A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Willow Roberts was having the time of her life spending a year in Paris with her god mother learning how it was to be 22 and without a care in the world till she lands on her ass more than once in front of a man in Uniform, will she give up her new life for the unknown or will a blind date turn out to be a good thing or something else..........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Man in Unifom

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




………. ‘Live your life’ is what I was told ‘take time to have fun’ it was suggested ‘don’t stay in small town America and get knocked up right after senior year’ my wonderful brother had joked as I was taken to the airport and was handed a plane ticket to France … and you know what it was the best thing ever.


 My God mother had an apartment in Paris right on the Champs Elysees, she’d made good and she’d moved to Paris to study art when she’d finished college and was a curator at the Louvre fifteen years later and dating some really cute French guy (yes I feel like a third wheel sometimes).


So six months ago I’d moved her to Paris and I was loving it, just the sights and history of the city were overwhelming. I’d found a job in a bar and the money was way better than any waitressing job I’d worked growing up not enough to find a place of my own in the ‘City of Light’ well unless I wanted to live in a shoe box with a view of a wall and a million cockroaches for roommates. I could hold a conversation in French and I grabbed every shift I could just for fun. I’d met a few People from all over the world but they were more passing through while traveling, the nice thing was we’d got a few of the workers from the nearby Embassy, and they were fun especially some of the girls that worked there they liked to let lose every weekend, and needless to say there was not a single good singer when they started on Karaoke.


“Willow… Willow” I groaned and rolled over as my godmother walked into my room the smell of her channel Number five went along perfectly with the high class Channel suit she was wearing.


“Willow left the country please leave a message” I mumbled pulling the pillows over my head


“Honey I know you were working late but I’m going to be heading to Madrid right after my meeting this morning and won’t be back till late tomorrow”


“Have fun” I peeked out at her she smiled at me and sat on the edge of the bed. “Is Jacque going with you?” she flushed and nodded “Damn Aunt Claire you’re like a love sick high school kid” I laughed


“Well a hot young Frenchman can do that to you…. You should try one” she nudged me


“I did try with Thierry remember and he was a hands on groppy kinda French guy” I shuddered I’d known him 10 minutes and he was trying to squeeze my ass” I put the pillows back behind my head “Believe it or not I’m having a blast working in the bar and the money is good”


“I understand that honey but you walk the streets most of the days and work all night”


“I explore the city during the day and I sit and read in place I’ve dreamt of and at night I have a blast working… stop worrying about me” I squeezed her hands


“Well I spoke to your Mom this morning and she was checking you were having a good time” I rolled my eyes


“It was her idea for me to get out of home and see the world so I didn’t get stuck like she did”


“I know they just miss you that’s all”


“I miss them as well” I chewed my lip “I know Mom was going to try to come out if she could get the time off from the Farm.


“I know but your Brother asked me in an e-mail if he could come out in a few weeks time he’s got summer break from school”


“Oh great I get his pain in the as bugging me”


“You miss him as much as anyone don’t try to fool me Willow” she checked the Rolex on her wrist “Right I have to get gong if we’re going to get this painting we’ve been after” She got up and smoothed her hand over her perfect already hair. “Well be good there is meatloaf in the fridge for you for dinner” she dropped a kiss on my head “Oh and Some new clothes on the counter I went shopping yesterday and got something’s for you”


“You spoil me” I hugged her


“Yeah well I have only one God daughter and I plan on spoiling her” she breezed out of the room in a cloud of Channel No5 “Oh and I have some paperwork that needs to be dropped off at the Embassy if you can do that for me”


“No problem” I got out of bed and padded out into the living room the open windows pouring in the sounds of the city. “Have a safe trip”


“Thank you honey” she picked up her bag and slipped her feet into the heels she manage to wear all day long ad walked out.


I showered and grabbed some toast before getting dressed into jeans and a tank. I knew the bag of Clothes from my God mother we’re all designer things, but really it wasn’t my deal. Admittedly you felt like a fool walking round Paris like I would back home so I made a few compromises and dressed up a little when I walked out but sill comfortable. I went to my closet and opened the door and reached for my usual converse all my flat shoes were missing and a note was in their place.


Willow, try something for longer than 20 minutes, all the flat shoes are hidden wear some heels girl


Aunt Claire


“Oh Son of a biscuit eating bulldog” I groaned and pulled out a pair of shoes and put them on chuntering and cursing as I grabbed my passport cell phone and purse from my dresser I walked across the polished floor slipping a little as I went I picked up the envelope that my Aunt wanted me to drop off. I headed down the two flights of stairs and out onto the street the car horns blaring and the people rushing by never failed to make me smile. I walked in the warm spring sunshine toward the huge building that was the American Embassy one line that stretched back for a good half a block as for people from other countries trying to get in there was a second booth for US citizens. I reached into my purse and fished out my passport I held it out to the Marine on the door as my cell phone stated to ring.


“Oh damn it, can you hold these” I handed him my coffee cup and the envelope as I dug in to my purse and fished out my phone as it stopped ringing “I swear it’s one of those days” I muttered


“Ma’am you’re blocking the doorway” I looked at the man in uniform in front of me holding the things I’d dumped on him


“What… Oh right sorry” I took the things back


“Nice Shirt” he smirked “Line for Pirates is way over there” I looked down at the skull and cross bones on my shirt.




“Well I’d better head over there hadn’t I” I huffed as my phoned rang again


“You’ want me to hold your things again Ma’am” he laughed as his buddy moved people round me


“No it’s just my crew telling me they’re about to mutiny” I started to move away from him toward the line I needed to get in.


“ma’am Watch for the wet flo…” he friend tried to get out as the heels went out from under me on the water on the floor and my head cracked hard off of the tile floor making me see stars………….




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