The Hybrid Princess

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Fate

Submitted: December 20, 2015

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Submitted: December 20, 2015



“king, big trouble there is monster trying to escape to the human world and there already 200 beasts in their human form passing through the gate,” said miro the second prince of the devil.

“What! how did that happen didn't your brother, grace look after the gate”scream joo the king

“Will.... brother also went to the human world ”whisper miro

“How can that happen..... miro you go to the human world and get back your brother”

“Father... I mean king can't you let little brother, Kei take this job”

“What!” shout joo. "I give you this mission and not him"

“Why, king,  it not fair you only love him,  brother and me also your son... he was born in the human wor.....”

“What do you know, shut up and listen to your king,” said Joo

 A flash of wind passes through the castle and appear the youngest son.

“Sorry to disturb you father, I want to see the place where I was born so let me go, ”said Kei

“No way, you can't” reply the king

“But father didn't there already 200 monsters that escape to the human world, how can brother capture all those monster by himself”

“ are right I almost forget, if you want to go, go then but don't do something stupid”

“Thank you, father, you are the best,” said Kei smiling happily

“King there a message from the heaven, ”said a servant

“What it about ”


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