2 heart throne

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Change

Submitted: December 21, 2015

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Submitted: December 21, 2015




“Just because of falling in love with that person for the heir book you are doing this to me, we use to be more friendly,”

“Sorry, maid but you should know I'm your master, you should not talk like this to your miss”  

Misa starts to get mad and walk away. 

I just wish father can stop this why can't sis falls in love with the one she like, father was not like this before, I just wonder what happen.


“The month has finally passed, I don't have to be lock in here anymore” yell Selina, she opens the unlock door and runs to her mother room.

“Mother can I go out today. Today is my birth...day, where mother maybe she at the kitchen looking at my birthday cake ”whispers a laugh. She walks down the stair and saw nobody.

"But just yesterday a servant brought food for me." 

She runs around the house and not hear a single sound. “Where are they, why did they leave without saying anything,” cried Selina

“Selina you are alive,” cough grandpa

“Grandpa I'm so glad to see you, where is everyone, where did they go,” cried Selina

“You don't know, there a person named Alex....... I think I have to tell you a story before telling you what happen, let go to your room first ”

“But grandpa I don't want to listen to the story I want to know where father and mother” Selina shout

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