A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Breakfast

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



……………. My alarm went off a little after six and I was up and in the shower without a second thought as I got ready like I was going for a night out only trying not to look like I was trying too hard. I pulled on jeans and the tank he’d given me and looked in the mirror damn nothing quiet like a push up bra and a tank top. I grabbed my purse and my phone and walked out of the room. Jacques was sitting at the table reading the newspaper his tie hanging loose round his neck.

“Good morning” he looked up at me and then at his watch and raised his eye brows

“I know it’s early considering I worked late” I walked to the fridge and poured a glass of juice

“For you yes” he chuckled

“I have a breakfast date” I grinned unable to hide the smile anymore

“I know Claire told me” he tipped his head

“Oh don’t give me tht look you lok like my Dad before I went to my first dance with a boy” I groaned putting my empty glass intothe sink

“Well your Papa isn’t here so I’m watching you”

“I’m twenty two” I laughed “I can make my own choices”

“I know that but… you’re a long way from home if things…”

“Jacques, thank you” I kissed the top of his head “But this is only my second date with him” I walked to the front door “have a good day at work” I closed the door behind me before he could start his Dad lecture. The sun was already warming the city as the streets were beginning to get busy. I walked down toward the embassy checking the time I was a little early I leant on the railing to wait for him, my phone rang I pulled it out of my purse

Me * I’m not on speaker this time am I?

Max * no I just came in

Me * you’ve been to the bar haven’t you

Max * yup… so you screwing him?

Me * excuse me

Max * don’t get knocked up sis

Me * oh you are so drunk right now

Max * yup… I fucked up again

Me * oh god what did you do and do you need bail money?

Max * I have super sperm

Me * oh so not what I need to hear when I’m about to have breakfast with Zack

Max * you’re not allowed to have sex

Me * excuse me?

Max * you’re not allowed to be like all the rest of us

Me * okay you need to either tell me what the hell is going on orget your drunk ass to bed

Max * the girl I’ve been seeing

Me * Karen, she was in my graduating class

Max * well she was damn good in…

Me * oh hell no you didn’t… Max did you learn nothing

Max * obviously not, she’s pregnant

Me * wow, Mom and dad know?

Max * nope… I was hoping you’d…

Me * like hell I had to do that for you the last time I’m not telling them you’ve fucked up again and anyway I’m in Paris

Max * come home I need my little sister

Me * you need your dick chopped off that’s what you damn well need and I ain’t coming home to sort out your shit and deal with a ton of crap from Lori as well, Max you’re three years older than I am man the hell up.

I hung up

“URGHHHH damn asshole” I paced the pavement

“Good morning to you as well” a voice chuckled from behind me I stopped and spun round

“Oh damn you look hot” I moaned as I looked him up and down as he stood in his uniform “sorry I mean good morning” I groaned inwardly at my mouth opening before my brain had had the chance to get into gear a smile spread across his face as he caught me round the waist and pulled me to him kissing me hard I melted to him my arms going round his neck as he pulled back “wow”

“Well said” he murmured resting his head against mine “I missed you”

“I think I’ve counted the hours”

“so who were you yelling at” he let go of me and linked his fingers with mine as we headed for a café across from the embassy.

“My Brother he wants me to go home and play devils advocate” I had to smile as he pulled out the chair for me and waited for me to sit down he walked round to the other chair and faced me taking off his hat and putting it on the table

‘You get on with your brother?”

“Love him to death but like most men his brain is controlled by what’s between his legs” I smiled at the waiter as he brought over two coffees “Thank you Alec”

“Usual?” he grinned down at me

“Please and whatever Zack would like” he looked at Zack and gave the fakest smile I think I’d ever seen “be nice” I chastised

“I’ll take whatever she’s having” Zack looked Alec right in the eyes and reached across the table and held my hand

“Of course” Alec tuned on his heels and strode off

“You know him?’ Zack looked at me

“I went on a couple of dates with him he’s Jacques nephew” I shrugged “he was too groppy” I shuddered

“You need me to kick his ass?” Zack laughed I raised and eye brow “I take that as a no”

“I can handle someone like him and he’s okay with me now… or he was till I brought you here” I smiled

“Tank looks good on you, I didn’t expect you to wear it”


“Why not you brought it for me to wear” I laughed

“True… So are you going to fly back to the US?”

“Hell no he can man up and face the music like a big boy” I shrugged “he’s got another girl pregnant… I swear to god my family is trying to double the town population” I pinched the bridge of my nose “and then he had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t allowed to have sex” I held up my hands “I mean seriously I’m a big girl and if I wanted to take you under the bridge over there I would” okay mouth running away again, I watched a smirk twitch on Zack’s lips “I’m sorry my mouth tends to get away with me and I don’t’ think before I say things” I groaned as two omelets and a plate of fresh croissants were put between us.

“Hey I’m not complain if that’s what you wanted to do” Zack teased as Alec muttered something under his breath in French

“You trying to lead me astray”

“Yes Ma’am” he winked at me “You worried about your brother?” I nodded

“I’m worried about my family” I chewed my lip “Mom and dad work fifty hours a week each and just about make ends meet” I tpyed with my food “I refused to let them pay for school so I worked three jobs and went full time to cover things” I ran my hand through my hair “they gave me the gift of coming here ater I graduated college

‘What did you do in school”

“I’m a teacher for Kindergarten through fifth grade… but I wanted to take this year out just to find out where I wanted to go” I sat back “How did you do that?” Zack stopped with the fork half way to his mouth

“Do what? All I did was listen to you” he frowned

“Get me to drop my guard and tell you things I don’t tell anyone like about my family and school” I tipped my head

“You just came out with it” he smiled

“I jus want to be different frm them but in a good way if that makes sense… I want to have a career I don’t want to stay in the same little town”

“North Carolina has some good schools” he looked so matter of fact

“Okay that was random” I laughed taking a bite of my food

“San Diego too”

“Well that’s East to West coast Boy you’re all over the lower forty eight aren’t you” I shook my head

“I could carry on with Hawaii as well’ he sat back and picked up his coffee

“Does night duty fuck with your brain because you’re not making much sense right now”

“You wouldn’t believe how little sleep Marines need” he moved to leant forward “they were all places with Marine Bases” my turn to stop with the fork half to my mouth “Just trying to think of options for you” What the hell was he saying my heart was in my throat “You okay you look a little flushed?”…………

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