A Man in Uniform (Marines part 11)

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Four Marines

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



……………. My fingers moved to the front of his shirt and began flicking open the buttons of this shirt I felt the chill of the wall against my back as he pressed himself against me


“God you’re beautiful” he moaned as he hitched up one of my legs, I pushed his shirt from his shoulders and reached for the bottom of the t-shirt that was under it.


“HEY FRONT AND CENTER MARINE” the door to the room burst open “oh crap”


“Jeez DAD” Zack snapped “you heard of knocking”


“Is he in there?” another voice called out


“Yes we are” Zack let go of my leg and we straightened up as an older guy put his head round the door “Damn she’s a red head we’re all in trouble” he laughed


“I think we should wait don stairs” Zack’s Dad looked at the guy who was obviously his Grandpa


“Yep I think you should” Zack faced them trying not to smile “Let Willow at least…” he looked round at me as I was making sure my shirt was straight.


“We’re out” His dad laughed clapping his hand on his grandpa’s shoulder “Lets get the beer open JJ” the two of the walked away and Zack sat on the edge of his bed


“I’m so sorry”  he looked up at me


“Well look at it like this they could have been a few minutes later and we’d have been naked” I pushed off the wall and walked over to him he moved his legs so I could stand between them


“Would we” he chuckled


“I… well… I mean…” oh god I’d gotten the wrong end o the stick with him, I felt my cheeks flame


“Hey I’m kidding” he tugged my arm sitting me down on one of his thighs


“I got carried away”


“We o carried away and should have locked the door” he tucked a piece of hair back behind my ear “I’m going insane not being able to… well to be honest get you naked and into my bed”


“You think this is just going to be about amazingly hot heavy sex?” His jaw went slack


“What… No well… yes but… Willow I want you so bad right now I feel like a kid about to get it on with the hottest girl in school with all his fiends watching”


“Okay that’s just wrong” I laughed


“I wouldn’t bring you here and get you to meet my family if all I wanted was to get into your underwear, I could have done that in Paris” he shrugged


“Oh damn make me sound like a cheap slut why don’t you”


“I wasn’t trying to, I’m trying to tell you that you mean hell of a lot to me…” I got off his lap and pushed him back on the bed and straddled his hips


“I knew that I was teasing you” I sat up


“I want to say something to you…” he propped himself up on his elbows “And t’s going to either send you running for the hills or it’s going to…”


“ZACKARY RYNE STOCKWELL” a voice boomed up the stairs “Get your Scrawny Devil Dog ass down here”


“Oh God” Zack Moaned


“Hey Can I go yell at someone for interrupting us” I laughed getting off his lap


“I’d like to see you yell at this guy he’s one of the meanest drill instructors ever to train recruits and he’s my God Father”  he got off the bed and linked his fingers with mine “But watch them be perfect gentleman” we both walked down the stairs to the sound of Caps coming off of beers.


“Marek be warned his girlfriend is a fiery red head” Zack’s dad laughed


“That’s okay I was raised round one with my Aunt Ava” the new voice chuckled


“Privacy is I guess too much to ask for” Zack Said standing in the doorway “And shouldn’t you be kicking the ass of new recruits” a guy shorter than his dad but just as wide pulled him into a hug


“I was but I got told some wild guy on a motor cycle came through the gates” he laughed


‘Sorry for the unlawful entry before” Zack’s dad looked at me he offered me his hand “I’m Ryne”


“Nice to meet you I’m Willow” I shook his hand


“Ryne the girl needs a hug for god sake” Zack’s grandpa laughed pulling me in to a hug “You have a beautiful name honey you can call me  JJ” there was a southern drawl when he spoke that made me instantly comfortable


“Thank you” I giggled as Ryne rolled his eyes


“I’m Marek, Nice to meet you Willow” Zack’s godfather smiled warmly at me his voice gentle and soft how could this man be mean to any one.


“Beer?” JJ pulled out two more beers from the fridge and offered them to Zack and I


“Thank you” Ryne walked over to me and offered me his arm


‘Let’s go out and sit on the deck… Zack can you grab the cooler” Marek opened the door letting Ryne and I outside.


“How did you end up with this guy?” Marek asked sitting next to me


“I sort of ended up on my ass in front of him” I took a drink of the beer as Zak came out with the cooler “Ended up being carted off to hospital with a split in the back of my head”


“So you actually took a digger?” Ryan stopped with his bottle half way to his mouth


‘Flat on her ass” Zack bent his head and kissed the top of mine before taking the seat next to his dad “Jack and I sort of had a mini fight to see who was going to be the one picking er up” Zack didn’t take his eyes from me “We’d both drooled over her as soon as she stood in line to get into the embassy” I looked at him and raised my eye brows “Oh you have to have seen us smiling at you”


“No actually I was more concerned with killing my God mother for hiding my normal shoes and making me wear heels that day” I shook my head “But you’ve got a nicer ass than Jack” all three of them looked at me “What a girl has to check out the men and eyes and asses are what you look for” I shrugged “and if you’re looking at guys when you’re in a group of girls then its goes to the size of the…” I stopped “Okay I’m blaming that on jet lag” I hung my head


“Oh damn Zack you’ve found a girl that is just like the girls that handle us” Marek laughed


“I hope so” Zack nodded “I really hope so”  felt my cheeks heat up again, damn I was falling in love with this man across the table from me, I was sure of it, but I’d been there before and that hadn’t turned out to be a good thing… at all……

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