him and was behind him! She twisted his neck and ripped it off throwing it into the ground! She grabbed two monsters and ripped their limbs off, including their heads. Then, BAM! It was quiet. A gun next to Marie’s head and already have been pulled by the trigger. Blood started dripping at the side of her head, but Marie was still standing still alive and not afraid. Then when she turned, her eyes… they were the same color but looked more demonic looking. “You think a bullet to the head will stop me? Just die, you worthless piece of crap.” , said Marie really, really scary in a demonic way. All of her teeth were sharp! The monster said, “Yes master!” He got the gun, took it to his head, and BAM! He killed himself! She can do that?! Control others minds and actions?!  Then she turned to the last monster. “Well, well, well. Looks like you will be seeing your friends in a bit.” said Marie. The monster tried to move but a hand went through his chest with his heart ripped out! When he fell Marie was behind him. She moved so fast! That was an instant kill! How did she move just that fast?! But she killed all of them and wont be able to interrogate them. Then I remembered she can track down with a scent too from others. Marie was about to leave until she heard a voice.
“Well, I didn’t know that you’ll be killing all of them, but it’s alright. You can compensate.” said a voice. When she turned, a shadow came from the dark into the light. It was Nicky, with someone he was holding. It was Me! “Sorry Marie. He somehow found me.” I said asking in a merciful tone that she wont beat or kill me later. Marie just looked at me and Nicky saying nothing. Nicky put a gun to my head and said, “Well I can also see you’re a vampire. You’re rare! I heard that they’re powerful, but I’m more powerful than you! I tricked you, but I want to see more from you. I want to see your true form!” Marie was just quiet. “What’s wrong vampire? Cat got your tongue? Or is it that you don’t want your boyfriend to die-”Nicky stopped talking, lets go of me, and fell to the ground. “M-my heart! Argh!” said Nicky holding on to his chest tightly. Marie started walking closer towards him and said, “Nothing is wrong. I’m just laughing inside because of what you just said.”  Her red and demonic glowing eyes just looked at him. “You think you’re more powerful than me? Don’t look down on me because you think so. Well this is not my true form, but I’m not even using half of my powers! This is nothing! Don’t even have the thought of underestimating me, but you seem like you would be a nice treat though.” Nicky just looked up at her looking for mercy in his eyes. “Learn your place.” said Marie and turned away. Nicky reached out his hand then stopped moving, He’s dead. Marie then started walking and then fell. “Marie?!“ I said and then ran towards her. Maybe she needs blood? If so, I would’ve gave her some of my blood but I can’t unless I’m her servant. Then, I had only one thought. I turned my head looking at Nicky’s corpse. 
Eww! You see me grab his lifeless hand, grabbed another monster’s corpse finger blades, cut his wrist, and dripped it into a jar I found for Marie if she needs the blood. Soooo gross! Then I grabbed another empty jar and poured some blood in there for any later use. I put the jars into my jacket pocket and carried the unconscious Marie on my back. I guess I will try to use the portal thing to get Marie to Jikan and Settei to help us out. Believe it or not, but Marie is pretty lighter than I thought! Maybe it’s the seal she gave me on the forehead or something made me stronger. Marie was mumbling something but I couldn’t understand it. Probably sleep talking. So cute! Then out of no where a vision hit into my head. It was two people that looked like us in this position right now. The girl who is being carried is a conscious Marie, but the person carrying her isn’t me. It’s another person. Another guy…. The guy turned his head at Marie, Marie looked back at him, and they both smiled. Marie’s smile… is beautiful. Then the vision ended. Was that my imagination? Is Marie dreaming of that? I’m very curious now, but I have another feeling. That guy made Marie smile just looking at her! Ugh! It makes me mad! I try to make her smile, but, but, but, Ugh!!! Well at least she is with me now. I turned to the left entering the hotel we were in, went into the elevator, and into the room we were in. As I walked in, confetti popped everywhere, Jikan and Settei  popped out saying, “Congratulations on your completed first task!” You just see me, with Marie on my back sleeping, just standing there. I can see why Marie can get mad at them easily. I said to them as calmly as I could, “What are you guys doing here?” Jikan walked towards us saying, “Well, we just wanted to celebrate, but looks like Marie had a little too much of partying.” Settei then punched Jikan saying, “Sorry Jikan, but my fist slipped into your face.” Jikan again had his face on the floor and I think I see a little bit of blood coming out of his head. I turned to Settei and said, “Why are you guys really here?” Settei soon then said, “Well since Marie passed out after killing Nicky, we came to get the kidnapped dimension traveler, since your hands were full. He is fine, we sent him to his dimension to his family. Now I bet you have a few burning questions about what happened with Marie.”

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