The Hybrid Princess

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Fate

Submitted: December 20, 2015

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Submitted: December 20, 2015



“What it about ”

“The king of heaven ask you to find his granddaughter, he said it was a level s monster who have kidnapped the princess.....when she in the garden ”

“Impossible" the king roar in thunder "the gate to heaven is too strong for level s monster to get out”

“There another message for you, king”

“play it,” said Joo

“king of the devil I'm the king of heaven, it look like it was your son who kidnaps my granddaughter and NOW YOU ARE GOING TO FIND MY lovely GRANDAUGHTER and  I will think about marrying one of my granddaughters to your son as a thank, but don't ever think it my Selina. If it happens my granddaughter falls in love with that son of yours that  kidnap my grandaughter We are going to war.This is her picture”

“What, did he just said Selina”ask joo

“Yes, the king of heaven did say so king,” said miro and then he look at Kei “She so BEAUTIFUL don't you think so Kei”

“Yes, of course, she an angel”answers Kei

“You don't know, Kei there is ugly angel too”

“Oh” Kei reply

“Pack your stuff son you are leaving to human world and you two are going to school too after saving the princess”

“What that”ask miro


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