A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Innuendo

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



…………….. Zack walked in to the apartment his uniform neat and tidy.


“Oh Damn that’s hot” Aunt Claire almost choked on her wine “wow it’s true what that say about man in uniform”


“Will you stop” I groaned and rolled my eyes “I can’t believe you managed to get a fight out this fast”


“Well it helps knowing the right people” he lent forward and kissed me “Still think that tank looks good on you” he chuckled


“Oh you two are just so cute” Claire got up and a camera flash went off


“Ok down with the camera woman” I laughed as she snapped another picture I know you that’ll be in face book, Twitter and e-mailed to everyone”


“Well I like to keep people up to date on your progress”


“Wow I’m so glad its Lori and Max’s other woman that are pregnant and not me” I walked over to her and hugged her “I’ll call you when we get there and like I said if you talk to Mom don’t tell her about Max”


“I won’t I promise” she hugged me tight “You be a gentleman and look after my god daughter”


‘Yes Ma’am I will” Zack nodded and picked up my case “I’ve got a cab waiting for us” I hugged Claire one more time and followed Zack out and down the stairs. The driver got out and took the case from Zack putting it in to the trunk as Zack opened the door for me and I got in.


“Is it okay that I’m coming back with you?” I nervously chewed my lip


“Like I said I pulled a few strings because, I really want you to meet my family” he looked at me


“Did you actually ask if it was okay?”


‘Are you nervous?” He chuckled


“Getting there”


“You’ll be fine” he reached for my hand and squeezed it


“My Mom is probably calling most of the family right now and trying to organize some dinner” I felt my stomach churn “I’ve got your back” he murmured moving closer to me and kissing my temple.


“Thank you” I looked at him “I still can’t believe this is happening?”


“I know’


“A week ago I didn’t even know you and here I am about to get on a flight to go meet your parents and you are in every thought I have”


“It makes two of us” we got out of the car and he paid the driver and took both of the bags “We havbe to go this way”


“Hey I’m following you, I get to watch your ass that way” He stopped walking letting me slam in to the back of him “Ow”


“You’re watching my ass?”


“Hell yeah, now keep walking Marine” I slapped his as in the middle of the airport


“Wow how to feel like a piece of meat” he looked over his shoulder at me I winked at him. We went over to a desk and checked in the bags and were shown to another area where there were a mixture of people in unif women with kids and some injured soldiers. Before long we were on the flight and cruising at thirty five thousand feet. “You’re quiet?” he looked at me


“I’m tired and worried “


“We don’t have to see my parents I’m sure we can find a hotel and kick back” he frowned worry in his eyes


“No… I’m okay with seeing your parents” I shrugged “When things get quiet my mind is normally full of you but because you’re here I’m worrying about my family”


“You want to try to take a few days out to go se them?”


“Oh hell no” I pinched the bridge of my nose “I’m getting sick of being the good girl that is there for everyone”


“We can try the bad girl thing if you want” he laughed trying to get me relax


“Oh I can be very bad in a good way” I wiggled my eye brows at him “I don’t think you’d want to meet my family… hell I think they would make you run for the hills”


“I’ve been shot at, been in a truck when it’s rolled, in bar fights it takes a lot to get me running” he put his arm up and round my shoulders so I could put my head on his chest “I’m a tough cookie”


“I know you are, but I have a strange family”


“Well that’s something we have in common” he sighed pulling a blanket over me “get some sleep” I went out like light listening to the steady beat of his heart. “Hey” Zack shook me a little “We’re about to land” I sat up and stretched “damn you look cute first thing in a morning when you’re all sleepy” he chuckled


“Hmmm I’ll comment on that after I’ve had coffee” I rubbed my neck “Did you sleep at all?”


“I woke up about an hour ago” he nodded “And Coffee as soon as we get off the flight how about that?”


“Perfect” I pulled my hair out from the ponytail I had put it up in and ran my fingers through it “Damn I’m stiff”


“You need to get it worked out”


“I need to get hot and sweaty and sore” he inhaled sucking down the tic tac in his mouth and choking


“Well… I’d kinda like that as well but not packed on an aircraft” I frowned and then groaned as the penny dropped


“Mile high club sounds like fun though” he popped and eye brow “But I was meaning working out”


“Oh” his face fell a little “I can be your work out partner and show you how w do it”


“Can there be any more innuendo in this conversation?” I laughed as we were let off the flight


“I’m thinking it’s the sexually tension in the air” he linked his fingers with mine as we went to get the bags


“To the point I like that” he leant on the wall as the luggage slowly made its appearance


“You’re going to have your own room by the way I’m not in to rushing you”


“Rushing everything we’ve done has been rushed” I laughed as we both pulled our bags from the carousel “and hell I’ve known you three night s and we’ve slept together twice in the non biblical sense”


“I like that and I suppose we have” he took my bag in the same hand as his and reached for my free hand


“I’ve had you on the floor and on the plane I think it’s right I get you in bed” he closed his eyes and tried to hide the smirk “Because I’m sorry you have a hell of a body in clothes I’ve imagined what it would be like without”  teased


“Well once again That makes two of us with a quick tug he brought me to him an kissed me as we walked through the doors in to the arrival hall.


“Zackary you’ll walk into things” a womans voice called out. He pulled back his eyes twinkling a little


“Looks like they came to get us”………………


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